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My surgery is coming up soon May 2nd and I am...

My surgery is coming up soon May 2nd and I am extremely excited.. Dr.Diaz has maintained consistent in his response time, and always answers my questions in full detail. My first step was to make contact with the doctor, I called him and he answered my phone call explaining all the steps that would take place. First I would send pictures of the parts of my body were I would like work done, in this email I also included my measurements and listed procedures I would like done. I have three children and had gastric bypass in 2008 so my body has been through drastic changes.. I have a lot of loose skin in my tummy area as well as my back, and my breast are not what they once were. Dr.Diaz originally quoted me 4800 for my breast lift and tummy tuck with some liposculpture, however he added 700 because we might have to add implants to my breast. Once I decided on a date I informed the Doctor and he prompted me to make a deposit of 300 to hold my date, once I made the deposit I text him a picture of it as confirmation. Dr.Diaz has confirmed and the countdown has begun..So far I have lost ten pounds because I want to be in better health. I currently weight 190lbs and iam 5'7..I would like to go down to 180 before my surgery so ten more pounds..I am nervous,scared, and excited..I cant wait for my new transformation..I will be updating with pictures and will post again soon...
Good job losing those ten pounds. I'm sure you can shed the last 10! How are you doing it?

I'll be checking back for your updates. Good luck!!!!!
Congrats hun keep us posted don't worry just pray and look forward to a renewed u
Yeahhhh, gurlie congratulations, I'm praying for you, Diaz 2014

Iron too low

Hi guys, well I just found out my hemoglobin is two points lower than it should be for surgery..but im on treatment to get my iron up ..wish me luck..
Did you have surgery
Good luck with your sx future DiazDoll Dr.Diaz and Dr.Sabala are amazing surgeons they work together and they are the best!!!..Blessings
What kind of treatments are you doing for your iron if I may ask. I'm a diagnosed anemiac and take 2 65mg tabs of iron a day but wonder if should be doing more or taking better supplements. Its ruff bc I dont have health insr to request a CBC and I'm scheduled with Dr. Diaz in August.
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The doctor is very attentive and provides clear information.

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