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I am scheduled to see Walkiris Robles on August 11...

I am scheduled to see Walkiris Robles on August 11 for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. 5 months and 8 more days to go.............. yay I bought my ticket, have my passport ready, my recovery supplies all set to go, just counting the days down. I will start my vitamin, iron and folic acid after mother day. Laura and I have great communication and I'm pleased with that communication is the key for success :)

Me now before surgery

This is a front view of myself before the surgery deff in much need of a tummy tuck clothes do hide that xtra skin n stretch marks. I'm no doing a bbl because I have the jlo booty already.


Can't wait to see my full c size. Victoria secret do miracles.

Vitamins, iron and folic acid

Hi ladies can anyone tell me which Vit I should take and how much mcg of iron and folic acid I should take prior to my surgery? Thanks

6 days and 5 months away from my surgery

I have pretty much everything I need for my surgery. I have big plans for my travel. Leaving on the 10th of August, staying at a recovery home for 10 days. Then my boyfriend is traveling to meet me and his family for his dad's bday party I only pray to have a little bit of energy to at least have some fun. I know is nearly impossible to party but I have faith that my surgery will go well :) Talk to you all soon !

My current butt before the surgery

I am dying to have my TT and breast augmentation done so I can work my ass off at the gym. I'm so excited

My wish pic

Hopefully I get this results after my surgery n gym time.

4 months away for my tt and breast augmentation with Dra. Robles

So here I am counting down my days. It feel like a long period but it right around the corner. Mixed feelings approaching. I'm already picturing myself at the airport and taking the BLUE pill lol just alot in my mind right now about everything. Well ladies thats all for now.

3 months away for my tt and breast augmentation with Dra Robles

So here i am counting down my days. It feels like a long period but is right around the corner. Mixed feelings approaching. I'm already picturing myself at the airport and taking the blue pill lol just alot in my mind right now about everything. Well ladies thats all for now.

I can't wait to be on the flatside. This is deff a...

I can't wait to be on the flatside. This is deff a big change and experience for all of us. I started working out doing some push ups and butt exercise. I want to prepare my muscles for wats coming. I am also starting my vit the day after mother days. I am planning on taking at least 3 weeks off from work. I already requested the time off without the total of hrs i need smh.................... i hope everything goes well with that. I bought my flight ticket so my job cant really do much about it. My next option will be MLA. Laura is great with communication. Well this is all for now barbies.

Today was my first day of taking my vitamins.

Hi ladies I started my meds today. I'm feeling excited and nervous at the same time. I'm also drinking protein and lots of water. I stopped smoking about 2 months ago. I was never a heavy smoker but my ciggi before bed time was my addiction. This is my update for now take care girls.

Naked pics coming soon :(

I will be posting before pic with no clothes like 4 wks before surgery. As you guys can see I don't look bad with clothes but their is a lot to hide behind them. Stretch marks n hanging skin.

Another wish pic

Hemoglobin Count

Hi dolls, Can anyone tell me whats a good Hemoglobin count for all of my 3 procedure? TT, BA and lipo on my waist.

8 weeks away

So here I am 8 weeks away from my surgery. A lot going on at home but I know that God will guide me and make me stronger. I have attached some of my after care supplies. Pre-op pics coming soon.

Vit , water and Arnica pills

Surgery fee. 6 weeks away

Good morning ladies. So here I am at work running number and my final cost will be 5800 since I got a discount for being a realself member. I already forward my 500 dollars deposit a few months ago. I'm just trying to figure out how am I going to carry all that money on me. Lucky me is traveling with my boyfriend grandpa and his cousin son so I won't be traveling alone. They will also follow me into a get to the clinic. VIP right lol. Im still confused about what size breast I'm getting. I don't want them to big or too small. I guess I'm letting DR Robles do her thing. That's all for now.

400 cc bootleg implant

So today I was deciding on how much cc I should get I want a natural look. Do I decide to make my own.

Pic of the 400 cc

Looking for a buddy August 11

If anyone is having surgery with Dr Robles on August 11 and is going to Virginia RH please let me know I will like to have someone so that we can support each other.

Naked before pic :(

So here is my current situation. I hate my stomach. I been with this ugly stretch marks forever. I can't wait to see the after results. All I'm asking for is for them to be gone n a cute Belly bottom.

More before pics

23 more days

Hi ladies. I will be on the flat side soon Gods willing. I hope to stay as calm as I have been. Work and family keeps me busy so that's good. I really don't have anything to get since I have everything and more than I need. I just want this to be over. I have notice that for about a week my veins on my hands have been popping out like crazy not sure if is the stress or my nerves. Well this is for now. Talk to you all soon.

Flat tummy coming soon

18 days

So yesterday I was wearing my mom's D cup brad. I felt huge n told her that I couldn't breath lol it was so funny because I haven't had any surgery done n already acting supper dramatic. This is my update for now ladies. Take care barbies ;)
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My opinion you have a beautiful shape, your back looks great...you will look even more amazing after surgery .........:)
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Awwww thanks Wanda. U will too. We are both on the count down ;))))))
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Good Luck hun... Can't wait to see your results!
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Thanks bayberry and sassyB
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Good luck I will be following your journey
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Hello Hun. I'm arriving on the 11th at 330 am. Let's keep in touch.
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Hi Laga. I'm scheduled with Dra Robles on the 12th...arriving late on the 11th. I'm scheduled for Virginia's Recovery house as well.
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Hi bootylicious I'm taking the pills after the surgery.
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Hi, are you taking your bromelain pills before or after surgery?
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Looks like you are all packed and ready to go! I hope the next several weeks go fast for you! Keep up with your gym routine and work your legs especially. You'll be glad you have strong legs when recovery time rolls around.
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Yes I am lol. Thanks for the advice. I didn't think of that. I can't wait.
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Hi mommymakeover5. I will keep u on my prayer. I'm happy to know they have the iron shoot. Just make sure you bring xtra cash for the shoot and massage. Keep me updated. I know u must be supper excited. You will be a Robles doll soon :)
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hey love im leaving sunday im schedule with robles i will try to post as much as possible here ok my hemo was 12.8 and im hoping it works for me i was taking alot of vitamins vict c geritol b12 folic acis and my hemo drop to 12.1 so i stop them last thursday will see when i get there sunday if is high if not i will take iron shots and pray but im not worry
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13 and higher they also can work with 12.7 and if needed can iron shot...I think it's about 150.00you can also eat greens spinach, kale and certain fruits that keep iron up since when we menstrual our iron goes low ...so keeping up the veggies will boost it. You might get constipated. You can use over the counter stool softener, but I like eating prunes which is great in fiber and also has a great source of vitamins
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Thanks for the info. Very informative. I am currently 12.8 I'll make sure to bring xtra money. I will be very dissapointed if I don't get my boobs. I will feel imcomplete. Thanks again Wanda ;) enjoy ur weekend.
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Soon soon sooooon........:)
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Hi Wanda yes soon ;) how you doing are you ready?
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I am.....been stuffing my face lol.......I'm anxious...... Been hitting the gym everyday ....except these two past days....been lazy resting my body.....I swear I only workout to eat...plus there's nothing wrong with the extra fat ...it's going to the lipo machine and then my booty lol.
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You sound just like me I'm working out at home just my butt and arms lol I guess is normal to feel this way exercise and eat. I can't wait to see our results. I can't believe that we are actually counting down the days and in a blink of an eye we will be boarding the plane to DR.
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I know you are excited!
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Good luck !
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Good luck ! I know you will get everything your looking for . Your wish picture is amazingggg
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Thanks doitformyself.
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