32 Mommy of 3, Ruined my 115lbs Frame :(... But There's HOPE! - Dominican Republic

So I basically was my girlfriends cheer leader for...

So I basically was my girlfriends cheer leader for her tummy tuck. Then by the grace of GOD I found this site on my journey to the flat side. I had my 1st born and snapped back beautifully, 10lbs under weight and FLAT the whammo! The twins. LOL They are 5 now but my poor body. Then the 30's hit and it all went downhill from there. I am now 5'5 and 137lbs. UGH! My stomach actually stretched so much it was bleeding before I had an emergency C-section. So really I'm not fat I'd like to loose 20lbs but my stomach is so GROSS! It makes me want to throw up. No to mention I have no boobies left from loosing the weight and I am the only "black" girl with out an azz LOL! SO thankfully I came across RS- WOW so much info. I like most of you started reading everything. I stayed up the first night all nite reading. My decision to go to the DR was not lightly. People are against it, I am not even telling anyone anymore. Im doing me. $hit happens anywhere. I have seen some jacked up photo of some poor "broke" girls from the states who spent a down payment to get terrible results. I like my life and my kids are my world. Things all lined up and here I am. I found Dr. Almonte and I'm doing it. SO if any girls are going the end of July hit me up- I'd luv a travel buddy.
Congrats! Did you pick your date yet?
Hey doll, yes I'm booked and scheduled for July 25th. Just waiting on my new passport to come, which should be soon as they cashed the check already.
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You do look like you're in good shape and I hope this surgery gives you everything you're dreaming of.


Okay so I just need the time to go by so I can get this done before I chicken out lol. Still looking for an SX buddy if anyone is headed to DR at the end of July...
Good Luck!

Passport on theeeeee waaaay!

I finally got confirmation that my updated passport is on the way. Whoo hoo! One check off the list. Still looking for an sx buddy and airfare. Hope all my rs sistaz are doing great!
Your gonna look great!
Thanks hun! I hope so, any improvement will help!

Passport in the mail- Ladies need flight info????

Yes! Got the passport in the mail today so I'm just getting more excited... oh I also got my cbc done today so I will update on Monday with results. I was wondering for those that flew long distance 5+ hours. Did you take First class or a non stop and how did you feel. Do you think its better to have a layover?
Good luck girl! I'm praying for a perfect outcome for you. I read about Almonte, but only after I had mine done. Best of luck to you! :-)
I'm flying back first class girly..I hear it's important to be treated like royalty with extra room for yourself on the way home! Make sure your plane tickets are exactly as your passport and id say or they will give you Shit..lol

Countdown is on- 20

So I am 20 days away. I'm running at half speed. I still haven't nailed down my return flight. lol awful I know. So that's all I have left. Booked at Recovery Armonia 7/24-8/4 So I'm really in need of what size boobies I'm getting. LOL Girlz I need help. I'm between 400-500cc. I will of course differ to my Doc. nut that's what I've looked at and I likie. I am 5'5 at 136lbs, (didn't loose any incase I do the BBL) I am usually at 115-125lbs. So I'm fairly small. But I want boobies, but I don't know if I like the HP ones, they're so damn high. Any suggestions. Anyone else buying their 2nd faja before they go- I want to save the money but what size do you get?
You're in my thoughts! I am cheering for you! !
Honestly, get big rockin boobies..lol. like a D cup! :-)

11 days and still counting

Hi ladies I figured I'd finally stop being lazy and give you my list of stuff I'm taking, atleast when I come back I can tell you what you need or don't need. . .
Passport- duh!
maxi dresses
Tank tops
flip flops
granny panties
sweat pants
facial wipes
triple antibiotic cream
multi vitamins
iron pills
folic acid
arnica gel
vit. c
stool softner
tylenol extra and pm
hand mirror
small flashlight
tennis shoes
compression socks
hospital socks
ab pad
lipo foam
wet ones
antibacterial wipes
tape measure
heating pad
ice packs/ boobie ice packs
neck pillow
butt pillow
ear phones
sleep shirts
button down pjs
scar oil

that's enough!! LOL
Wishing u luck I will be following your journey
Thank you!

On my way to DR! via Miami

Well I'm on the plane in Orlando headed to Miami then DR. I am so excited. I swear I've been running like a chicken without a head. Well I will post more from Miami I have an hour layover. Ciao Bellas.
Best wishes and prayers be safe see you on the flat side...
Thank you so much!

on to bed

Well I'm in bed at armonia, it's very lovely. I have to at cecip at 6. Thank all for the well wishes and prayers I need them! I will talk to u all on the flat side.
Good luck on your procedure!

I'm on my way to the flat side with boobies!!

Hey bellas, it's 5 am I sitting here at the RH Armonia waiting on my driver! It's just crazy that the time is finally here. Prayers up! God see me thru this so I can be a success story. Help me thru the pain and regret I may feel, most of all bless those traveling this journey with me. AMEN. I am so tired I could scream. I hope I don't wake up during this AT ALL cuz that will scar me for life lol. The ladies here wouldn't let me take my ice packs and other supplies. Starting to think it's not a bad idea to not overbuy, lol. My back hurts too :( just put me to sleep and let me wake safely on the flat side!
Prayers being sent.

on the flat side

Hi ladies I am ok, just wanted you to know. In a few days I'll update. I had rough night. So I'm tired. But we will chat soon!
Best recovery to you doll
Thank you
Happy healing and my the lortd be with you in your recovery

rough night rough morning

Ugh. So I threw up all morning. I thought I would just die. It was awful. I thought I split a stich. But went to see me ever beautiful Dra. Almonte. She said everything looked great so that was good as I was in so much pain. My drain was clogged of course, but thankfully no fluid in my back. I haven't gotten a faja yet, she said maybe Thursday. I don't have much an appetite as the nurses try to force me to eat lol. I like it here so far ever one is very kind.
Yeah! Congrats on taking the leap and deciding to do what was best for YOU! I'm looking into a surgeon within the DR also sooooo please make sure you post follow up info cause its so frustrating when people never give you the end results w/ pics lol. I think we're like the same build. I'm 5'6 and weight 149- I have a pretty athletic build, but also got screwed after getting in shape and lost allll my butt UGH! so no-you are not the only black woman w/o a bottie! Let me know how everything turns out! Congrats again!!!!
Lol. I will I just haven't taken any yet but to all I will promise to post soon maybe thurs. Thank you again. My Dra. Is the nicest women I feel completely comfortable with her.
Likewise, I AM sure!

own your own experience

So I felt the need to tell you this journey is like pregnacy in that every one is different. My first day I threw up about 10 times literally. Just fluid from the anesthesia. However I was able to have a bm the 1st night. It didn't stop there I got a headache and was throwing up the 3rd day. Only saying this because you may or may not experience what you see someone else go thru. And should always listen to your doctor or refer to them as we all have different bodies. I just don't want people to think your symptoms will all be the same or your results. I say this because I am also on the smaller side and didn't want agressive lipo. Just touch up. And enhancement. I also was able to get a lot more work done then others with a lower hemo because of this. Just wanted to mention because I know sometimes I react to what is going on with someone else but have decided not to compare to anyone this is My Journey and no one's is the same. I hope all the beautiful ladies who have begun are doing well and congrats, to the ladies just going I wish all the best as you begin Your Journey!
I'm very happy for you. Please stay hydrated! Take care of yourself rest as much as necessary, move as much as necessary. Thanks for sharing. Looking for pictures soon as you feel like it.
Thanks I'm pretty good I'm going home tomorrow so I can't wait.
how u feeling?im on the flat side as well :) any new pics?

I'm going the hell home

I will wrote a formal review at home. I think this has taken so much from me. I don't think I'd do it over. I'm am sincerely grateful for God watching over me thru all this and for the nice people I met. My last docs appt. Is tomorrow then off to the airport. I pray she takes this damn drain out. Plus I have a sinus infection I feel like shit. It wasn't what I expected that neither good or bad. But I'm ready to go home. Ciao Bellas
What happened with your draining did you get in touch w/dra fatima?
They were taken out before I left. But u developed a serial I have an appointment with a PS here next week to look at my stomach.
No I mean you said you had fluid coming out is it still leaking? Did you purchase there insurance are you able to use it w/the ps you seeing? I hope it works out for you!


So I arrived in DR around 11am I didn't find my driver (Nepir) for over an hour. So ladies either turn on your global service or get a drop phone there. That airport is a mess, It's like grand central (not so grand) lol. So I go to the clinic I am literally waiting for hours with my luggage. I finally meet Raquel. She is super nice. After all the testing I was exhausted. I make it to Armonia Rh at 9pm!! OMG so they feed me because I haven't eaten and you cant eat after 10. The food was okay. I am picky so I'm not a good judge. Although there was always salad which I love but no dressing. I didn't get that. So I wake up at 4 am and start getting ready. Well the driver is late and the clinic opened late. So we get there 10 to 6am. Let me tell you! This bi#^h at the counter was so rude I could have slapped her. She had me sitting there for hours. I kept telling her I needed to check in she just waved me off, stupid c*$t. Anyway thankfully I hired someone to stay with me that night. Her name was Wanda she is a caretaker NOT a nurse but I have her info If you want someone with you. AND she speaks spanish. She was super awesome. At 10:30 (yes 4 flippin hours) she went tothe desk and told the girl register me now and told Dr. Almonte what happened. Well then I found out I was the last girl of the day #3. Well I was so tired by then I almost walked out. Wanda got Raquel and got me a room around 1pm. They made me get undressed and I took the blue pill. Well I was sleep in minutes I didn't need the pill. LOL However I woke up to being moved from one bed to another. MY SX WAS DONE! I slept thru everything! I was in extreme pain and crying. Wanda sat there to comfort me rubbed me everything. Well I puked about 10x from the anesthesia. It was awful. They tried to me me eat I couldn't. I wanted to die. They gave me something and I went to sleep. I woke up on/off to nurses and Dr. Almonte checking me. I found out why I was last because I was having so much done. I got a full TT/ muscle repair/hernia repair, BA,BBL, Lipo of my waist, back and thighs. So I spent the night in the clinic and the next day back to Armonia.

So Armonia is fine I guess maybe one of the nicer ones, I stayed in my room. What I didn't like was someone stole from my friend Prissy and that pissed me the hell off. I had a safe. There was a lizard in my room one night. And for the first 4 days I didn't want to eat and they would force me and I would throw up. After a week I felt much better. However the girls there talk about you, I don't give a f$^k but I'm forewarning you. They would tell me I had to come out my room and socialize, I'm like um NO, I don't feel well and I'm relaxing. From day one I was going to the bathroom alone I am self sufficient. I don't think they liked that I started taking my meds, cuz they forgot 1 night and after that I'm like I'll do it myself. Anyway as I told you by day 7 I had enough of this place and was ready to go home.
So fast forward the 2nd garment I got for $$$140 is trash It cut the circulation in my leg and I still have numbness there. I took it off and now I have a seroma over my belly button. I call a PS in the area and I'm seeing him next week. I think I'm still swollen cuz I have a little pouch. The fluid is going away. Oh I went back to work 12days post. It was hard but I was okay and I walk all day as a manager. My back is so sore still painful to the touch but there is no fat. All in all I love my boobs and back my stomach not so much I don't think its flat and when I lean there is a little hangover, but I'll see after I got see the PS here and get drained. I might have to get more Lipo. on my belly IDK. But it's definitely better than before. I really love Dr. Almonte and her staff Leslie and Raquel they are so sweet and all freakin gorgeous. Feel free to ask me whatever I'm sure I left some stuff out. Good uck and Ciao Bellas. I won't be on here cause I don't have time. But if I get a notice I will definitely answer comments and questions. I'll add photos later
do you have any pics of armonia?thats where i am staying i would like to see it
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You looking fabulous, how do you feel, are you happy with your results? ??
Yes except the bbl. But that's my lack of fat for transfer. Also I think I need a lift. But I feel fine my back still but the muscle relaxer helps with that. My stomach is still swollen though
Yes 6100 included the rh and car and meds. I spent about another 800 in air.

my xoxo faja

I can't believe I'm in this on the third notch!
O the grey fajah you're wearing... Where did you buy it?
its actually tan, bad lighting lol. I really like Almonte she was extremely nice. Don't get me wrong the RH wasn't terrible it was probably one of the nicer ones. I just try and keep it real everyone tells the good, well I want to hear the bad to prepare you know!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far I'm happy with Dr. Almonte, she definitely isn't doing surgeries for the money cause she told me what her standards are. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! I'm going for a TT/Liposculpture- waist, flanks and back and I'm praying to get a BA/BL

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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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