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I have been debating whether or not to do this...

I have been debating whether or not to do this mommy makeover for quite some time now and ive finally decided to take the plunge. my husband is so support and is willing to do whatever i wanna do. im so ready to get my sexy back!!! lol im nervous as hell but im ready!!! Dr disla is an amazing doctor and her work is exactly what i want. i wanna be the curvy hot mom! lol

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I am so scared! i have 119 days until my mommy makeover! im freakin out! lol I'm waiting on our w-2's so we can pay in full with dr disla. im gonna post a few wish pics. can someone help me by telling me what i need to take with me? i have no idea what all i need!! help!!! lol
hi congrats hun, a few things on the list.. night gowns (ones the open in the front) tank tops( wife beater) compression sicks neosporine iron pills neck pillows fajas/bodyshapers big girl panties i think sports bra (if ur doing bl) pain meds ( i heard the ones they give is not as strong) wipes summer dresses (a few would help) sandals/flats these are the few things that come to mine and sure they're things i didnt mention that yoy will need...:)
Thank you so much for the help. im so nervous about all of this. ive never been outta the country and ill be going by myself cause my hubby cant come. hes in the military and cant get leave. ill be going to a recovery house. does that make it easier?


So Dr Disla quoted me 5,500 for my mommy makeover and my round trip flight is about 600 and the total cost of the recovery center is about 850. and 25 a massage. so after everything i'm gonna be in about 7 grand. I've never spent that much money on my self... ever. i'm so nervous and i feel a little guilty because i hate spending money on myself. ugh and all this cost doesn't even include my supplies. Gosh i'm nervous.
im stayin for 10 days and at 85 a day thats 850. plus 25 a massage. could you give me the email for maria rh? id like to get a quote from her. does that quote include pain meds after the surgery?
*******@******.com, email me.
MARIA quote 510..sorry i can send you her email info..but i suggest you do your research first.


I just ordered my faja! im so excited! lol im gonna order my bras and vitamins next! 118 days left!!! gonna lose about 10 lbs before i go though. maybe, dr disla says that i got enough to work with but i want an itty bitty waist! so 140 here i come! cant wait to file taxes so i can make all my payments and get my plane ticket! its getting closer.
i cant find the page u sure the spelling is right
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thank you for adding me! :)

112 Days left! So anxious! :D

So i've been getting all my supplies together and ordering things that i'll need. husband is getting me a bath robe and house shoes for valentines day to take with me. :) hes so sweet! i've worked out all the arrangements for my kiddos and my hubby is taking off work to take care of me. he's so supportive. I can't wait to get this all done and finally be happy with my body! :) still trying to figure out the exact vitamins and meds i'll need and why and which ones are the best to use. also i just gotta say how much i really like Dra Cynthia Disla. she is an amazing doc and always so helpful. i ask a million and one questions and shes always so quick to answer me and help me out. i can't wait to finally meet her. ive already recommended my mom and my sister and all my friends to her!
I have been getting really emotional about doing this whole thing. sometimes i feel selfish. Am i crazy? i seen that alot of women feel this way. im just getting my undies in a bunch i guess.

112 days!!!

Grl u look good already! Great foundation.
well thank you. i just hate my muffin top. and my thighs rubbing together. ugh. its so gross lol

68 days until the big day...

I have everything paid for except the recovery and what not. Its getting so close and im getting so nervous and having mixed emotions. i know Dr Disla is gonna do amazing work but its everything else that is making me chew all my nails off lol. For example, is she gonna be able to cut above my belly button? how big do i really want my boobs? is my butt gonna be too big? what if something goes wrong and i don't have enough money with me? ughhh... i'm just so nervous. but in the end, i just want my body back!!! i wanna be sexy and i want my husband to drop his jaw and not be able to take his eyes off me when i walk in a room. I DO NOT feel sexy at all right now. i feel like a saggy blob. and i hate it... only 68 more days til this feeling ends. :)

Sorry for not keeping everyone updated, i know its been a good while since i last updated but i'll try better :)

57 days till the big day

So I have finally gotten all the money for everything and I'm ready to go. All i need to do is go and make sure my hemoglobin level is up , I've been taking my iron so i guess we'll see. I should be getting my passport in a couple of weeks and i will be staying with Gianna Columbo. I'm so excited. I can't wait to be a disla doll!
What happened? Did you die??? Hello, update pics please lol
Girl you dropped off the gave of the planet!! What happened next? Did you get your MM?? How ate your results? Scars? I'm a soon to be Disla doll myself, and I'd love to see some updated pics :-) You had a great foundation to start with though, I'm sure it came out wonderfully. Did you have any issues with infections or wounds reopening?
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