Yily De Los Santos- Lipo (Back,flanks,tummy,arms) $2900 - Dominican Republic

So i had a tummy tuck an lipo of back an thighs....

So i had a tummy tuck an lipo of back an thighs. My surgery was terrible in the sense i did not get a great outcome. I did my surgery a year ago. No shame going back January 18. I was quoted $2900 liposculpture. An $4600 with implants.

I plan to stay at a recovery house jmspa for 10 days those who might want to share a room reach out.

Any questions about tummy tucks an lipo you can ask me as well i have prior experience an my recovery was great thank god. I just did not achieve the results i wanted which were a tiny tiny waist an back. So i am back at it again.

I wish everyone the best of luck with there experience.

Spoke to JM Spa recovery house they mentioned...

Spoke to JM Spa recovery house they mentioned emailing them at least 5 days prior to arriving with all the flight information, your name an if possible a picture. Spoke to a women named Ana very nice an helpful with all the questions i asked her. This weekend I book my flight an start buying all things needed for my trip. Excitedddddd

Today i am off to walmart to buy most of the...

Today i am off to walmart to buy most of the things i will take with me. Feeling nervous, a week from today i will be in DR getting ready for my surgery. Having surgery prior does not change the feeling. It is another country you are alone.

Called the recovery house an was told to send my flight information an possibly a picture for airport pic up.

Soooooo excited an nervouse at the same time.

Changed my surgery date leaving January 28 flights...

Changed my surgery date leaving January 28 flights were sky high.

Ladies looking for a roomate January 28 is my...

Ladies looking for a roomate January 28 is my travel date. I speak spanish an have had surgery before if that helps any of my non spanish speaking women.

Yily's assistant responded to my email stating the...

Yily's assistant responded to my email stating the implants the doctor uses are silicone an Silimed brand. For all those getting breast aug. Time is ticking i hope we all get great results.

Starting to feel nervous. 2 days away but nervous...

Starting to feel nervous. 2 days away but nervous as if it were the 1st time. I just pray for amazing results and a speedy recovery with no complications.

Well guys I have been back for 5 days now. My...

Well guys I have been back for 5 days now. My experience can certainly not be the the same for everyone an I wish everyone the best of luck. I am starting to feel better but of course not without discomfort since I got lots of lipo an in lots of places. Arms ( hurt like hell) back, flanks, stomach an breast aug. no legs it was going to be wayyyy to much on my body. She was willing to do it but I said no. $4500 total. I will tell you now if you want to meet Yily prior to your surgery good luck not happening. The combination of JM Spa not taking you an ignoring you when you say you want to meet her prior is one of the main reasons. The owner does as she pleases not as you would like. Very firm an controlling. She is a Christian very divoted but nothing Christian about the way she runs her business. I can tell you the 1st day after surgery I was lucky enough to have the night staff "nurse " stay with me so she could help me out of bed. After I had a roommate meet me an it was all downhill from there. You get a call bell an ring the bell until your Arm fell off an no one would come. My room mate who was more mobile would have to scream, knock on every door until the chick would come out. If you think they speak fluent English they do not only Junior the driver does. So be prepared with a translator. If you don't ask to be bathe they don't do it, if you don't insist by the 4th day max to have your gurdle cleaned they will not. Those are things YOU MUST DO by day 4 no questions your gurdle is soiled make them wash it forget they lazy stories make them help you out of it an make them wash it. It's a foundation or infection an clean helps you heal with out infection. Meals are low in salt an healthy small portions so If you want more food bring snacks, also for those not as mobile as I was the first week Gatorade by my bedside helped alot since those ppl at the spa were not around as much as you wanted them too an your call bell didn't phase them an I used it at night only because I couldn't get up on my own to pee. Make sure you have peso handy at least a 100 when you want shit done. They lazy to me. The more ppl are in the spa recovery the worse the service. If you are barely having much work done you will be fine. Now to Cipla well well well it was all good until I had surgery an was brought back to my room ohhh an lets not forget the day of my surgery Yily said 11 an arrived at 12:20 so you will be dumped off at CIPLA by the owner of the spa by 7:30 so she can deal with her work schedule not interfering with dropping you off for surgery. I get to CIPLA an was waiting all that Time since 7:30 am. Yily comes in makes you up then surgery. Bring socks, your foam pad of regular pads for your gurdle if it isn't on an loose clothes easier to put on an leave. After surgery I had the best night staff nurses. Day shift all I an say was I saw 2 meals being places on a table an no one came to feed me until some staff not a nurse came in an spoke to me I am Spanish an she said my dear no one has feed you what the hell is this. Fed me herself thank god. I was helped by nurses to put on my gurdle an all I can say is I almost fainted an instead of laying me down or put alcohol under my nose I had some retarded no other way retarded nurse pour an entire water bottle over my hair. Risking that I get sick with blasting AC an wetting my implant dressing on my nipples. Dumb bitch that's how strongly I feel. CIPLA days staff worst. Seem annoyed or sick of the job. Remember MY EXPERIENCE doesn't mean it will happen to you. I am now healing an happy with my results so far my breast are very high as of right now an need to drop 400 cc. I would love to put pics but the shady is at an all time high with so many different social networks exposing women after surgery. At the Yily spa if you want to get around buy souvenirs, go to a mall just go out reach out to Valerio I recommend 3 women from the spa to use him an he is an angel goes everywhere with you doesn't take advantage of your money at all $20 an he spends abt 2hrs with you where ever you wanna go 8293012747
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for the information about Cipla, I been reading a lot about care not being done, as well as some say they where taken care of, however, it weighed more on the bad side than good. So I'm ready. My boyfriend will help me.
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Im going to yily my date is jan 18
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Hope you like your results. Take care!
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Hi. U haven't posted n a long while so I hope tht u r healing up nicely nd liking ur results. Take care
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i am looking to buddy up . may or june xxx@hotmail.com

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Hi Sexy11, Im going to Dr Yily June 5th. If you are going, let me know and we can buddy up :)
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Im glad your surgery went well. Maybe you could put one pic ?
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I hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery. I called Valerio today and told him I was planning to go there. Sounded very pleasant. Thank you
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Does Valerio speak english??
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OMG ! I am so sorry you had those experiences. The day nurses at CIPLA were soooo sweet to me. Every two seconds they came to check on me, and I mean like maybe 5 different people in a cycle and I would wake up, smile at them and go back to sleep. When time came for me to eat, the day nurse was being a little slow with the soup so i sweetly took the spoon and fed it myself. The night nurses on the other hand seemed like lazy devils. Actually it was only one for me apparently who told me she was going to get me more soup and 2 hours later .. I still didn't see her. That was the only time I cried because of this surgery. At JM now, and as you said everyone is different . I NEVER rang the bell and they would be so worried when they came in and see me off the bed being wicked :), and I think they don't ask if you want a bath because most women just want to sleep and not bother with taking on and off their garments. To be honest I didn't bathe until the 4th day I think and Anna was the one that suggested it. I used to wet wipe myself day and night and also my garment didn't have even on soil on it. But for you, since you had arm surgery I think they should have been a little more attentive to you. Does Valerio speak any English ? That is a good suggestion , my babygirl is going in March so I am going to refer her to your page .
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Like I wrote on day 4 soil or no soil. I didn't have any a gurdle is to be washed to prevent infections. They did not mention or offer it unless I did an they tried brushing me off. After care is what helps a person feel better an recover. The call bell for me was needed at night primarily an that was useless because no one came. My roommate would get out of bed to find me help when she herself was hurting. An CIPLA put my food table by the entrance of my room where I could stare at it. Across the room couldn't feed myself if not I would have. Valero nice guy as much English as the spa English they speak.
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hope your healing well and aLl the best ! thanks for the number ! will be using himm!! I feel like Yily is becoming just tooo busy ... i remember back in october when i got my quote so much easier communicating with her... Im happy u love your results!! and I totally understand the social network shade.. 100% All the best babe xo
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Use him he is great will follow u in stores an makes sure your ok. He charges less than $20 I just make sure for the hassle he goes thru he is well compensated, imagine a taxi cab to the airport charges more an drops us off in 30 min max. An yes Yily has alot of work in the weeks to come she admits herself she is nervous abt it all an wants to give everyone her best work. An prices should be rising soon I can see that.
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Sorry to hear what you went through. It really opens ones eyes. It seems that Dr. Yily is loosing her patient care. I was waiting for her office to get back to me. I am taken back by your experience. Have a speedy recovery.
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Yily at this moment is just one of the most wanted doctors. She is super busy and if you don't make it your job to see her prior to surgery on your own take a cab from the recovery house if you have to an tell them your going else where an end up at her office. I feel between her office an her secretary they make it seem like she don't have time. Reality is your wasting your money so your time is just as valuable as hers. That's your body. She is just busy busy busy an overwhelmed but when she is in your presence she takes her time an answers all questions. It's a chase tho but well worth it. For now my results seem ok
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Thanks for the heads up!! Can't wait for you to post pics. Good Luck with your recovery.
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Hey my baby doll. i miss you!!!!
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I miss you more. Couldn't have made it without your humor, help an positive spirit. Your so bomb.com listen my arms are normal now rotfl now that was a moment
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Sorry about the experience. Glad you're okay though!!! Congrats on the new body!!!
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I'm so glad ur ok however I'm sorry ur experience was so shitty.... Thanks for updating us my surgery is next Tuesday n I was so scared but now that I kno ur ok it makes me feel a little better :-) ( still scared) lol
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Scared is a normal feeling be positive an bring you wife beater to place under your gurdle,warm socks for the hospital it's always cold after surgery, an comfortable loose clothes. Happy healing an remember its a process which you will see results months from surgery. My waist is shrinking everyday my arms are too. It's all a process get you massages an heal
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Thanks for the advice I can't wait for this to be over lol
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Soon soon! Remember positive thinking will bring you positive outcomes. To be nervous is normal, your anticipating but all will go well
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