Ready for Yily, New Body Coming July 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

As most, i've been checking this site for months....

As most, i've been checking this site for months. I finally made the decision to contact yily, and here i am with a date and the nerves to go along with it. I will be going the 2nd week in July if anyone is interested in a SX buddy. Not sure what else to really say other than the usual, need a new body.
Do you have a buddy yet? Do you know which RH you are staying at?
I don't have a buddy and haven't chosen a RH. Do you want to buddy up? I'm sure the RH can work something out with the 1 day difference.
Good luck honey. Im going to duran. My datr is july 9th.

SX buddy July 8th

Hellow ladies,

Does anyone need a buddy? I'm flying out on the 7th of July with a 8 july SX. I have not chosen a RH as of yet.
Hey hun. I will be arriving on the 9th and having sx on the 11th. Staying at upscale
newbody, did you get buddy yet?
Aww my birthday is July 8th!! Good luck my date is May 29th :)
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