My Journey to the Body I Once Had - Dominican Republic

So far my surgery date with Dr Yily De Los Santos...

So far my surgery date with Dr Yily De Los Santos is Feb.12.2013. I'm flying out & arriving on Feb 11th & Having my consultation the same day i arrive.

Currently Im deciding to go with Tummy tuck and liposuction of abdomen, arms, back and flanks is 3800$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, clinic expenses.

This is something that i always wanted to do , i have been unhappy with my body since i had my two children back to back .in 2005 & 2008 I would just like my petite figure back, and maybe a few extra curves wouldn't hurt.

I'm feeling really excited at this point i just want my BIKINI BODY.. lol I have been sexy and petite before , however my childrens births changed that really fast. Im thinking this is one of the best things i could do for myself, Even if i lose all of it by myself i still would NOT have the shape i crave.

I have watched the whole procedures be performed on you tube, I like to be know what i'm in for & what to expect. All i have been doing is researching these procedures , medicines, pre and post surgery.

My Journey to the Body i once has is about to begin .....

So the new year has finally arrived , im feeling...

So the new year has finally arrived , im feeling ohh sooo very anxious.... lOl

Im 40 days away from my big day, feels surreal.

I have been online double checking my check list,,

finding out passport info, as well as expenses for after care.

so far you will need to put aside money for after care, that can total up to 600 depending what package you pick for spa care...

passport cost - 150-200

air fair ROUND TRIP from Boston -to Santo DMGO- 400-500

Also the luggage and things you have to bring with you 100-150..

I am pretty much packed. This is what I have to help those wondering what to take on their surgery:
*Feminine Wipes
*Short socks
*Reg wet wipes
*Rubber Gloves
*Medical Tape
*Loose pants
*Antibacterial soap
*Tylenol pain cream
*Arnica Cream - For bruising
*Bromelain Pills - For swelling
* water pills for post op swelling
Epifoam - For inside of your garment to smooth.
*Tape Measure - To keep progress of ur amazing new measurements
*Extra strength Tylenol 500 mg - Anything like ibuprofen, Aleve, and some other pain meds are bad for you since they can cause more bruising and bleeding
*Thigh High compression socks - Known to reduce embolisms, especially on the plane ride back
*Hibiclens - Anti "microbial" skin soap, comes in liquid form. Really good for using BEFORE your surgery. Not meant to be used as reg soap since it is very harsh on the skin and can cause irritation if used for a prolonged period of time
*Maxi Pads - Recommended for inside your garment to smooth any creasing to not leave permanent lines or dents after lipo since you fat is very moldable and like jello lol
*Funnel - To pee so you dont have to take the garment off and can pee through the hole at the bottom using the funnel
*Stool Softener - I hear after anesthesia its hard to have a proper "bowel movement" lol
*Chux - They look like the doggie pads they use to pee when they're being potty trained, they're white with blue lining absorbent pads. To help catch any leakage/draining the first few days

also purchase the Vitamedica Surgery program supplement, waiting for it in the mail. Its a supplement that enhances and promotes healing since it has tons of essential vitamins and minerals needed for healing that may not be gained through diet alone. It has good reviews and people who have taken it say it has helped them so why not lol. I don't want to feel like poop or be in pain and discomfort forever. I want to bounce back soon and do everything I can to take care of myself properly. Its all about the post op care ladies! - There is one that's $60 and $100.

So0o0o 33 More days till my Big day!! I'm so...

So0o0o 33 More days till my Big day!!

I'm so excited its still kind of surreal, i mean who else wouldn't want to go to sleep & wake up looking better then before.Lol

I am able to do my taxes this month because i go to someone who will use my last weeks pay stub from 2012 to file this year,

So far i'm upgrading to a 3 bedroom, buying a new car, & getting a new figure, I'm so happy with all of these goals i am achieving ,

i feel like this is something i deserved , its been a very stressful 7 years being unhappy with my body, & having very

low self esteem, i say if it will make you confident and more happy in your life, then GO FOR IT!

I never let anyone's opinions effect me, i live by my rules, & i do what makes me happy,

As for the negative opinions or concerns, or feedback i received, not specifically on this site, but in general , i am happy people

care, Such as ( just exercise you don't need this (* DON'T DO THIS CONNIE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY) even if i were to

excersize i would never get the results i crave, my stomach muscles are so destroyed from child birth ,

it would never be the same my stomach muscles are spaced far apart its going to take reconstruction to fix .

however, this is my choice, its my body , im doing this

& i appreciate your concern, BUT it has zero impact on my decision to do this,

I am buying my plain ticket next week =D

I am ready more than ever .

Yily is amazing i'm so happy to have chosen her , i will have minimal scars, with the results i want ,

My days less than a month away , ive decided this...

My days less than a month away , ive decided this is something i don't wanna share, i don't wanna hear anything negative so if you know me i will def be on fb sharing new pics. but def not on here. God bless everyone i hope my results are what i am hoping for.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to Dr. Yily through a friend who has surgery this year in santo domingo,

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schedule for 03/17/14... what do your think, could I change my mind?
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Good luck , i just contacted her office today trying to have mine done in Jan , tax season, let us know how it works out for you .
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Good luck gurl:0)
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hey am leaving for surgery on july 7 but i still have not found a place to stay and every where is booked around that time. Anyone have any ideas for me PLEASE!!! PS and i dont speak SPANISH
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Check your inbox
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Wishing you the best, I'm also not sharing my surgery with anyone but my husband, my hair stylist who wants implants herself and my new realself fam because I too don't care to hear the speeches. "be happy for what God gave you or you're fine the way you are" I mean I know that my friends and family come from a place of concern but they do not walk in my shoes even my mom wouldn't understand. Sometimes it's like that. I also must thank you for your list I hv 50 days until my surg and in my excitement I'm purchasing things too. Big booty wishes to ya!
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Can I get her website and email info??
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Can someone plz give me the Dr. Email. .. I would love to contact her for more information
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Hi berskii, you can go to her website and get all of her info! Good luck!
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Thank you I found it the other day and email her my info and pic. ...
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How did your surgery go? I hope you are recovering well.
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@ MissMarieS, how is everything? Did you make your journey safely and how is recovery coming along? I want to thank you for being so informative, it's extremely helpful for those of us in the beginning stages. Please give all positive and negative feedback ASAP and of course if you don't mind sharing your before and after photos please do. Prayerfully you are doing great.
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I hope all is well. Thanks for sharing the info you posted. I'm hoping to switch over to Dr. Yily but just a little scared. I hope you post some pictures, I would love to see your results.
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looking forward to seeing ur pics. hope all is well
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How was ur surgery? i was wondering cuz in considering yily too! and i would like someones honest opinion... please help!!!!
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I'm going to Yily now. I just heard from her, she gave me a quote of $3,000. I just gotta pick my date and send my deposit. I'm excited. If anyone wants to group up let me know. I am flexible with my date since the price is so low.....yikes!!!
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Hello im2Jazzy I'm definitely interested in connecting with someone to buddy up with. I'm in NY where are you located? I did send a email but haven't heard back as of yet, I also tried to go thru the website but continuously got error messages. Please contact me ASAP to brain storm

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What are you having done? What did the quote include?? :)
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well im looking for a buddy for April 8th so hmu if ur with that date?
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Smile305 are you confirmed for April 8
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Hi when r u goin,,, I would love to go with U :) email
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Heyy! Do u have a date yet? I would love to go
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What did u have done for 3,000
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