My Journey to Self Improvement with Yily Santos - Dominican Republic, DO

My Current Measurements: 37C-32-43 My Goal...

My Current Measurements: 37C-32-43
My Goal Measurements: 32/34 Small B-24-45+
In order of Breast, Waist, and Hips/Butt

I have always had high confidence in myself however I always wanted the body that matched my personality! I am a fun spunky 21 year old with a daughter. My ideal body would be small perky breast, small waist, and a nice juicy plum but to match!

I have decide to go with Dra Yily De Los Santos for my lipo and butt lift/fattening procedure! I found her from all of your helpful reviews and a few before and after pictures from those who have already had your transformation!

I will admit I am a little nervous about the whole ordeal but have great confidence the Yily will provide me with the results I am wanting. I have researched a lot of doctors who just did not give the sculpting results like Yily does.

I emailed her a couple of days ago inquiring on the cost as well as send her pictures of myself and my goal pictures. So I am waiting on a reply from her!
Ladies I hope I have rambled this is my first time blogging or anything of this sort! If you have any questions or anything to share please feel free...

Also, I am wanting to schedule my surgery sometime in April and was wanting a buddy who was sharing the same date to be able to get the discounted price for the stay!

Hello ladies here is the email I correspond with...

Hello ladies here is the email I correspond with Yily:

I also decide to upload some before pictures of myself... I really hope Yily can give me that super small waist and big bootay!

Okay ladies so I am just getting and need to be in...

Okay ladies so I am just getting and need to be in bed but I cannot help but daydream about my new body to be! No close but somewhat like being pregnant all over again as for the excitement goes... But lets get to and let me stop all of the rambling!
I was browsing wish pictures so here they go.. tell me what you think ladies!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I'm not going to give a true rating until 1 yr post surgery! However I will give updates and answers any questions along the way as well as updated pictures, emotions, recovery and so forth! I truly want to document my experience! Hope you all enjoy!

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My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at if you want a travel and recovery budy ***
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Felicia69717 have you had any surgeres with Dr. Yily or do you plan to?
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My surgery3/18... Counting down my days
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dr. Yily do take awhile reply back but once you get your quote that's when everything starts rolling together. She like it if we email her using one email adheres so she stay organize from her serious patients n they ones who just want a quote.. So after your quote come continue with using ur email
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Hi! I heard that it takes days for Yily to get back to you by email...I am still waiting...I emailed her on Feb 5th....Well fingers crossed...I am soooooo CONFUSED!!! I need a GOOD Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants...not concerned about my booty (I'm 42 been there done that with the will follow your review!
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Awe thanks! It took her a good six or seven days to reply! Just when I had gave up... it was like christmas to recieve a reply! I heard that you pull the skin in the area if its aleast an inch you just need lipo but if it is very then with little fat thats when you need a tummy tuck! Oh did you translate you message to spanish I heard it helps her to reply faster??
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That's a good idea! oh I sent it from her site which is Spanish...I got a general reply...but I will send again just using her email
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Yes that is the first message and then about 5-7 days you get the quote email with all the info.
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