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Ok so I Love real self first off. You ladies are...

Ok so I Love real self first off. You ladies are so beautiful and helpful.most actually iv encountered a couple scammed and unfriendly women here.
I'm apple body shaped but not ridiculous. I want lipo with fat try to my butt. I've done my research now I want to know your opinions. Duran?Yily? Others? Help I need to know who's worth my money that's on a budget I'm coming from the u.s and I've heard stories about yily I'm not happy with but she gave me a great quote. I just hope they are aggressive with lipo. I'm 5'8 200 lbs ready for a 28 in waist 36 in bootie lol yay. But seriously help me out with info results ect....anyone wanna go together that's cool too.


Ok I'm thinking contreras for surgery!! Yes or no? I heard he's great.
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Im between Yily and Dr Almonte
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Hey what happened to the rest of my comment?

Dr. contreras

I'm really enjoying the attention from Dr contreras. He's in d.r not far from yily. He gave me a ridiculously good quote. Has anyone else been to him? Stories? Reviews? Info.

4 Comments Check the link. The doctor Edgar Contreras? Hes "the same doctor who operated on Sonia from Boston, Allyn from Miami and Yvonne from New York. He's a celebrity in the Dominican Republic, as famous for his work on beauty queens as he is for his medical record. It turns out Maria Morel was not the first person to die after visiting his clinic."
This was very long ago and they had prior health problems. Also he claims he is not responsible nor was he charged to the extent of not practicing. I appreciate your concern but whom did u get your surgeries from? I trust him for the simple fact he has ridiculous good results and I know ppl who went but I'm asking for opinions so thanks.
I guess, I mean, the cases are still pending, I would like to share something with you though. Did you know that surgeons can practice even if they are on drugs by a program that protects them. just food for thought, because I'm not understanding how some healthy women end up dying or burned like Salamas patients, a woman brought this up on the recent Salama incident that if hes on drugs or what, but anyway, if you trust him then thats all up to you, its your body, I would personally go to someone that has a clean record but if you know ppl who have gone there then that must mean youll be fine. I went as a referral by 3 friends who had good results, and of course hes on Sabado Gigante, well I'm 28 very healthy before surgery, beautiful body except my arms that I wanted to change and still left with complications, I just wouldn't like for some one else to go through this. But I guess if your instinct is to go with him by the good prices then so be it. Keep asking other women on here for advice.


So I think I'm going to be a baez beauty. I finally got my quote from duran and robles last night. Duran and robles want too much and robles suggested a tummy tuck but I don't need one so I'll see what she says. What are your thoughts? I'm not too interested in duran.nothing special. I haven't read one bad review of baez. Robles does a good job on body types like mine but idk...what do yall think about robles?


Robles didn't have good reviews on here nor MakeMeHeal. Contreras is rumored to be one of Jessica Mericee's doctors and he did work on some chick on here recently and she looks nice.
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Winter ugh...

So I went to the gym today I'm on a weight loss mission. I hadn't been in the gym for a month so I got on the scale and weighted in at 207. I'm not upset could be worse. Regardless I'm doing this to be at an ok range for surgery so I'm more motivated. I decided to get liposuction and bbl and see how it goes. A few doctors have suggested a tummy tuck but I don't want one right now. I'll be satisfied. I'm planning on having this body for ever!!! I haven't scheduled a date because I'm not ready financially. I need to make sure so I'm hopefully going to straighten it out by February and then I'll see what's open and book a flight for asap. But I'm still ready for may. I'm either with contreras or baez at this point. I wish I had the money for robles because I personally talked to her. But any suggestions on what I should do for recovery? Houses? Also anyone who's been done by contreras please contact me.

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I might opt for a tt since its being suggested to me by drs but ill figure it out when they see me. Im still between robles and contreres but im in love with robles. Wish I had the money for duran but either way ill be going by may


Anyone that is in the dr. Edgar contreras FB group please add me. Booked with him for May 20th!!
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I have yet to read bad reviews on Baez. So idk
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R u sticking wit Baez?
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Baez

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