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Hey Dolls Im Going with Dr Yily Sent my Deposit Waiting on Her to Accept It! - Dominican Republic

Does anyone know if she has anything available in...

Does anyone know if she has anything available in late January and how i can contact the office direct??? I need to speak with someone. I see the point of the deposit, of course! But, Why would I buy a plane ticket before she confirms a date??? Is anyone else having the same problem??? If so please right me and tell me what you did. Im trying to get this done right away!!!


Hopefully she answered u!!!!! Keep us posted?!!
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Hey does anyone know of the best recovery house to stay at when I go to DR?
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Hey I'm still waiting to hear from her. I sent all the info she wanted on Thursday and now I'm just waiting to hear back. Hopefully I hear something soon I'm so ready!! Good luck girly!!!
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