Duran Doll 2014!!!!!!!

Im looking to get a quote from Dr.Duran and it...

Im looking to get a quote from Dr.Duran and it sooo hard to contact her. Does anyone know a for sure way to get through to her. I want lipo of abdomen, flanks, back, arms/underarms, breast lift, and fat transfer to buttocks. I have gotten a quote back from Yily for $4200. But I really want to go with Duran.


Ive gotten addicted to this site since discovering it. Well as I mentioned, its been hard getting in contact with the infamous Dr. Duran! Sooo, me and my sister got in contact with Jazmine at BellaVitaConsultants. We sent all our info along with the $150 fee. So, no we're waiting for her to work her magic. She seems very sweet. OAN I started my diet today!!!! Im sure I need to drop some pounds to get maximum results. This will be tough, but im sooo ready for this life changing experience!!!! :)

My Before Photos o_O

I like my hips already, but they dont stand out because of the belly fat and love handles. I hate my booty! Its flat at top and dfat on bottom. *like a tear drop* . And my arms?! They are HUGE! Cant stand them!!!!

Before Photos

Anyone Scheduled With Duran In April????!!

Hello ladies??? If anyone has surgery scheduled for April and needs a buddy hmu! Me and my sister really wanna go in APRIL. We have not gotten our quotes yet but maybe you can help us get one quicker if your already scheduled. We have sent all our info.

Before Photo W/ clothes

Got My Quote! Woot Woot!

Ok so I received my quote today via Jazmine of BellaVitaConsultants. I must stay is a little steep for what I thought it would cost. She quoted me $6000. Thats for bl, bbl, and lipo.


Im sending my $250 deposit in on Friday. So the earliest they have right now is early June -_- Anyone going in April that is Cancelling? ! Holla at ya girl!!!!

Diet Diet Diet!

Im actually seeing some results from dieting. Im staying strong! I usually give up after a while. Doc recommended I lose 10-15 pounds before surgery. NO BIGGIE...My diet consists of my 3 meals being under 300 calories and I have small healthy snacks. I speed walk on treadmill 2x a day for 30min each. So far so good! For people trying to lose weight also, theres a great app called "LOSE IT". Download it, its wonderful


Anyone know how to send Dr.Duran the deposit?? And what's the info needed?


I literally spent allll day trying to call and talk to Elizabeth. ITS REDICULOUS!!! They keep hanging up or keep transferring. Im soo over it! Paying extra money for help for WHAT?! (Venting)



Dental Work?

Im thinking about getting dental work done. Anyone know about dental work in DR? Any good doctor, etc.

Decided to get dental work done :)

Soooo, ive decided to get some dental work done also. I received a quote already from Dr. Alonso. Im excited for this makeover

Recovery House

Im pretty much certain ill be staying at Healing Haven. Have quote for me and my sister and its pretty descent. Only thing is we might have to hire nurse for 24hr care, just for first few days.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Does anyone know if after us giving her a deposit does she deducts that from our quote or thats just to save up the date?? please help
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Im pretty sure it comes off your quote. Some people made deposits for $250 some for $500.
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Hey boo, I just got booked with duran like 30 mins ago for June 25th. I am looking for a roomie to go half with. How long do you plan to stay?
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Heyyy boo..im actually rooming with my sis. We both having surgery. Staying for 10 days. Are you on the bbl calendar? You can see who else has surgery same day.
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Congrats. I am STILL trying to book a date after three long weeks. Any tips for getting in touch.
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I sent her an email at least 2-3 times every other day. Used google translator. I called Elizabeth in the early morning. She said between 8-9:30 am of I called in the evening between 3-5. I contacted her through whatsapp too.
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hey future dra duran dolls. I think im going on june 23rd and im looking for a buddy. im waiting for confirmation from Jazmine. but im leaving on the 22nd have to be there one day before surgery date? jasmine from bella vita (which is amazin) recommended the real recovery armonia.. looks nice :0) please message me so we can go together..
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How'd you contact jazmine at bella vita consulting? By phone or online? If by phone what number? Thanks in advance.
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I emailed her. Jazmine@bellavitaconsultants.com
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Thanks I appreciate it.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck with your consultation and quote. When are you looking to have the surgery done?

Please do keep us updated with your progress.
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Hello and Thank You! Me and my sis are looking to have in April. *fingers crossed*
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It's great that you're doing this with your sister, so you both have support.
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