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Does any body know a massage therapist by the name of carolyn in DR ???

Not that I really need this, but i want this.Hi...

Not that I really need this, but i want this.Hi I'm kimmie 21 years old live in ontario canada. I'm a full-time college student. & a part time teacher... I love my body, but dislike my waist its so big and fat... I naturally have a good size butt, but just looking for a better shape... I weight about 120 I lost a lot weight just last year i weighted about 190... Anyways I have already chosen the doctor for my procedure her name is DR. YiLY DE LOS SANTOS from the dominican republic I heard really good things about her and seen pictures of her work as well. What I mostly had fall in love with was the was she does the girls waist so tiny yet so natural... What I'm hoping to get done is remove fat from my unwanted areas, arms as well as in my full abdomen back & front. Lipostuction is the way to go. Fat transfer is what I want !!! I want all my fat in butt not that I needed, but I don't want to waste it either. I don't have a date on when I'm planing on going i still need to get a visa, get my money save up etc ... But for sure this year, its my time I have waited far to long... Been stalking this site for I don't know long reading other people comment and reviews.... I can't wait !!!! Best of luck to each and every once of us.

Still haven't, gotten a reply back from yily with...

Still haven't, gotten a reply back from yily with my quote. I'm not rushing either because i'm not going anytime from now.

So ladies I have changed my mind... I'm not doing...

So ladies I have changed my mind... I'm not doing fat Transfer to my butt area anymore just because it would look too much unreal. I already have a butt don't feel the need to add anymore. I'm pretty much happy with my body. As long as I can remove fat from my arms and my stomach I'm Satisfied all I really want is a tiny waist...

Got an email from yily today asking me to send in...

got an email from yily today asking me to send in some photos, hoping i get my quote by tomorrow, not that im going anytime soon but i still want find out the price.

Is it true that Yily is changing her prices around ?

Is it true that Yily is changing her prices around ?

So I been hearing a lot of people saying that...

So I been hearing a lot of people saying that their not happy with their Results & the way their body turned out. Also some people are saying that you shouldn't go to yily if your body isn't At least thick and with an ass. All I really have to say is that yily doesn't give you the whole video vixen body type, she's more on the natural realistic side which is a good thing. I don't think nobody wants to have a body that looks fake and people can tell you had work done. I personally think that if you don't have an ass or aren't thick maybe yily isn't for you. I have seen lots of review of people who had went to yily and they turned out just fine because those people were already thick and had an ass already before lipo. If your more on the realistic type of a body yily is the one. If not you & u want your whole big ass video vixen type of a body than I'm sure yily isn't for you not at least if your thick ready and have some type of a body to start with shes really good at reshaping your body and giving you that curvy look. Theirs lots of doctors in d.r who will give you the whole Stripper body type of look just keep on doing more Research as for me yily is the one I already have an ass all I want is this fat out of my belly I want me a tiny little waist. As long as I got me a small waist I'm satisfied with that if I was to add anymore ass it would just look to much on me as for hips I don't want any either I'm happy with the way my hips look and they don't lie lol. One more thing I see that a lot of girls are only going to yily because she cheap and seems to have a really good price and get upset when they don't get the look they want. To each is own I personally think that yily is really good at reshaping your body and giving you more of that curvy kind of look with a nice waist and that is one of the reason why I chosen her because I know I can get that tiny little waist I want. Also of you want hips she's pretty good at it as well. If you know your body is already hot and just want more curvy or a small waist she's the right person for it. If your all about reshaping your body and having a more sexy tiny curvy look to it yily is the right one for it.

Yily was doing such a good job at the beining not...

Yily was doing such a good job at the beining not sure what's happening to her ! I'm so sad because I really liked her work and thought I had found my doctor and was over and done with didn't have to do and more research on finding a doctor in dr. I seem couple of picture of girls who she has recently done work too and I'm not so happy with the way they turned out. Like she use to be so great at sharpening and giving you this s shape that us most woman want but now their so whack maybe it's just me. Like the girls that are getting work done by her out coming out uneven. Like one side of the hip is higher than they other this is the reason why I don't want to teach hips or add anything to them as well as my ass I don't want an uneven butt. Yily needs to step her game up, all the money and the fame she has gotten should have gotten her to become even better, but now all I hear is that yily seems to do whatever she wants to your body and she doesn't listen that's no good at all. Over thinking !

Am I the only one who hates going on real safe...

Am I the only one who hates going on real safe with their cell phones ? Like damn this phone is making a girl not spell right damn iPhone. Lets stop all this drama and get a long everybody is deferent and everybody has different point of view to each it's own. Why Argue with somebody who you don't even know Matter-of-fact haven't even meet yet or Probably won't even meet. We are all here for one reason and one reason only lets try and help one another and stop all this bullshiting for real. Praying for each and one of us that we may have a Successfuly recovery and surgery with God anything is Possible. Nothing Negative all Positive. ;)



HI guys i know i haven't posted anything in awhile...

HI guys i know i haven't posted anything in awhile just been real busy...to take a long story short here are a couple of information that i thought would be helpful and better understand about liposuction i found this very helpful so i'm sure it will help u as well. kisses

So i need to find out who this carolyn massage...

so i need to find out who this carolyn massage therapist is in the Dominican Republic i heard that all thses video big booty models goes to her.....

This is for my ladies that's want a really big...

This is for my ladies that's want a really big booty. You gotta get more than 1 lipo in order for you to Achieve the Desire butt size that you want models like yaris sanchez had more than 3 lipo surgery. So each time they have lipo they had the doctor inject about 900cc or more to their butt. I was told to have to go like 3 to 5 rounds to get the desire butt size that you want. So most of you ladies are best of for round 2 or 3 ! Check out the picture I posted

It's so hard to save with bills that have to be paid off and the list goes on

I want my sx this year so bad but from the looks if it I don't think that's going to happen. Last year I wanted sx didn't happen either now this year too I'm so sad lord know how bad I want this sx it's all I think and honestly dream about there's nothing at the moment that matters most to me than me having my sx. So for the looks of it next year will be my only hope and chance I hoping to go around March break. Trying to really save up as much as I can. In the mean that i been on a diet trying to get use to eating healthier and less. I'm real proud of myself. Kisses

How everybody is doing well. 4 those who have had there SX hope u enjoying the body and for those like me who are still waiting

I have found this two pictures on gissydoll page on Instagram and was wondering does anybody know who's painting these two are belong too which office or better yet which doctor office is this picture in.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Do you have pics of you
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What's the doctors name that did your tummy and bootie
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Im so glad that your honest about what Yily can work with. I too have a coke shape figure, but i need a fuller "ignant ass" (dunky booty). Even when i was a 130 at 5.2, I wore a size 14 and a small up top. Im 45lb over wiegh now so I KNOW i would be a great candidate. NOW my mind is set. Thanks!
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Well ive always said you gotta have thick thighs with the bum and i stick to it! Having skinny thighs like your arms and then have a big booty, it doesnt look right. Well thats my personal opinion
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Mine too it doesn't look right it makes u look fake. Your body should always match with the rest of your body parts
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Thanks for clearing that up.
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Hiiiii, Your recent posts makes for an interesting read Kimmiee thank you! I do want the Yaris look but I hope I can achieve something like that from round 1 my measurements are similar to hisididdy's I was considering losing 9-10lbs to go from 154 to 145lbs for my BBL as my face looks round lol I'm from the UK so there's not that much of a hype/demand or info about the BBL here! You've helped me understand a lot about it thanks :) xx
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Honestly it also denpends of the doctor and how much fat your having removed from your body. And how much fat they put into your butt. If u go on google and check yaris sanchez before and after pictures you will see that she's was already a thick girl from the being way before she went in for surgery. But again she went for her 2 round. Yaris always had a butt from the start that's why when u look at her and other models yaris stands out the most because her body before surgery was okay and she also had gained a lot of weight and she lots of fat to put into her butt because if u look at her before picture u will see that her body wasn't so bad and on top of her before picture she gained lots of weight so she could achieve the look she was going for. Now u just gotta leave everything to yily because even tho lets say u gined weight it's up to her for putting back all that fat she took out I think that's the problem and reason why people aren't getting the look they went for because she doesn't inject to much fat for the booty when some other doctors inject about 2000c that's why most girls don't go for the second round. Because even if your thick any already have a booty that doesn't mean u come out with a bigger booty all depends on the doctor and how much they put back.
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And thank you for readying :) I saw ur before picture and u don't look so bad your body is pretty good. But as a woman I understand we all want more and better. U have lots more time to gain weight since ur only going in dec gain as much as u can if that's the look ur going for but always remember to be realistic with yourself and body but what looks good on yaris can only look good on yaris that's why most of her big booty friends don't look the same as her I believe yaris went with what would look good on her and what she could achieve.
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You really think I should gain more weight?? I was going to loose 10lbs due to my face looking porky! ...Are you telling me I can eat the cheesecake that's calling my name in the refrigerator hahaha! it's like you just told me its Xmas in the morning! But I understand your sooo right! ..heck as long as my waist is thin and she plumps my ass and fills in its dents I think I'd be happy! ..Well I hope I don't get that booty greed @CGray mentioned! Yikes! ..And thank you @CGray for your info too! It really helped xx
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I remember reading Somewhere on here that Yily can put 1400cc (hmmm can't remember whose post) I hope she can do that for me! I guess ill find out!
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Even 1400c is already a lot because of doctor will do like 800cc so 1400c is a lot. My face looks porky too I dislike it when ever I gain weight it all goes into my face or butt and Stomach only if all that fat just went to my boobs lol but I'm not really into boobs maybe that's why god only gave me a booty and a fat face and big belly to go long with my body. Try to control your eating but at the same time eat a lot. Because I know that all this weight I'm putting in I want it out and put back into booty. But I'm still not too sure if I want a fat transfer just because it would make my booty look to big.. Because I'm thicker than yaris before pictures so look at yaris now and picture myself getting my butt to much for me to handle. My body isn't so bad it's only the fat in my face and Stomach that bothers me my arms isn't to bad. But I still have time to think it over. Yaris body is to die for I'm like in lover her lol
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I agree If you want a Video Vixen Booty you will need more than one round.. Some of the gurls have a round 2 and/or 3 and add implants... If you want a normal booty 1 round is good... Now if you already had a big ass then you may only need 1 round... But flat to PHAT don't come in 1 round... You can look on RS at US doctors to see that is the case..Most of these gurls get nice asses and the within a week or two are talking bout round 2... If you read more blogs you will see how many gurls have "Booty Greed"
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@Cgray That's what I'm trying to say thank u... Always the same chick that had massage me she told me that most girls get implants on their butt and fat added to their butt as well so it can look a bit more natural because we all know that implants don't look as much as natural as when fat is being injected into your butt. Now if u already have a booty than first round should be just fine not on least if u really want a whole big ole butt. What I want girls to understand is that if u want a big butt u gotta go more rounds to you reach the Desire look that u are going for. Don't be fooled !!! and don't get mad at these doctors when they don't give u what u want just know that u have to go more rounds till u reach the look that u want to reach.
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@cgray that's why I say highdiddy is going to get the look that she's going for!! And if she doesn't second round should be just fine because she already has a big butt
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Even if they get what they originally wanted there's always a bitch w/a bigger ass and then Booty Greed Rears its Ugly Head
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I agree.. If you already got ass your already close to your goal...
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& that's all I'm trying to say...
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i dont think u have to go 2 to 3 rounds. i mean ive seen girls wit the desired butt size get it in one round
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@Lakiikiix3 Thos are the ones that have enough body fat cells to remove if you don't than u will need I go more rounds. Remember not all that fat that they inject into your butt stays. That's why a lot of the girls when there on 3 weeks or a month post they see that there booty starts to look the same as before that's because the fat that was put into you didn't stay. I was told this buy a girl who got lipo done and mind u this girl who told she herself was a big girl to start with meaning she had a lot of body fat but still on her first round she didn't get the booty size that she wanted so she went for her 3rd round and if u see her body it's too die for. The same as yaris sanchez she went more rounds and that's why her body looks mad good even before that yaris always had a body before surgery if u check her before and after pic she didn't look so bad but she a little booty and thick thighs to starts with. I just think that if your more on the skinny type of chick you won't get the booty that you want to on least of u gain lots of weight.
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wait so now that your not going with yily who are you considering im contemplating three dif docs duran, yily and cabral
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Weights goes up and down its has its momments. As far as a doctor I'm not too sure yet because I'm not getting my butt done only lipo to the Stomach but I'm mostly likely to go to draun not sure yet if not her yily for sure. I heard cabral is a good doctor but has bad history on him you should google him. Only safe doctor at the moment are yily and Duran.
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i wanna know how you lost all the weight lmbo ive been losing little by little any suggestion
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It's a process. You really have to make up your mind that you deserve to be fit and healthy and it's also important to tell yourself that you are enjoying the process. I found once I got my mind right I can accomplish anything. After that I made sure I drank lots of water and eat less than 1200 cal a day making sure to get in a lot of protein and veggies.
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That's what I saying girls think once there down with there surgery they have nothing else to worry about when the after care is so much important and u always have to know what your getting yourself into
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