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Am Goin with Dr. Hector Cabral - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey am 5'2 179lb am and I can't wait for my sx I...

Hey am 5'2 179lb am and I can't wait for my sx I want lipo and bbl , I want a donk!!! Well I know about dr Cabral lil history but a couple of my friends got work done from him and they look amazing... I was thinkin about dra Yily but after I read some girls were getting infected I change my mind , then I saw dra Duran and her butts are big but she is not good with lipo soooo, Cabral I the man king of barbies... I ain't wait till July

My opinion

Everyone have there own opinion and am goin to speak mine !!!

Hey ;)

I called dr Cabral office and schedule my sx for July 17 , I have to e there the 16 so I could get my blood work done yaayyy exited

Date confirm ;)

Am happy I confirm my date July 17 2013 ;) with hector Cabral ... Can't wait is gettin hot and I hate takin of my jacket :(

One more month

Okay I got 1 more month to go and time do fly but I wanted to know am I the only one who feel nervous ? I be thinking all kind of stuff I just keep pryin and askin good to please protect me thru this sx cause I need to come back to my 5 daughter :/

I need help

What size faja do I have to buy ???

Where would I stay after sx

Okay dolls am just think who wanna spend $800 to stay at cipla I don't !!! So now my time is almost here and where am I goin to stay for recovery ,

Am so anxious

Am so anxious I can't wait till I leave to dr , I will be stayin at http://realrecoveryhouse.wix.com/real-recovery-house , I went and bout some maxi dresses for $12 each ;) u can't beet that ...

This happen in cipla !!!


Am so scare of this smh

The reason I picked Cabral is

Because every time I send him a message on wassap he replys and it don't take him more then one day ;) and because I love the small waist he makes ;)

Wish pic

Jessica Mericee

Lml I send Dr Cabral

A message all the time Lml he must be like she is soo annoying but I don't care I have questions and be better have answers ;)


Okay am so confuse !!! I think I want Dra Duran am not sayin nothing bad about dr Cabral cause I still think he the best but something keep tellin me go to Duran ...am leaving July 9 to Dominican Republic I need to make my mind up already

for get it dr cabral here i come

so i spoke to my mom and told her i was changing my doctor because yily and duran are cheaper lml she told me was wrong with you i rather pay more money !!! so am back to cabral ... i cant wait for my sx it need to hurry up

Summer is here and

Summer is here and I hate my fat belly and my arms omg , waiting very anxiously for my sx date to come

Dr hector Cabral will be back in cipla

Am so happy dr Cabral will be back in cipla Monday after noon ;)

So my iron level

So my iron level is 15 oh yeaaaa baby!!!! Am so happy cause I do wanna get lipo in my arms , i don't wanna look like Johnny bravo ( the cartoon) MADD big on the top and small at the bottom ;) I just wish this day would hurry up and come

I don't care

I don't care how fake I would look if am payin for my body to be done I wanna make every penny worth it !!! I hope with lipo only will be good I don't want a tummy tuck

Dr Cabral is officialy

Dr Cabral is back in cipla am so happy everything back to normal ;)

Okay I nee helppp

So I been takin to a few girls and everyone say cause I have kids I should get a tummy tuck :( I really didn't want too... Does any one know a hotel that I could stay that's next to cipla pleaseee help cause I don't wanna spend 1000$ on the recovery house me and my mom is goin

I change my date !!!

Am leaving to dr July 7 my sx is July 9 and am so fuckin scare now that the date is closer!! Helppppp

I hate when I read

I hate when I read that Cabral killed some one no he did not !!! Cabral never killed any body but he did burn them !!!

1 more day

1 more day and ill be in Dominican Republic ... Sunday at 5:45am is my flight . Exited I will be goin to cipla to do my blood work on Monday ...and hopefully sx on Tuesday :) ill keep ya posted

Omg is time

Am getting a 2 hour nap before I leave to the airport it's been real doll!!!! I will reach Dominican Republic at 9:12 am ... Ill keep ya posted if ya don't hear from me in 1 week then u know what that mean :( but anyway everything positive and ill I could think about my kids ... Wish me luck guys ;)


A quick update cause I keep Fallon asleep ... Cabral is good and my recovery house is the best :)

The best place ever everything included

Before and after

After look at my butt

Hey girls

Am doin good is just the pain on my ass, I fainted twice this morning . I just wanted to cry ... If I new it was like this I would of never ever done this ... But Cabral is the best and his assistance maria she a sweetheart


Cabral took 12 litters of fat out!!! Is that alot

Feeling a lil better

I just want this to be over with I want to take real pictures lml

Got my first

Got my first message it felt so good I can't stop sayin I love my recovery house

Are ya ready for my booty shot

No back rolls

Cabral is the man

Am loving my ass

Day 6

I love my shape already

Took my pic down

I don't want my pic to be all over the net so ... U already know
Dr hector Cabral

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I was considering cabral how ever his history changed my mind... i have 2 children to live for and i would llike to know who has sucessfully had a surgery with him?
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A few ppl type in Cabral dolls or barbie
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Yah he had his past but he does amazing work, I'm not even going to lie. There's a couple here: rubiabella, autumnleanne88, urhighnass, givemeabooty are just couple cabral dolls
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My kids 14 I agree w you I went through the same thing even went to his office n met him but there was a death that happened while I was there they said it wasn't from him but I changed my mind bc of that commotion then to find out more info on him on the news. But I was treated well n there were ladies that he worked on there that looked amazing n they swore by him. Not gonna lie he would be my choice to go to but I'm Sooooo skeptical w all the negative press on him. Good luck Barbie!
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Hi Sharon8368 I feel you on that one but every surgeon I look up does not even come close to Cabral's results after... The horror stories I read were women who wanted 3 different procedures in one day are the ones who did not make it. As far as details of others I'm not sure... are you still considering him? I heard of him cause my cousin got her bbl done with him and she looks amazing.
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Shockingly after I read so much negative media on him I am still considering him. Bc I have been there, met him n his staff, they were very nice n facility was clean. The only reason I did not get the procedure I wanted done last June was bc my iron levels were very low and he would not proceed bc he did not want me to risk having to get a blood transfusion in DR. So, I was sold on his bedside manner, concern for my well being, and best of all the results I saw n how the women were praising his work...work he did on them. He made me and my husband very comfortable when he spoke to us and when he inquired about the death in the facility he did not appear nervous or shook by us asking...There are other doctors in the facility that work there doing the same procedures but the clinic is his. So anything that goes wrong they look at him. DR. YILY is also in that building that was who I was going to see originally but got there never saw her so we went to meet Cabral.
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Sharon8368 When do you plan on going to get the procedure done? I tried to contact his assistant on what'sapp however still no response .
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His assistant cell number is 1-829-264-7547... She is super nice. She does not have what'sapp but you could call her or text her. Cabral's what'sapp is 1-809-565-6173. I'm going with him on June 6th
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Thanks babydoll0317 I will try those numbers.
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Are you nervous babydoll0317?
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No, not really... There are a lot of bad things going on with other doctors but we are not aware of them. With Cabral is different, he is very talented and well known. I was reading bad reviews from Doctors from Florida, from Mexico and even from other doctors at Cipla. The risk.will be there all the time no matter who you go to, he is good, he is the best on what he does. I have spoken to some of his patients via whatsapp and they are very happy and all of them agree that he is very humble.
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Welcome :-)
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I must say that his work is great. I didnt go to him because of all the negative stories. And I know alot of females that have gotten surgery with him and they came out looking great. Now I have my friends telling me I told u so because I just had a bbl done and I cant see the difference.
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Who did u ended up going.with?
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I can't take a chance with my life even though he's good at what he does but in the long run I feel like the way it's done isn't healthy. Still not sure..next person is Dr.Cortes. In Huston TX. . He has nice work too
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I had surgery w him April 8 im still soared n a Lil swollen...but its unbelievable how many girls go to him daily ..n since I been there all of them come out beautiful ...n for those wanting to know about the recovery house...i m staying at Domingas recovery house they are great ....
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I really would like to stick with Cabral however his history on the news has changed my mind. anyone get sugery with him? if so how was the outcome?
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Hey hun may i have his email?
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What RH was that
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Do y'all know he was involved in over 10 deaths as well
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I want to go with cabral can you share inbox pic for results..Thanks and congrats on the new body!
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Hey Hun, can you PM me some of your pics? I'm thinking of going with this doc!!
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omg i don't want to pay that $100 a day in cipla......
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hey @cjguzman4 when is your surgery with him? Im going with Dr. Cabral on July 2.
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April 8
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