Looking for a Buddy!! Surgery Date August 15 with Dr. Yily DeLos Santos Arriving 8/14

Hey, I have paid my deposit and scheduled my...

Hey, I have paid my deposit and scheduled my surgery date with Dr. Yily De Los Santos in Santo Domingo for August 15th and am looking for a buddy. My homegirl that was supposed to come with me ended up getting herself into a bit of trouble and now won't be able to join me. She plans on postponing her trip, however I couldn't wait any longer.

I am 5'1 about 160lbs and pretty curvy right now however seek to be smaller. I have size 36D breasts and 46in hips already. I will be getting Full body lipo including Abdomen, thighs, arms, armpits, flanks, and back. I was initially going to get a BBL as well however was told Yily doesn't give bubble butts and the fat grafting would mostly go into my hip (Which I clearly do not need)

I've already bought my MakeMeHeal Pre and Post pill kit and am making a list up of things to bring with me. I have also stopped drinking.

Would love someone to be my buddy and join me on this venture!!!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, advice, or anything that may help! I will keep you guys updated.

Recovery House and Travel Buddy!!!

So I will be booking my flight this week and I still need to book a recovery house. I am also still looking for a travel buddy. My sx date is on Aug 15th and due to my friend getting in legal troubles, I am now going alone! >___<

I have been doing nothing but researching things and my makemeheal pills should be here tomorrow. I will be buying my iron supplements and taking those as well. Something I did read was that coffee effects iron absorbtion. Looks like no more coffee for me.

So my friend who has her sx in March with Dr. Yily gave me her list of items to bring. Both of my close friends got sx in March and both suggest to PACK LIGHT! Most things you won't use and if you need something, buy it in DR, ITS CHEAPER.

Thought I'd share my list of things with you guys:
-MakemeHeal Pre and Post op pill kit- this saves you tons of money. Bought it online for $66 instead of spending the $250 on medicine from Yily.
-Pack of white beaters- the
-Tons of baby wipes
-Arnica cream and Arnica tablets (reduces bruising)
-tylenol extra strength
-a pair of comfortable flip flops
-3-4 maxi dresses that you don't mind messing up
-extra baggy tshirts and sweat pants
-bromelain pill (reduces swelling or you can drink/eat pineapples which contain bromelain
-thick maxi pads -used to pad the incision for the drain and between faja
-cotton panties
-gogirlpee -I have not mastered squatting. So this is a funnel that will make it easy for me to pee while standing up

That's the list I have thus far, PLEASE if you can refer anything else please do.

Now as for recovery houses, I have heard of good things about Angela's and Dominga&Virginia's since I received the email about Jacqueline's Spa being closed and not accepting any patients. WELP

Reality still hasn't set in that I will have a Yily body within the next month and a half and that by my birthday I will be banging!!!!!!!

Decided Not to get BBL

I decided not to get a BBL from Yily bc I was told that she puts the fat grafting moreso into your hips. I clearly don't need any bigger hips!

I have brainwashed myself to believe my butt will be everything I want once everything around it is smaller. My arms are my worst nightmare then second are my thighs. I am getting full body lipo which include my waist,back,arms,and thighs so I am hoping Yily shines through!! I am so nervous that I won't be as small as I'd like to be.

Does anyone know if Lipo will effect my tats?? I have alot! including one on my lower hip....does anyone have tats in these places and have had surgery done? I'm nervous about my tats looking distorted.

Just some random things on my mind............ countdown exactly 1 month and 2 wks.

All of this bad news talk

Okay so since the whole shut down of CIPLA people are reporting all of these bad things. I don't know what to believe. All I know is, 2 of my friends had surgery with Yily in March and got the results they were seeking.

I have sent my deposit and I just.....uGH!! Can anyone shed light on anything positive or has anyone RECENTLY had surgery with Yily (June or July) and are pleased??

Soo Im just waiting on a response...date pushed back and pushed up

Soo I'm sorry for being off of this for awhile. I ran into some problems with the "friend" I was planning this trip with and now it appears as though I am going alone once again. Things got unsure for awhile with work and finances but as of now I am just waiting on a response from Yira to see if I can get a slot anytime between Sept 27-Oct1st. I am extremely excited and ready to gooooo!!

I will write a list of the things I decide to pack as both of my close friends went to Yily in March.

Is ANYONE going to Yily between Sept27-Oct first? I am looking for a travel buddy!! I am also looking at recovery houses. Is JMSpa back open again or are they still doing renovations?? I was thinking of doing the recovery house for only 3 days or so and the other 3-4 in a hotel. (more cost effective)

I have my MakeMeHeal kit and have also been working out and taking iron pills. Sooooo Nervous!!
Dr Yily De Los Santos

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I cant wait to see ur new pic Doll I know ur going to look Hot.
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Hey love how are you? Sorry you had to switch days but u will def be able to find a sx buddy go to the BBL calendar..Good Luck..xoxo
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Where do u find the calendar? P.s. Happy healing! You look great Mamacita!!!!
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Hey boo long time no talk .. How you been ? I switched from Yily to Duran . I  know there are a few people who are going around the new dates you picked 
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Good luck my surgery is also today with yily
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How was your surgery?? I postponed and am going NEXT month.
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Good luck on your surgery! Hope your healing goes well.
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I really really really need a buddy I am leaving between August 15-Aug 19 with surgery on the 19th unless he has opening sooner. I want to give myself time to have all of my test done so I can be the first person to have surgery. Please PM me if you need a buddy.
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I'll be there the 15th!!!
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I am looking for a buddy and trying to go around that time please PM me. I really need a buddy ASAP
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i'll be there on the 14th as well
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Kool im going aug 30
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hi im going the 13 of aug sx on 14 and im looking for a buddy as well
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I was going on the 18th but my scheduled date is the 28th of August now. Good luck with your surgery? Did you find a place to stay yet? :-)
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Go with your gut instinct. I was on the fence about Duran after reading some reviews (Yily was also mentioned) and I ended up sticking with her after emailing her and also reading updates from the dolls in her FB group. Are you in the Yily FB group?
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What's her FB group name?
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Yily's is Team Yily
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Hey u still looking for a buddy on August 15th?
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Good luck love and you look great already so I know fasho you gone be the bomb.com! Check some more blogs out I'm quite sure she has some chicas going to her around the same date as you. Time is flying girl...happy healing in advance!
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btw love your tats Im a tat girl too and hope my damn Hello Kitties on my arm dont get messed up...lol
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Wow you are such a beauty! :) Good luck to you doll. If you are really concerned about the after effects of lipo on your tatts etc., I would say a couple things. One, try to get as close to your goal weight as possible before SX. Two, make sure you are using something natural and full of nutrients on your skin (like 100% pure organic shea butter) and drinking LOTS of water. Like, nothing else accept water. Aloe vera capsules and vitamin E capsules may also help, but you will have to mention taking these supplements to Yily and make sure it's ok. That will all help your skin to be more elastic. Best wishes!! ;)
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Thank you so very much! I have stopped drinking liquor and coffee. I can certainly work on drinking more water. I am very nervous about it tho. It has been hard for me to work out with all the hours I work between 3 jobs. I am funding this trip by myself so yeah! Thanks for the suggestions! I will look into it!
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Yes, I am very familiar with the difficulties of weight loss and excercise for a woman in the modern world LOL. I been going through it trying to lose weight from being pregnant 2 years ago! I was able to lose 20 lbs after the baby, and I lost a couple more since then. One good trick I learned is to cut out ALL sugar. Do that for a week and you will lose 5-10 lbs like nothing. But once you start to eat it again, it will come right back so you gotta watch out.
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I wanted to mention, Vitamin E is one that the doc will tell you not to take before or up to 3 months after SX. I would start now and stop at least 1 month pre-op if you're taking it.
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