Lipo experience in Dominican Republic, DO with Yily

Hello, beautiful ladies! Let me start off by...

Hello, beautiful ladies! Let me start off by saying thank you! This site and you girls have helped me a lot. Having surgery is not easy, especially in another country.

After losing over 60 pounds, I have decided to target areas that no even my personal trainer can tackle. I read about Yily and contacted her for a quote.

She was a bit inconsistent with prices but the range is manageable. I will reason with her when i arrive to the beautiful Santo Domingo. At first I wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift but I decides round one to be less invasive since it will be my first time in surgery and I have no children.

I am getting lipo all over (stomach, back, flanks, arms and inner thighs)
and fat transfer bbl that I hope helps the dent in my booty after a hard fall.

Ordered my vitamedica and started the round of those vitamins today but I've been taking my own vitamins for weeks.

I feel that these message boards and important so I will keep you lovely ladies posted on everything.

Help me out ladies: Do you think Lipo will do the trick?


So Friday is the day!!

I changed my date to 6/28 because I'm exhausted from all the work and of life, lol.

I went shopping to Duane Reade yesterday and picked up a few items:

Tylenol extra strength
Alcohol swabs
Plastic gloves
Antibacterial soap
Ear plugs and sleeping mask
Sleeping pills
Pain soothing cream

And more stuff that I can't remember!

I've been taking my vitamedica, iron pills and frolic acid too.

TIP: You know how Yily states that she can sell you a whole bunch of Meds for like $250 if you purchase them in DR from her?
Well I took my list to my PCP and was able to get a lot of them and I spent less the 18 bucks.

I wasn't able to get Heparin, trombocil cream and Vitamin C and Iron (I had those already) but I think buying as many of the meds here is a good idea because it will save some money so talk to your PCP.


Swollen all over and in pain but happy that everything came out great. Can't wait to see the final results! Stay posted for a detailed journey...

Another pic!

I'm already pretty voluptuous so can't wait to see my bod!!! ????

I'm just happy I'm alive...#YilyUnprofessionalDeLosSantos

So...the journey was painful. I was blessed to have my parents who cared for me. I am happy to be home and I am recovering well..Even lost 10 pounds. The mornings are the worse.

However, Yily was so was disgusting.

Advice to all:
There are so many doctors in DR that I way more patients than Yily and actually look after their patients such as Cabral so consider those before risking your life with someone you can't communicate with because they're either too busy or just have a bad aura.

I don't even know how much was taken out of me like in numbers because when I asked I was grilled and yelled know I wasn't nice either after that.

People say they see a different but imagine how I feel being in a foreign country and scared not having the sincere support of my doctor...I'm just happy I'm alive right now.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Did she do the job? I think she did a lot...I went to her overweight, with loose skin due to weight loss and wanted no tummy tuck. The reason I have her a low score was because of her professionalism and because I still don't know how fat was taken out, my charts didn't say, the post op doc Cedeno didn't know, she was rude when I asked, I never saw her in the operations room and KNOW THE PROCEDURE started without her..look, I'm happy I'm alive lets just put it like that :-)

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi LAMags How are you doing? I hope your recovery is coming along well. You are looking real good. Did you just get lipo but no tummy tuck? Is your skin tight that you did not need the tummy tuck? Your waist looks really curvy. You are looking good.
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I'm beginning to understand she did the job but the experience could have been better. I'm so glad you shared your experience!
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Wow! You look amazing. I'm sorry to hear about you horrible experience.
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wow thats terrible....was going witht he hype like yayyy then.... =\
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Damn luv, im sorry u went through that kind of nonsense.....I know it doesnt change the experience for u but on a lighter note u look great...the waist looks curvy and do u feel bout ur results?
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I'm sorry to hear how hard your surgery was. How scary to ask for details of your surgery and get yelled out. Wow. I hope that you're feeling a little better by now. I can't give any medical advice, I'm another woman on the site, but you mentioned that your charts didn't detail how much fat was removed. Was there an Operative Report in the charts? That's where the amount was listed for my surgery. The surgeon who operated on me took out way more than I needed or was appropriate for my body. Did you end up getting liposuction in all of those areas, or fat transfer?
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I got lipo done, no fat transfer. On the form that you mentioned I saw nothing about how much was taken out. I got lipo done in all those areas but she only did a little arm and inner thigh because my hemoglobin was low....I'm not very satisfied with my abs but I'm just going to try to live a healthy lifestyle and count my blessings...cipla didn't have a good rep during the month of June and I didn't get an infection so I'm content.
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You have a great attitude. Living a healthy lifestyle and counting your blessings sounds like a great take away after your experience. I read about the problems with cipla in June, so you are very lucky. I wish you all the best.
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How is it going? Can't wait to so updated pics
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Happy Healing! Can't wait to see more pics.
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Gurl, you look very good while laying in bed. How is the pain? Speedy recovery. I just hope to feel so relaxed as you look when I get mine in a few days.
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Your surgery should be today.... good luck hun! Safe recovery. Let us know how it went.
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You time is almost here. Good Luck!
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Good luck hun! What are u getting done? Lipo only?
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Thanks! Lipo to the abs, flanks, back, arms and thighs. BBL and Fat grafting too.
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No BBL because she said my ass didn't need one. She did add some fat to help fix my dent. A little arm and inner thigh lipo too but my hemoglobin was 12.0 at the dot so she almost didn't.
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U look like a model in that pic. not like someone who just had sx.. can't wait to see you're results I have the most annoying dent in my butt too!!! Rest up and heal baby girl!!!
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Thanks ma!
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Good luck on your trip. Please keep us posted. Would love to see your result
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I hope everything goes well !!
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