Cabral got it going on- I'm in love: Dominican Republic

Hi everyone I have been stalking this site for...

Hi everyone I have been stalking this site for about a year know. I am 25 years olds, and I have one child who is 2 years of age. I've always dream of having a perfect body. One with a very small tiny waist, big hips, thighs and a nice run butt. Im about average in weight 149Lbs, and 5 2" tall. I'm physically active, I love exercising. I do it like about 3-5 times a week, but I still have not achieved that dream body I've always want. I already had a mini tummy tuck on Jan 2013, however the work was very sloppy ( loose skin, uneven sides, and still a hump). I did it in my home town, which is St. Thomas USVI, with a plastic surgery from Trinidad, by the name of Errol James. I am doing this plastic surgery to treat myself for all the goals I have achieved, and I believe I deserve it. just graduated from nursing school in May of 2013, and I am currently a Registered Nurse after passing my boards on January 15, 2014.

I choose to do my surgery with Dra. Yily. I have fallen in love with how she shapes the body giving you those natural but still sexy curves. Her stitch work is very neat and I've read that she gives great bedside care. I plan to do a full tummy tuck, liposuction of the whole torso, ad a bbl. Dra. Yily gave me a quote of 4,300. Im about to send in my deposit tomorrow so that my surgery date: 9/25/14 is being reserved. I am excited especially when I see a Yily's Barbies post pictures of the current results.

I still have a long way to go, so I'm still doing research and things I need to know to prep for the surgery (affordable places to stay, supplies needed, garments and their website essential vitamins, etc)

Deposit/ Surgery Date

Hey ladies, I sent my deposit ($300) to Yily today, and my surgery date has been confirmed!!! I am having my surgery on 9/30/14. I am elated!!!!

I also got some great news today! I got a new job at my local hospital as a NEW ICU NURSE!!!! YAYYYYYY congrats to me, my hard work did paid off!!! I am kind of worried of getting approval for time off in September for my surgery. I've heard that once you start working as a new nurse, you will have to wait a year to take vacation. So someone told me that if I take time off, it will have to be "leave without pay"!!!!!! BS but if that's what it takes, I will do it. Because one thing for sure is that I am not postponing my surgery AGAIN!!!!
I need some suggestions ladies, how many weeks should I take off to heal? I was thinking 6 weeks, what do you think?

Recovery House????

Okay dolls, I'm having a difficult time finding a great, comfortable and affordable recovery house. I have about four recovery house in mind, but I'm still debating. I was looking at Upscale, Jacqueline Marrero, Healing Haven, Silhouette and the new recovery house that just opened in January -Deluxe.

I do not have enough information on Deluxe as yet, so I cant decide if I should include it in my top 5, this is all I got:

There's a Recovery House named ‘’DELUXE RECOVERY’’ that will be open in January, not associated with me but i'm helping them with tips in order for them to provide the patients with the correct attentions.

Ø Rooms with 1 bed: $85 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 2 beds: $75 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 3 beds: $65 dollars a day.
Ø If somebody who is not having surgery joins you, it's $50 dollars charge for that person

The prices include:
ü 3 meals
ü The room with bathroom inside
ü Nurses
ü Security
ü Roundtrip from the airport and back, also to the clinic for post-op appointments

I also heard great things about Real Recovery Aromnia. Any suggestions!!!!!! Thanks!

Still lurking*****

Can someone please send me some suggestions on the top three recovery house??? And did anyone asked Yily for a job letter to present to their supervisor, for time off??

Where is Yily, like really?????

Ok so my deposit has been sent to Yily's account, but I am constantly emailing her and I have not yet gotten a reply!!! Wassup with that? It's been a week since my first email and Yily has not email me back. I am really annoyed at this point!

Wish pics

Found a recovery house!!!

Ok so I decided I will be staying at real recovery armonia. They serve 3 meals a day and one snack! They also have wifi, ac, a doctor on board, great massages,etc. I also heard great things about them. I saw their pictures and the atmosphere looks really relaxing. Have anyone stayed there? I'm open to your reviews and insights!

Changing doctors*****from Yily to Cabral

For the last few weeks I have not been able to get in contact with Yily!!! I've sent my deposit a month ago and from since then is have not heard from her!!! Any one has an idea of what's going on????? I heard it has to do with a recent patient that died during surgery.

I have sent Yily numerous emails, I called the office- no answer and on top of that her IG page has been deleted!
I'm sick of this shit, I'm currently reaching out to Dr.Cabral! I love his work and I can better communicate with him via whatsapp! I will keep you guys updated

Has anyone heard from Yily???

What is going on? Has anyone heard from Yily? Is it true that a patient died under her? What is the news about CIPLA??? Someone please update me!!! This is crazy.

Changed doctors----Yily >>>Cabral

Ok ladies, I was fed up of hunting Yily down, so I decided to contact the king of barbies, Hector Cabral. Yes I know his has a bad reputation in burning people and a good amount of deaths under him, however I have been stalking some recent patients of his and he seems to be on top of his game! He quoted me on whatsapp 4,500 for bbl, Lipo, and tummy tuck! I then booked my appointment with his assistant the next day. I'm going the same day that I booked with Yily, September 31. I'm excited and I can't wait to look fabulous. I still have some research to do in regards the RH, supplies and finances. I have five months to go so I should be more than prepare! Let's hope nobody else dies in that damn clinic bc for hell sure I will completely cancel every thing!


Any one going between September 30- October 8? Inbox me and let know if you are willing to share a room. My choice of RH are between Armonia and upscale

Two more months until my Sx

Ok so it's been a while. Things are starting to fall in place. I have been communicating with Dr. Cabral a lot on whatsapp and getting things situated for the surgery. I'm going on Sept 30th and I'm doing a tummy tuck, bbl, and full lipo of the abdomen. I'm thinking about doing my arms and chin as well. I've been talking to Maria at the office and she suppose to be putting a job letter together for me so that I can take time off to do the surgery.

In regards to RH, I choose Upscale. The atmosphere looks so relaxing and I like the fact that they give you the 7th night free.

As soon as I get my letter I will purchase my ticket and make my deposit at the RH. That's when I know that it's going to be official!

God, I'm excited but I'm nervous at the same damn time. I can't stop visualizing myself in my new BOOTYlicious body. Damn it's gonna be turnt up! "Cabral Barbie under construction".

Any way feel free to leave comments or advice that u think I may need!!!!

Ticket brought

Ok so it's official now. I just brought my ticket today!!!!!! I'm flying with JetBlue and I made sure I applied for special Assitance when returning. The told price is $357. I have a one stop in Puerto Rico and should be arriving in DR at 2pm. I have plans to go straight to the clinic and get my lab work and paper work signed so that the next day it's all about the surgery. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, but I'm praying every single day and asking God for protection. I believe every thing with go well. When by the ending of August, I should have all my supplies together and a deposit to a RH. September 30th is only 10weeks away and it seems to be coming quickly.

Good news- Bad news- I NEED A SX BUDDY!!!!

Ok so the good news is that yesterday I got approved from my job to take 7 weeks off to do my surgery. Like I said I am a ICU nurse and I just started in April so I didn't had enough annual leave and sick leave, but I get to do leave without pay! I've been save from time I started so I know I will be good on the financial sides. I haven't yet purchase my supplies as yet, but I did made contact with surgeryiqueen on Facebook and saw that she has a set package for Cabral patients. I think it's about $290. It has everything you need, I mean everything. The other supplies I'm thinking about purchasing from Amazon. I'm suppose to be booking my RH tomorrow or next week.

Now the bad news is that 1). I don't have a surgery buddy or anyone to go with and 2). My mom is having a hissy-fit that I'm going to do surgery AGAIN!!!! I am still reaching out for a surgery buddy. Anyone interesting please inbox me. I'm going sept 29th and my Sx is on the 30th with Cabral. NOW, this thing with mom has me all emotional. That is why I didn't want to tell her in the first place. She worries too much. She told me that I have a great job and a young daughter, I have a great body and I don't need it. My body is OKAY, but it's not perfect. I will upload a photo of me. She even went to the extend to say I have she crying at her job bc she doesn't want me to go. I got sad and thought she idk what she will do if she lose me. I'm her first out of two and I don't want her on psych meds. Lol she is kind of dramatic n crazy. But for now my mind is made up and I've prayed and prayed and saw so many people went thru and made it! I know I can do that saw! All this research for nothing???? Nah, I'm GOING. I will update y'all some more later.

US Protection-important info if your traveling to DR

Ok ladies I have saw a few reviews stating to sign up with embassy.mi have looked into to it and it's a great idea. Embassy basically makes easier by informing you of important information to help in decision making, they contacted you in emergency situations, and they ask help family get in contact with you in case of an emergency. There is also tips on how to prepare yourself when travel to DR- regards exchange of money ( not walking with large amount of cash, getting travelers checks or what credit cards are accepted, etc) Be sure during you checkup that immunizations are up to date, there are certain immunizations that needs to be given well else you not be able to enter the country. Also just in case something happens to you, the hospitals only accepts cash if you have no insurance. There is a list of insurance posted in Embassy, that some hospitals accept in DR. please call your insurance company and check to see if you are covered. Lastly, please make at least 2 copies of your passport and itinerary and carry one with you and leave the other one with someone back at home. That way you are covered if your passport happens to get lost of stolen.

Oh did I mentioned that Embassy is free? Yes it is. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

RH booked

So I finally booked my recovery house! I'm stAying at kindness recovery house because serenity is full. BTW upscale closed down, I was told by the owner, Liz. I'm super excited. I'm convincing my BFF to come with me so that I can feel a little more comfortable. NOW LET ME ADDRESS SOME THING HERE!!!!Some people just know how to spoil it for others! Now why the hell these"US postop patients" always have something to say about santo domingo and the surgeons! Everything appears to be negative. "Stay away for dr they will kill you and ALL KINDA BS. LET ME SAY THIS, have nothing to say when u damn well know your experience was fuckery and you went US. As I go thru their blogs, all I see is "I'm not seeing any difference" or "I'm still not satisfied, waste of money" but yet you commenting talking BS. Not one my page bc I will personally address u ass! I'm sick of this shit. People reaching out for help so that they can have a well planned, successful journey and all these moda****ers do is try and scared the shit out of people with their hatred comments! NOT ON MY PAGE! You have nothing good to say, read, think your thoughts and pass the fuck on!!! NUFF SAID- islands style

Few pics of me before surgery

Information that may help!!!!

As I said before I am a registered critical care nurse and I know the pros and cons of postop care. A few topics to discuss that may help. 1. Wound care that includes cleaning your incision and preventing infection. 2. Pain management for comfort 3. Hydration to replace fluid and blood loss. I will be using my nursing knowledge and critical thinking throughout this journey.

Topic 1 wound care.
When you are fresh out of Sx you are at risk for infection. That means you need to signs and symptoms of infection, instructions on how to clean your site and of course proper positioning so you don't irritate the wound. S+S of infection are redness, swelling, pain (you should b sore or in discomfort) and increase yellow foul discharge high temps and heart rate. If you experience more than two of these symptoms at once get checked out ASAP. If you wait it can lead to sepsis- your whole body gets infected and it can lead to cardiac arrest.
To prevent infection, clean your wound daily WITH SOAP AND WATER. Nothing else!!! No cream no ointment just keep the wound dry. Moisture habors bacteria. It's like your vagina is constantly wet then you found out you have a yeast infection. It goes the same way!!! Use sterile clean water- I recommend a bottle of water in DR and some gauze and pat dry your wound. The only reason you will need ointment or cream of it gets infected. The doctor will then prescribe antibiotic. KEEP YOUR WOUND DRY. Yes you can cover it with the gauze for protection or prevent irritation but it has to be fully dry. Next make sure you position your self well when you are ready to stand, sit or sleep. We call this splitting. It's a way where you use a pillow and put it against your tummy and put pressure against it while standing at the same time. It is more comfortable, prevents yourself from straining and prevents your incision from opening or tearing.

I got to go back to work. I will post the rest tips later!

To be continue....

In addition to wound care, I've heard from other patients who went to laminate and Robles and was told not to do massages right after post op. I was told that the nerves under the skin is damage and doing early massages causes more damage to the nerves when they are suppose to be healing. I did see a video on Facebook under surgeryiqueen and it looked painful like hell. Plus I saw a women using lotion while doing the massages, and that gets into the incisions and cause an infection. To think about it that is why all these girls get infection during their postop period. I was told that lymphatic massage should only be done by certified personnel, so I will wait until I reach back to my island and do my massages. That is the lease of my worries. Yes you will get swollen but base on my past experience it subsides on it's own after a month or two.

Next topic was pain management. I read so many reviews in regards to how the meds in DR does not work. So I will carry my own pain med just in case. I usually recommend patients to let me know when they are starting to feel tense and uncomfortable so that I can give the meds before the pain get out of control. For fresh postop pt I give it to the around the clock(every 2hours). I practiced that so that's my technique for self care. Great pain meds would be Tylenol #3, morphine 500mg, dilaudid, Percocet, fentanyl tramadol, loratab and the list gets long. These meds has to be prescribe so see if you can get them from your primary doc.

Fluid balance.
After surgery you do loose a lot of blood, which includes major electrolytes that help keep your body going. Most important sodium and potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous. I've read a lot of people using diuretics to get rid of fluid but you actually need the fluid. When you do dieresis you are getting rid of all the sodium and increasing the potassium to stay in the body which causing an imbalance in the body. Too much potassium causing your heart to go into dysrthmias and you end up having a heart attack. Please leave the diuretics alone and leave your body heal on it's own. If anything I would do organic diuresis ( fruits that causing you to pee a lot) you should be asking your doctor if it's ok to get a diuretic in the first place.

My last thought would be if you have the knowledge about postop care everything will go well but all I ready is preparing for the surgery but no reviews on how they will care for theirselves after the surgery. Be smart people! Getting ready for the surgery is ez! Eat right, exercise, get your money right, and a companion. After the surgery is the hard part, because you will be vulnerable and need lots of care but you have to know what is the CORRECT care!

I Hope this info helped!


I'm total obessed with this surgery. First of it's suppose to be private. Only my close friends and family was SUPPOSE to know. But then I started to get anxious and reach out the EVERYONE who had surgery in DR or who is planning to have surgery, and I ended telling them of my plans. So now that we are approaching September, everyday I find someone asking me if I'm still doing "the thing"! I'm like "yeah" me and my big mouth. So basically my daily routine, I wake up with the surgery on my mind, throughout the day I'm doing research and before I go to sleep, and of course that's the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. It's crazy!!!! I'm currently planning my daughter's 3rd birthday party, (9/16) so it's hecked right now.

So quick update. I brought my most of my supplies. I still have a lot more things to get. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got my blood work done. I'm currently waiting in my results. I asked my doctor for a prescription for pain meds, she said when I get the results we can discuss that. Any which way I WILL be getting some meds. I called cabrel's office and confirmed my appointment. I spoke to kindness recovery and adding my BF to my room they said it was ok. Did I ever mention I have a surgery buddy? Well yes y'all i do!!!! I'm excited to meet her. She seems to be very down to earth and kind. We chat through whatsapp, and she is just as excited as I am. I'm thinking she will be staying at cipla for two days prior to Sx (her Sx is 9/30) then after she may be staying at the recovery house! I need to clarify that. Which ever way it goes, I'm ok with. I'm just happy that I found someone who will be doing the surgery on the same day as I and we can both support each other. Well that's all for now! I will continue to give updates.

Typos- grrrrrr

Sorry for the multiple errors ^^^^^

25 more DAYS TO GO!!!

I am now less than a month closer to my surgery date. This feels like I'm dreaming. I cant believe I am making this BOLD move, but hey---- it is what it is. This is how I think: WHAT IF I DONT DO THE SX???? HMMMMMMMM, then I'm going to be miserable seeing all these dolls, depress the fact that I was going, but I got chicken out, and mad that I have not achieve my dream. I'm going to do this, even if I have to get motivated at the front door of cabral's office by Isabelle-Marie, LOL. We speak from time to time, and she is very supportive. I basically got everything. I ordered my faja today at Fajate Diseños De Prada Faja online. I heard that the faja is comfortable and soft inside, it look so too. I cant wait to try it on. I got some basic meds, like 600-800mg Motrin. This will help with pain management.
The other supplies I got are:
Blanket- hospital thermal blanket-heavy duty
Chux pads
ABD pads
Ready bath wipes
clavie disinfectant wipes
steri strips
poise pads 84
under shirts
maxi dresses
laxative and stool softener
baby wipes
compression stockings
master lock box
hibiclen anticleanser
arnica pills and cream
saline syringes

I have a little more things to buy but these are the basic.
I have been chatting with kindness recovery on whatsapp, and they have been so helpful with advice, tips and support. I cant wait to meet them. To be honest, I am so anxious about this surgery, more worried what if something goes wrong? Will I finally get the results I was looking for in the first place? Not knowing what to expect with all these different "personality-experienced" reviews. YEAH I did that- I made that up, its ok you can use it! LOL. But for the most part I am trusting my gutt. And it tells me don't change your doctor, everything will go well, you will b elated with your results. "I SAID MY GUTT NOT VANITY". So there it goes- 25 MORE DAYS, more focus and preparing for my journey!!!!!


Ok so I set a budget of $6,200.00 total for everything.

Surgery- 4,500.00
transportation- $100.00
Other- $500.00
nurse $ 50-70.00
Flight and services- $150.00

I believe after adding this up. It's approx.- $6,200.

So any suggestions on how I can carry all this money without possibly being rob. Do they do money orders, travellers check? I may need to whatsapp kindness recovery.
I believe

18 more days

Ok so quick update. I got my lab results back and my hemo is 13.5. My white cell count is normal as well as my EKG results. I have my funds together and all my supplies are packed. I finally got my faja today, it's a medium and could you believe its so difficult to pull over my hips and butt???? I was surprise. I did put on weight. I guess I got careless knowing the fact that I'm having surgery soon, so I basically eat what I want! But any way that will change as soon as this surgery is over. I'm waiting on one more item, and that's my bromelian and arnica pills and gel that I ordered from I will check into that on Monday. I get more anxious as the days go by bc I can't believe the time has come. I will take some pics of my supplies and post them when I get a chance. Pray for me as I start this journey. Thanks y'all! It's been real!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am going the Cabral instead

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I've seen that last pic of the woman in a pink bathing suit in a million different online. Are u saying that's u? All of those pictures look like different people. Even the bodies are different let alone ur skin tone and hair.
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No dear, that is a wish pic, the pics with the pink dress n black animal print bathing suit is me
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WooHOOO! Glad your results are normal,now you're on your way real soon.
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Im so happy for you! Please keep us updated because I am also considering cabral, I just don't know how to even start this whole process. I wish you the best doll
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How excited are you? I love your wish pics! I'm sure you will look great! Can't wait to follow your journey and see how you do!
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Thanks Hun, I will keep you posted
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Awesome :) the arnica pills will help so much with the healing :)
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I was wondering the same question. thats just to much money to travel with ! thats why im just going to bank transfer my surgery money and keep the rest on me
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Most ladies carry cash, I did too. When I got to DR I went directly to CIPLA and paid for my surgery and lab fees and then directly to the recovery house and paid for my stay. After that you won't have much cash left on you.
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Okay, I will definitely do that!! Thanks for the feedback!! Happy healing love!
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Try travelers checks. Pre-paid visa works well for me :)
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I am happy excited scare anxious (roller coaster emotions) I just can wait... our date is around the corner.. less than a month... if God is willing we are going to be fine... happy for you too my surgery buddy!!
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I'm having those feelings too! Omg! We have 27 more days!!!!! Unbelievable! Right before we go in we are going to say a pray! Im sure we are going to be ok!!! We will chat some more on what's app.
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wooooohooooooo! You're eady to go. :)
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Very informative info. thank you
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Great, well said!!
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:-) I can't wait to meet you!
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Yeeeees... me too. Just couple of weeks and we will be down with the king of barbies if God is willing!!!
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Blessings your way, stay positive feel positive, heal positive.......I will follow your journey :)
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Thank you!!!!!
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YOU already look HOT!!
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Thanks doll. But I do look different with clothes on versus it off. After my daughter I got loose skin in my tummy and I have the damn rolls in my back. I love myself with clothes on but with it off i do feel uncomfortable. Hopefully that can be fix in 5 weeks!
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In those pics i can't see any flaws!! You know your body best and how it looks in person of course. I think us women are so hard on ourselves! I think that Hot pink dress looks FAB!! I couldn't rock it because i hate my cellulite legs!! I DON'T WEAR DRESSES ABOVE THE KNEE. Good luck in DR. I love DR but NOT many on RS did :/ To each his/her own opinion. Have a Blessed Sunday!
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Lol thanks for the compliments! I hope one day you will make that change and put on a nice sexy short dress, and rock the hell outta of! ONE DAY ITS GONNA HAPPEN. YOLO (you only live once! Do it! Thank you for the wishes and all the best to you as well!!!
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