I want a Yily goddess body- Dominican Republic

Hi everyone I have been stalking this site for...

Hi everyone I have been stalking this site for about a year know. I am 25 years olds, and I have one child who is 2 years of age. I've always dream of having a perfect body. One with a very small tiny waist, big hips, thighs and a nice run butt. Im about average in weight 149Lbs, and 5 2" tall. I'm physically active, I love exercising. I do it like about 3-5 times a week, but I still have not achieved that dream body I've always want. I already had a mini tummy tuck on Jan 2013, however the work was very sloppy ( loose skin, uneven sides, and still a hump). I did it in my home town, which is St. Thomas USVI, with a plastic surgery from Trinidad, by the name of Errol James. I am doing this plastic surgery to treat myself for all the goals I have achieved, and I believe I deserve it. just graduated from nursing school in May of 2013, and I am currently a Registered Nurse after passing my boards on January 15, 2014.

I choose to do my surgery with Dra. Yily. I have fallen in love with how she shapes the body giving you those natural but still sexy curves. Her stitch work is very neat and I've read that she gives great bedside care. I plan to do a full tummy tuck, liposuction of the whole torso, ad a bbl. Dra. Yily gave me a quote of 4,300. Im about to send in my deposit tomorrow so that my surgery date: 9/25/14 is being reserved. I am excited especially when I see a Yily's Barbies post pictures of the current results.

I still have a long way to go, so I'm still doing research and things I need to know to prep for the surgery (affordable places to stay, supplies needed, garments and their website essential vitamins, etc)

Deposit/ Surgery Date

Hey ladies, I sent my deposit ($300) to Yily today, and my surgery date has been confirmed!!! I am having my surgery on 9/30/14. I am elated!!!!

I also got some great news today! I got a new job at my local hospital as a NEW ICU NURSE!!!! YAYYYYYY congrats to me, my hard work did paid off!!! I am kind of worried of getting approval for time off in September for my surgery. I've heard that once you start working as a new nurse, you will have to wait a year to take vacation. So someone told me that if I take time off, it will have to be "leave without pay"!!!!!! BS but if that's what it takes, I will do it. Because one thing for sure is that I am not postponing my surgery AGAIN!!!!
I need some suggestions ladies, how many weeks should I take off to heal? I was thinking 6 weeks, what do you think?

Recovery House????

Okay dolls, I'm having a difficult time finding a great, comfortable and affordable recovery house. I have about four recovery house in mind, but I'm still debating. I was looking at Upscale, Jacqueline Marrero, Healing Haven, Silhouette and the new recovery house that just opened in January -Deluxe.

I do not have enough information on Deluxe as yet, so I cant decide if I should include it in my top 5, this is all I got:

There's a Recovery House named ‘’DELUXE RECOVERY’’ that will be open in January, not associated with me but i'm helping them with tips in order for them to provide the patients with the correct attentions.

Ø Rooms with 1 bed: $85 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 2 beds: $75 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 3 beds: $65 dollars a day.
Ø If somebody who is not having surgery joins you, it's $50 dollars charge for that person

The prices include:
ü 3 meals
ü The room with bathroom inside
ü Nurses
ü Security
ü Roundtrip from the airport and back, also to the clinic for post-op appointments

I also heard great things about Real Recovery Aromnia. Any suggestions!!!!!! Thanks!

Still lurking*****

Can someone please send me some suggestions on the top three recovery house??? And did anyone asked Yily for a job letter to present to their supervisor, for time off??

Where is Yily, like really?????

Ok so my deposit has been sent to Yily's account, but I am constantly emailing her and I have not yet gotten a reply!!! Wassup with that? It's been a week since my first email and Yily has not email me back. I am really annoyed at this point!

Wish pics

Found a recovery house!!!

Ok so I decided I will be staying at real recovery armonia. They serve 3 meals a day and one snack! They also have wifi, ac, a doctor on board, great massages,etc. I also heard great things about them. I saw their pictures and the atmosphere looks really relaxing. Have anyone stayed there? I'm open to your reviews and insights!

Changing doctors*****from Yily to Cabral

For the last few weeks I have not been able to get in contact with Yily!!! I've sent my deposit a month ago and from since then is have not heard from her!!! Any one has an idea of what's going on????? I heard it has to do with a recent patient that died during surgery.

I have sent Yily numerous emails, I called the office- no answer and on top of that her IG page has been deleted!
I'm sick of this shit, I'm currently reaching out to Dr.Cabral! I love his work and I can better communicate with him via whatsapp! I will keep you guys updated

Has anyone heard from Yily???

What is going on? Has anyone heard from Yily? Is it true that a patient died under her? What is the news about CIPLA??? Someone please update me!!! This is crazy.

Changed doctors----Yily >>>Cabral

Ok ladies, I was fed up of hunting Yily down, so I decided to contact the king of barbies, Hector Cabral. Yes I know his has a bad reputation in burning people and a good amount of deaths under him, however I have been stalking some recent patients of his and he seems to be on top of his game! He quoted me on whatsapp 4,500 for bbl, Lipo, and tummy tuck! I then booked my appointment with his assistant the next day. I'm going the same day that I booked with Yily, September 31. I'm excited and I can't wait to look fabulous. I still have some research to do in regards the RH, supplies and finances. I have five months to go so I should be more than prepare! Let's hope nobody else dies in that damn clinic bc for hell sure I will completely cancel every thing!


Any one going between September 30- October 8? Inbox me and let know if you are willing to share a room. My choice of RH are between Armonia and upscale

Two more months until my Sx

Ok so it's been a while. Things are starting to fall in place. I have been communicating with Dr. Cabral a lot on whatsapp and getting things situated for the surgery. I'm going on Sept 30th and I'm doing a tummy tuck, bbl, and full lipo of the abdomen. I'm thinking about doing my arms and chin as well. I've been talking to Maria at the office and she suppose to be putting a job letter together for me so that I can take time off to do the surgery.

In regards to RH, I choose Upscale. The atmosphere looks so relaxing and I like the fact that they give you the 7th night free.

As soon as I get my letter I will purchase my ticket and make my deposit at the RH. That's when I know that it's going to be official!

God, I'm excited but I'm nervous at the same damn time. I can't stop visualizing myself in my new BOOTYlicious body. Damn it's gonna be turnt up! "Cabral Barbie under construction".

Any way feel free to leave comments or advice that u think I may need!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Girl, Cabral just killed someone July 10th. Yily isn't my favorite either. The 2 of them are really really aggressive. Your life is worth more than putting it in the risk of someone that is KNOWN for "unusual deaths". I know you want the perfect body but perfection is when your child looks at you and says, "your so beautiful mommy" trust me you don't ever want to stop hearing those words. Google Cabral July 5th to the 12th she too was a mom. #justMyTwoCents
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I'm going Oct. 12-24.
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hey i thought yily was ignoring me too when she doesnt respond...but she does not reply to her emails the front desk does... i just got internationla calling on my cellphone and called her office numer and they looked up my email over the phone and confirmed a date for me
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I've seen some good reviews on Dra Disla here. I don't know if that helps you, but I can see you're struggling with the choice of doctor. I hope you find the right one and I wish you the best! :)
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Hey love, yes I was in a struggle but I came to a finally decision! Cabral is my doctor and I feel more positive that everything will work out! I will still take a look at Dra disla. I've never heard about her.
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Good luck to you hun! ;)
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I just did my surgery with Duran a couple days ago. I seen yily and she is working her girls are looking good. Stop listening to every lil thing u read. Every one has there own experience. I'm heading home tomorrow and although recovery is no joke everything went well. Best wishes my love
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Great to hear all is well, thanks for the update, but I'm haven't a hard time getting contact with her so that turned me off! King Cabral it is!!! Happy recovery love
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We'll yes I seen cabral dolls as we'll and yes hunny they look nice.. Good luck with ur journey
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It is true that a Yily patient died. The patient's RS profile name is wantacherrybum. Her sister has a profile profile too - username: Sisterless
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Omg, I need to readup on it! Is that why she disappear?
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I'm not sure, but it seems so.
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At this point I think you mad a good decision, you will feel much more comfortable knowing that the doctor cares enough to communicate with you and anwers questions and needs. Good luck.
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We are going around the same time! I am going Oct. 2! Maybe we'll pass each other! If you're part of FB message me and I can add you to the Recovery House groups where ladies do reviews and some RHs answer some questions...
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Great!!!!! I will do that!!!!
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Ok thanks for the advice I will look into that!
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Are the arnica pills best ? And a lot of us choose yily bc duran is impossible to get in contact with ! Impossible ! What do you think of cabral work ??
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I'm thinking about switching to cabral bc I'm really frustrated on the lack of communication with Yily. She still has not reply to my emails for weeks now!!! I love cabrel's work but not the reputation in regards to death counts
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The three recovery houses that I've heard of most: 1. Aromnia, 2. Upscale, & 3. Healing Haven
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Not sure which one's the best yet
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Thank you Dream2B, I will take a look at Aromnia and Upscale and let you know which one I think is best! Im in a debate between those two!!!
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No problem! :) ...Okay, I will be following along ;)
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Dr. Duran has someone who will bring you to the houses. Hot water sparse if any but you are not bathing. We staying at BQ Hotel for privacy. I love it and my daughter loves her privacy.
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Hey all the best!! I'm from st.croix and I'm planning on going in nov 2014 lipo bbl... I love yily work!!
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