Getting BBL + Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

Excited to get this procedure done! I am leaning...

Excited to get this procedure done! I am leaning towards Dr. Almonte based on the positive reviews and no report of infection. I want the safest Dr with a clean practice that produces beautiful results. Yilly and Duran make beautiful dolls but the reviews of their attitudes, death reports, and high infection rates scare me. I am waiting on a quote from Estrella (recommended from a friend) but I want aggressive lipo done. Going to post wish pics.

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Wish Pics

I wonder if it's possible to get a far transfer to my hips since I have none. Even if it is possible, how long would it last? I would love to have a small waist and a bigger butt like these ladies posted below. I love Yilly and Duran's work but I feel safer with Almonte. She does an amazing job as well. Saving up and preparing for the procedure in September. I'm going to purchase vitamins and iron after my vacation. I wonder if prenatal vitamins includes everything I need.


When I was married I looked like the first lady u have pictured. Then I said I and Dolly Patton had the same measurements, I just had to walk on my hands to get them in the same place. It was not a pretty sight so I had lipo 3+ months ago. Good luck in getting to it body. Keep us posted.
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You can have fat transferred to the hips. My sister went to dr Lima basturi and had great results in the Dominican Republic for $2000
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Oh wow!! What else did she have done?

Potential Date

So I have a long vacation coming up during the end of May. Lesley finally emailed me back saying there is an availability May 28th!! I was also going to try to schedule lasik surgery that week. My bf also bought tickets to the roots picnic for that weekend in Philly but I want to do my surgeries ASAP. Wondering if anyone else is scheduled to see Almonte during the end of May.

I first need to set up an appt with my doc to get labs drawn to check my hgb and go from there. Depending on my levels and menstrual cycle, I will schedule the surgery for May or September.

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FB Group

I would like to be added to Almonte's fb group!! I can't find it and I would love to join.


Will you be staying in a Recovery House??? I'm also going for a sep 8th surgery with Dra. Robles. Let me know if you are looking for a travel buddy!! :)
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Hey!! I'm leaving the 7th! Where are you traveling from?
Flying out of Newark Airport on the 7th. Will get to DR at around 12 noon I think. Are you flying from Boston?

Getting close to my transformation

My date is secured, my vacation time is approved, my flight is booked, and I'm all set with the recovery house.

Now I need to get more supplies! I'll post a pic of what I currently have below. I still need a lot of things like arnica gel/cream, vitamedica package to help with healing and bruising, hiblicens (clean the skin before surgery), feminine wipes, lipo foam, ab board, master lock mini safe, boppy pillow, 5 white Ts/tanks, robe, and gloves.

I already have maxi dresses and flip flips so no need to purchase new ones.

I'm taking purAbsorb, 65 mg iron tab (sometimes both the same day or I switch off), vitamin C 500 mg twice a day, and just started the folic acid. I need to buy a blood builder, I'm going to buy hemaplat which is like mega blood builder but cheaper.

I'm on a budget so I'll be purchasing everything a discount price. I'll share where I purchased the items when I buy t.

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Detailed list of current supplies

Thie pic came out very small so here's a list of what's posted:

Chux, socks with tread, disposable underwear, two different sizes of gauze, abdominal pads, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, towelettes, extra strength Tylenol (yes I'll need something stronger than that), bandages, paper tape and a soap dish. I also have purell that's not shown.


the pain isn't that bad more like a soreness all over during my surgery recovery i felt no pain just during those massages it was horrible! but i retained a lot of fluid and draining it was the worst part
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Ooh ok!! Thanks! I don't want to be in pain!!
Are you in the DR now? Did you have your procedures done yet? Hope all is well!
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On the Fence

I'm getting so close to my date and I'm starting to question whether Almonte can sculpt me the way that I want. I'm 5'7 and 170 pounds. Many say she's great on larger dolls and there aren't too many smaller dolls to see what she can do.

I don't want to have to do two rounds when I have the body type to get the results I want in one round. So for the past week, I have contacted a few doctors. Robles gave me a quote of 4,500 which includes a package to stay for 6 days. Baez quoted me 2,800 but add another 300 for some other that price! lol. I contacted Cabral and Duran even though in scared of CIPLA. They give wonderful results! Whatsapp Cabral, didn't get anywhere and he wanted me to call his assistant, I'm not calling over there. I need to find his assistants email. I emailed and whatsapp Duran, no response. People say it's hard to reach her. She better stop acting and get her money.

Almonte and Baez are great but Almonte isn't always aggressive and I heard/seen the same with Baez. I love the way Duran dolls look! If I go with with a doc without a package, I need to find a recovery house or a place that I can stay in and hire a nurse. I wonder if there's a private nurse that can care for me and cook lol.

I also ordered a bunch of supplies and clothes for this recovery. I'll post pics as they come in.


OMG. How long ago did u email Duran?!? My friend and I been email and calling. All I get is call back Friday. Friday call back at 1. Call back n then too hear duran will look after surgery. Then here she's gone. N no return wmail
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Baez or Duran

Dra. Duran can be very difficult to reach! I whatsapp her, no response. I email her, no response. I called twice, there was an automated message. It took emailing her from 3 different email address and the final email I sent, I got a response in 4 hours! Anyway!! I didn't notice that she emailed me and I had given up. So I confirmed a date with Baez, Sept 10th. Later on that night, I checked that third email address I rarely use and behold!! An email from Duran! I was so surprised and happy!! Lol. She quoted me 3,800 for lipo and bbl and to call Elizabeth. I'll call early Monday morning. If she has availability the first week that I'm there, I'll book with her!! So another waiting game. But well worth it I guess!! I want a tiny waist and a big butt!


Ok!!i just read your page n seen your height n weight!!!think Imma just gain 10-15 lbs b call it a day!!!
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Yes!! No more than that!! Lol
Duran is amazing !! U weigh about 10 pounds more than I did when I went it for surgery . Ur gonna have a fattttyyyy.
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New Date, New Doc

Just booked a date with Duran for September 10th!!! I've been looking at a lot of reviews and she gives and sculpts the body that I want. I'm losing my deposit with Almonte and I have to cancel with Baez. Now I have to find a recovery house! I'm thinking of Serenity. It's 75/night and it looks very nice. They do have beds available the days that I'm there. I'll look at two others and compare. Excited to become a Duran Doll!

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Pre-Op pic

My big belly that won't get right and tight with just diet and exercise


How did you get a date so close? Your lucky.
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I'm just starting my process! I really want to make sure I am choosing the best and most safe doctor at an affordable price (with optimal results)! If I may ask, What email did you use to reach Dr. Duran? and What made you switch from Baez to Duran? Thanks and Congrats! I cant wait to see your updates!
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Soon to be Duran Doll

Vacation time approved, flight booked, surgery date set for Sept 10th, RH reserved (Serenity). I do have a date set with Baez as back up. I confirmed my date with Duran's assistant so things should be set. I have all my supplies except for a boppy pillow. I'm not convinced on whether that's the right thing to have. I'm leaning towards purchasing an inflatable ring/donut. I'm only brining a carry-on so everything needs to fit!! I also have all the meds she emailed that I need to have except for amoxicillin. Not sure if my doc would prescribe it so I'll just get it in DR. I also have a nurse booked to stay with me the day I get out of surgery. I'm packed and ready to go!!


When will you arrive in DR? and what rh are you staying at
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I arrive this Sunday around 1:15! How about you?
And I'm staying at Serenity

In Santo Domingo

I'm here ladies!!! Landed yesterday, I saw Shuntay32 at the airport! Staying at Serenity, I have a lovely roommate. The caregivers are nice, the food is good! My driver was also great! His name is Jose Ramon! Going in later to do my labs and work up. My hemo in the States was 12.0. I'm probably going to need an iron transfusion. I'm still taking my megafood builder and sss tonic. Praying it will somehow be a 12.5 here. Two more days until I'm a Duran doll!


hey....are you okay?!? haven't heard anything since pre-op...
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Happy Healing Doll!!
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Hi hun thanks for sharing will be following your journey and happy healing.
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