35 Yrs Old - Dominican Republic

Hello dolls.. I'm a cabral doll went to him 5...

Hello dolls.. I'm a cabral doll went to him 5 years ago (before he had cipla) to do breast reduction and lipo and bbl .. Can't complain he did a amazing job .. I'm want to go back to him this year for a retouch and and do lipo on my arms and thighs( i didn't do my arm or thigh my first time ) i was suppose to go back within a year but that year turn into 5 anyways i love dr cabral he knows what he is doing .. And about those legal letigation that he was practicing in the USA thats a lie he was doing consultations and check ups for the people that had done the surgery in DR .. Anyways cant wait to go and finish what i originally stated .. I dont need a lot of work done my body still looks good but never been happy with my arm and legs .. Well hope this help ..


Yes gud luck go cabral
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Thank you
Good luck
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Booked my flight

Ok flight is booked now trying to find a buddy and a Recovery House .. Arriving DR may 25th surgery may 27th ..


come back and give us an update.
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I feel you neglecting your realself page! lOl*
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Happy healing and safe recovery. Please continue to keep us posted:-)
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Dr. Hector Cabral

Friendly .. Great

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