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Hello ladies! I'm new to this site. I ran across...

Hello ladies! I'm new to this site. I ran across it by doing my research on Lipo. My first choice was DR.Jimmerson but after checking out his prices, And act usually seeing results from a friend I was good! She actusually mentioned Dra Yily to me. So I have been n contact with her. She have me a quote of 3500 for Lipo: mid area. Upper and lower abdomen, waist , back bra, flanks and arm pits! But I heard about Dra. Duran, sent her a email and have not heard from her yet. But I'm pretty sure I'm going with Dra Yily. Just waitin on her to confirm my date July 21st. If anyone has been to her already please message me I have a few questions! I added a few pics. As you can see I have a shape. I just need this stomach to go away and I'll feel more confident!
Hi Is your date confirm for the 21st ,mine is the 23 I'm looking for a sx buddy?
I think I am also scheduled for July 21st with Duran..wonder how many girls she is seeing that day?? Needing sx buddies!! My date might change, but for now its solid=)

long time no talk to ladies

ok after doing a bit of re search I've decided to go with DRA DURAN! but I'm un sure of the day i will be going i know its between Jan - March. will keep you all updated
Hola Chica, I am aiming to going to Duran in Jan 2015. Around the 16th. If you are still looking to get the procedure done, let me know and we could buddy up. Good Luck Mama!
Good luck on your journey!! I'm waiting on a quote from Dra. Yily
Keep us posted! ! Research ur Dr make sure they Board Certified. Because a lot of the BIG NAME Drs. In DR are not board certified.
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