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18 Years Old and Getting Lipo - Dominican Republic

So let's start off by saying, yes I'm 18 . Lol but...

So let's start off by saying, yes I'm 18 . Lol but the only reason as to why I want lipo is because I've been over wait my whoooooole life. You know I've always been the girl with her arms covered. Or the girl who doesn't wear a two piece in the summer time. And even though a lot of guys come after me it's only because I got some junk In the trunk lol but I'm at about 185-195 in weight not sure haven't weighed my self in a while. But I have some research for a whilllle now and I've come to choosing Dra. Yily de Los santos . And for the price she gave me I'm happy. I get lipo of the upper abdomen lower abdomen, arms, armpit , entire back.,flanks, and fat transfer bbl. I'm excited I haven't confirmed a date yet cause idk if I wanna do it before or after I graduate. I do need some to talk to who has already had surgery . Please inbox me !!!! I'll be posting more soon ,

Changing Doctors

I have been doing research for a very long time . I was originally going to go with Dra.Yily de Los santos . But I started noticing a pattern of reviews complaining about her being disorganized and I am not okay with that. So I started doing research on Dr. Duran and to me she gives the results I want but also is a lot more organized and neater. So she's my new choice. I already had a quote from yily and it wasn't too bad I'm waiting to see how much Duran is going to quote me. But alil about my self. I'm 18 about 5'4 and weigh about 190-200 lbs . Im getting lipo of the upper and lower abdomen , flanks, entire back, armpits, and a bbl . I'll be posting more soon and pictures of me before. :)!

Venting out a little bit lol

I am about to be 18 soon.. And I weigh about 190-200 lbs and I'm just sick of being over weight. I'm 5ft 4 inches , so I'm short and fat. Foods my best friend during depression and stress. I've lost weight, I've gained weight. It's been an up and down cycle my whole life, actually I've never been this over weight. I once weighed 150 freshman year 3 years ago, and I liked how I looked back then. The depression I faced through out the years really kicked in . And now I see how much I've really let myself go. A lot of people say I'm not fat I'm "chunky" which is true I guess because I see a lot bigger people then me. But! There's always people who will call me fat as we'll. I'm not doing this for anyone but for myself. I'm choosing to do liposuction. At 18 I shouldn't need it. But you know what I'm going to cheat a little bit in life. Because the exercise and diet thing just doesn't work for me. Of course I'm going to be upmost healthy afterwards. A lot of people say I shouldn't eat so much and I'll loose weight, eating is not my problem. I hardly eat if that. I live in a house hold that lived off welfare for a very long time. Practically my whole life. And it was taken from us and now I live in a house hold were I can't choose what to eat or be picky about what I eat. I have to eat what we have . And what I have to eat isn't so healthy. But in my journey to getting liposuction I will start working out my arms and upper body in general. Sorry about the whole sob story . But anyways I'm getting liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, armpit, entire back, and a bbl. And depending on how much I loose I might do my arms and neck. I get sooooooo excited when I think of my new dream body. I just can't wait to show it off to the world. And I was originally going to go with dra.yily de Los santos but after seeing so many reviews about how unorganized she is I've decided to go with Dr.Duran. She actually will give me the booty and body I want . And all the reviews I've seen (too many) lol are all but negative. All people talk about is how kind and sweet she is as well as how neat and organized her office is . From all the before and after photos I've seen for her she's is TOP NOTCH!!! :) lol sooooo now I'm #TeamDuran ! All I'm really waiting for is for her to give me a quote . Yily was giving me a quote of 3,400. Which I thought was alil high considering I'm 18 and have had NO kids or anything so I should be easy. For that price I've seen her charge bigger people then me who've had kids. But compared to how much they would charge here in America I'm PERFECTLY fine with that price lol !!!! But okay thats enough venting for the night I'm posting up some wish pics with this as well! Goodnight (RS) Sisters !!!

Impatient !!!!

It's been a few days now , that I had contacted Dr.duran via email, and whatsapp.. But still haven't gotten a response . Does she usually take this long-________- ?! I'm so anxious. If anyone knows a faster way let me know!!

A lot of thinking.

Soooo, I was literally looking at my self in the mirror today and already can picture my new body. We'll upper body lol, I'm pretty much getting my whole upper body lipo-ed but I was thinking should I get my neck lipo-ed lol small upper body big neck and face? Idk lol just a thought still waiting for a quote .....

Im so dumb!!

Lol so I figured out why I haven't gotten a response lmfao!!!! wrong email !!!! I put hotmail...... Instead of gmail!! Sheesh haha I should get a quote a lot faster now haha. Also I asked her if I should get some transfer to the hips . We'll let see how long it takes her to respond now ! 5:30 am still haven't slept! Btw just turned 18 today:) happy bday to me lol once I get a quote I'll post up some before pics of me . Love you RS girls.


So since I corrected the email, she responded in a day and I replied and she wrote back in a few hours! So response is pretty good. Sent her my pictures and what not, she said I have to loose 20 pounds before the surgery in order to get the results I want! Really excited , getting my membership for the gym next week whoop whoop!


So tomorrow I'm going shopping for a new phone and getting an international plan so I can call over here while I'm over there. Tmobile or AT&T ?? And most likely trying to buy my flight ticket! As well tomorrow . Trying to do June 5th - like sometime end of July or mid august. I have family over there so I can stay as long as I please. I'm trying to come back like nothing happened lol so I might just stay till august. Still haven't secured a date with Duran though because I'm still waiting for a quote it's Sunday I guess she don't reply ??? Idk but yeah 5:30 am still not sleep lol :) knocking out soon . Exciting day in a few , I'm either spending money on the ticket tomorrow or buying the things I need . Night RS lovelies !


Btw I really want to post my before pictures but I'm really scared an d shy and nervous about it but idk I'll sleep on it. . .


It's been a few days and haven't gotten my quote still.... I'll give it a few more days ... Then I'll give a call , still haven't gone shopping . Waiting to get my money.

Anxious and annoyed

So idk how many days it's been but I still haven't gotten my quote from duran!!!! when I got my quote from yily it was like the second email she sent me. I'm starting to get impatient so I'm going to have to give a call tomorrow . Anyone know a good time to call. . . ?? night RS lovelys

Ladies help me!!!

Still no contact with her -______- , what should I do I don't wanna call cause I don't even have a quote. And I don't wanna seem like a bother when she's probably just been really busy if some one can help me please comment or inbox me ! Thanks :/ I JUST WANT MY QUOTE !!! :(

It's been a while

Okay soooooo duran NEVER got back to me. And I'm not 100% sure but now I'm thinking of going with cabral. I've had a lot of my family go to him and they say he is the best. Another thing , I wanted to go in June but !!!! I'm short on money and I'm hoping for this job. If everything goes well then my trip in June is still a go!! Right now I'm actually just hitting the gym and dieting. So I can looks easy much weight before June. If anyone could give me cabrall number for what's up that would be awesome.!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hey I'm glad you got in contact with her. Good luck on your journey:))
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Definitely feel your pain since I was "chunky" too. But to be honest... liposuction isn't a weight loss tool. It's meant for contouring.. so if you want to lose weight, then I'd recommend another method (eating the RIGHT foods and exercising will definitely help. perhaps getting a trainer? if not try p90x, insanity, etc.) But if you're content with your weight but want a better shape, then lipo is for you.... either way, goodluck :)
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I'm spanish so my body is curvy and all ready shaped out. I just need to get rid of the weight on my upper body. I'm keeping my thick thighs. I really don't have a big belly just want to look thin :) not skinny though__-
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Congrats and good luck to you
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Begging you to reconsider. It seems lile a quick fix...but I can cause MORE hatm than good..try a healthy mean plan first. And exercise. I was 20 whenni jaf my surgery and it was the biggesf mistake of my life. Please please reconsider...
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Good Lord sorry for all the typos...should have paid more attention
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What sx did you get at 20?
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Congratulations! Good luck on your decision to have surgery. Will be following your journey. Keep us posted!
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