Future Cabral Barbie!

Hey gorgeous ladies! So, I'm new to all of this!...

Hey gorgeous ladies!

So, I'm new to all of this! It's a bit overwhelming that's why I'm hoping this site can help me. I'm 18 years old and I'll be turning 19 soon, but I've always wanted to "customize" my body to my liking. I have cousins who've gotten their bodies done in DR and their bodies give my LIFE!!! I'm anxious, excited and I'm eager as h*ll to start my journey!!!

So far, I've started my own personal journal with the information of a few doctors I'm interested in and some basic info about hemo, vitamins, idealistic weight, etc etc etc. I'm about 5'7, 5'8 and I weight 240, so I definitely will start my healthy weightloss journey before I get my surgery. I would like to get down to about 150 if possible. It's going to take a lot of patience, determination and dedication but I can and I will do it!!! I admire Bria Myles, Bernice Murgos, TattedUpHolly a lot because we're all around the same height. I'm interested in Yily or Duran... I'm going for Liposculpture (stomach, arms, flanks, and back) with fat grafting BBL and *PROBABLY* breast implants. I'm not really sure how I feel about implants in DR. Though my family is Dominican, I only trust breast work in the states. I heard great things about both doctors though! Yily slayssssssss waistlines and Duran gives her clients the perfect, plump booty! AH! It's sooooo much I need to further research, prepare for, and work on before even getting a quote.

Can you ladies please help me out? I have a lot of questions and concerns! Recovery houses? What vitamins to take? What vitamins not to take? How to prepare? Why so many different size fajas? Whats your opinion on Yily or Duran? I'M CONFUSED! Lol. Please, give me all the info and advice you can! I'd really appreciate it, especially coming from you ladies who've been through this thing before or plan on going through it. I'll post photos of my current body situation once my iPhone is fixed. For now I'll post some wish pics. Oh, and ignore the "$5,000" I put up there, I haven't gotten a quote yet. I just had to put a price up there so I could post this lol.

- D, xoxo
You're sure o be Fabulous darling
Welcome to rs :) Send me a message with your email I will forward you an email from yily explaining all the vitamins etc. There are many recovery houses ., real recovery Armonia, silhouette , domingas , Yasmin's , daisy RH, luxury recovery , Angela's just to mention a few . Btw if you have hanging skin they will most likely recommend a Tummy tuck . If you are trying to reach Dra Duran it will take time , send her an email , and message her on Facebook and try calling her office at 7am .. I choose Duran because I like the way she shapes you compared to yily & if you are a thick girl like me Duran is an expert :) , if you need any more info please do not hesitate to ask me !
Thank you soooo much girl! I want Yily so bad, but I'm still stuck between her and Duran. I'm waiting on both quotes. I'm gonna message you :)

FUTURE YILY DOLL? Need Sx Buddy for Late '14!

In my previous post, I said that I was stuck between Yily and Duran. And though Duran has great work too, Yily is just too damn amazing at slaying bodies! Like, her work just can't be messed with. Plus, njprbeauty (who I thank soooooo very much for helping me and answering my questions so far in my journey) made me want to see for myself what all the hype about Yily was. I'm so excited! So appreciative for her as well as all you other dolls!

However, just in case! I'm still going to get a quote from Duran. I haven't even contacted Yily yet to get a quote. If you didn't read my first post, I'm going for liposculpture (tummy, arms, full back, flanks) with fat grafting/BBL. I know they're both very busy women so I need to get to it! I'm trying to get as many hours as I can so I can save up by the end of 2014. I'm set on which rh I want to stay at... It's a new one called "Upscale Recovery". I've heard nothing but great things about it. I'd like to find someone who plans on having the same procedures as I am so that way we can endure it together lol. Plus, I'd feel more safe and knowing that I'm not alone. So, if you plan on having Yily as your doctor for late 2014, please message me and let's link up! Plus, I have hella more questions to ask lol.

I'm soooooo excited. Gotta shed this weight, get healthy, and prep my body for what awaits. My doctor suggested I have a daily calorie intake of 1,331 (I'm 5'7 and 240)... Meal ideas ladies? Snack ideas? Tips?

Off to work beauties! Besos!
- D.

Doctors and Ladies, Do I Need a Tummy Tuck???

Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I want a tummy tuck and thigh liposculpture as well...

I plan on having my sx in late 2014. My current situation is 240 pounds and I'm 5'7. I'm in the process of exercising and getting my weight down to atleast 145-ish, 150. I carry my weight well for my size, but I have a feeling with ALL the dramatic weight loss over this year, I'm going to have saggy and excess skin.

I'm going to try to post some pics later so I can get an opinion from you doctors and ladies. Tummy tuck or nah?

- D.
i am planning on going to yily in the middle of november for a bbl, tummy tuck, and lipo of full upper body with arms. yily quoted me 4700. so if you want we can be sx buddies. and to answer your last question about the tt, i would say that u will need one and the only reason i say that is because we are the same height and weight and all the drs i asked said i would need one
Yeah, I've already decided on what I'm getting. And I already have a sx buddy, but more the merrier! :)
Welcome to the site and good luck.

Kinda scared to go with Yily...

So, I've been continuing my research and I don't know how to feel. I'm excited about my journey, but with excitement comes nervousness and fear. I have decided on Dr. Yily De Los Santos along with my buddy (hey girly if you're reading!) but as I'm doing my research... I don't know how to feel about Yily. I heard she comes from a military background and has an attitude problem. Me and attitudes don't mix and I expect my surgeon to be a little compassionate and caring. I heard awful and scary reviews as well. Like a lady here from RealSelf caught an infectious bacteria disease after her procedure by Yily and had to get her implants removed and her fat sucked out of her butt. Now, that could be an issue on her end for not properly taking care of herself post-op, but who knows. That type of shit makes me heart drop though. Like forreal y'all... It's scary. I want whoever working on me to be sanitary. I'm not trying to have my infections, drainage holes that stretch out, limbs cut off and shit sucked out of me because something went wrong on THE SURGEON'S end.

But Duran... I've heard nothing but AMAZING things about her. She's kind, she's sweet, compassionate, understanding, and she actually takes the time to check and keep in contact with her patients. I've heard it all and I'm slowing leaning towards her now...

I want Yily, but at the same time I don't know. This research just opened my eyes to a lot of stuff that's been brushed under the rug. Ladies? If you've had Yily as your doctor or even Duran, can you share your experience? Please! It'll be greatly appreciated dolls :) Clear my mind and ease my worries a little bit lol.
Hey Cecedoll, I'm looking into getting bbl but I'm debating btwn Yily & Duran. Who's the best?

Looking for a 3rd sx buddy?

Hey girls! My buddy (La_MUlaTA22) and I are looking for a 3rd sx buddy! Her and I made a switch and we both decided on Duran for many reasons. I feel more comfortable with going to Duran overall. I know we still are stuck on Upscale RH. So, if any of you ladies are going to Duran later this year around December 2014, let's link up! :)

Amazon list!

I made a list of things (creams, vitamins, toiletries, etc.) all you lady should consider bringing for your upcoming trips to DR. It's all on a wishlist I made on Amazon, so if you ladies are interested in using it as kinda like a guide then just let me know and I'll be more than happy to email it to you dolls!

Just got my quote from Yily...

Hey dolls, I'm at work right now but I wanted to make this quick. I FINALLY (no I'm not exaggerating that either...) received my quote from Yily. I already chose Duran (still waiting for my quote from her though) but just wanted to compare quotes.

I'm kinda irritated with Yily because she, or whoever replied, didn't read my damn email verbatim! I asked for ***LIPO (ABDOMEN, FLANKS, ARMS, FULL BACK, FRONT/BACK OF ARMPITS), BBL, TT, AND BREAST REDUCTION WITH A LIFT*** Either she read it and just didn't add it in the quote or... she just didn't pay it any attention. Here's the quote Yily gave me for $5,200:

- Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, flanks and waist
- BrazIlian Butt Lift (BBL)
- Breast Lift
- Tummy Tuck

Of course the quote includes the following:
- One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
- EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
- Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
- Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Price is not the problem at all, I'm good with the money. I just want to pay for EXACTLY what I asked her and not have any miscommunication. I respect her craft and her work, but she's too all over the place for me. *** My personal opinion, don't tweak with me dolls!

Have a great day ladies! xo
Oh and we are the same height but I'm 180 so I think I should gain a few pounds for better results... What do u dolls think?
I just got my quote from Yily today too and I feel the same about Yily an Duran but I haven't received a response from Duran so I may go with Yily. What date are u scheduled for? I asked for March 3 to April if she has it. I'm waiting on a date confirmation my quote was $3500 for bbl. I have the same email u have. I looked at the recovery house she sent in the email an it looks great I want to get a triple room. Need sx buddy...
I don't have an exact set date. I'm just trying to a get quotes early. Me and my buddy are going wayyyy later this year around December 2014.

Talk to me ladies!

I'm so damn bored y'all! My buddy is at work and usually it's just me and her emailing/texting back and forth or on the phone, but I'm lonely now lol.

I'm just sitting here looking at fajas and post op pics from different docs lol. You can tell I'm bored right?? Lol.
When were u all trying to go
Lmao I think my replys are going to the wrong comments, yes I did talk to her lol

I wish these months would fly by y'all...

This is really all I think about lol it's becoming a lil obsessive girls. Ughhhhh no patience at all lol.
Lol yeah commenting confuses me on here. Did you decide on a doc? We're going for Duran.
Thats who I want too but she hasn't emailed me back yet, but If I dont pick her im going with yily
You know her emailed got hacked right? You have to send it to her new address.

Duran's number?

Do any of you dolls happen to have Duran's WhatApp #??? If so please message it to me! Thx.
So I have my date for Yily for March 3, 2014... I think I'm gonna stay at the Upscale Recovery House but I'm not sure yet if anyone is going to DR around this time I need a surgery buddy...
This may sound crazy but I am supposed to go next week but the weather is not in my favor. I may need to rebook. If so I can change my dates, just not too sure right now.
Ok well let me no... It would be great to get 3 sx buddies so room would be much cheaper also they give u one free night at upscale RH... Check the website out and let me no. Are u going to Yily or Duran? I've stalked Duran can't get her smh but Yily is wonderful too...

A little irritated...

Hey ladies, I'm just on this site and I'm just like whatever at this point... I try to be so nice and considerate, and I compliment the ladies on here cause I'm naturally social and down to earth. I love socializing and building relationships with all types of people, but diabloooo toy iritada con tu mujeres! Like most of you women are nice back, but a good handful of y'all need more than just physical reconstruction. How can women, especially on a site like RS, be so nasty and ugly to one another? I know everyone has an opinion or feels that their two cents is worth a stack, but realize how you come off to another person before you speak/type something. Half the time I don't know if y'all are trying to be funny in a smart way or just being informational. I switch doctors and people run to my inbox like I'm "anti-Yily" or something like really... Grow up. I tell my weight and it's oh, you need to lose weight. No I'm not "anti-Yily", I just had a bad experience as far as communication is concerned. Yes, I realize what I need to do when it comes to MY weight and I am doing it. I can catch when people are trying to be funny and I'm just annoyed with it. Especially because I know that I'm too nice to y'all, but that's dead now. And no I'm not mad (because someone will have say-so on that and flip my words), I'm just ***irritated***.

Anyways, I hope you ladies enjoy the rest of your week and be blessed!!!
Sorry to hear tht I am here to spprt everyone
Lol girl I feel you! This would be the perfect time to go tho.
I do taxes and I can't get off of work

What to bring to Dominican Republic?

I still have my Amazon list I put together for you ladies who are confused on what to bring or need more ideas on what to bring for your trip to DR. It's just a handy little guide for myself as well as you all. If you want the link, just hit my inbox and I'll email it to you!
Ladies has anyone researched dr Yuseff surelle in santiago? I see a few things about him but not much.
I havent.....
I was referred to him by a friend but I really like Durans work. I booked with him but now I am having second thoughts!!! Ur not sure what to do.

Duran whatsapp #

I feel like I'm on a damn treasure hunt for her # y'all lol. Have you ladies had any luck getting her whatsapp #? If so, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee message it to me!!! I'm begging y'all lol
Email : Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com ... Her whatsapp/cell # is (809) 707-7163... Her office # is (809) 331-5050 ext 212 .. & the other office phone number is 1 (809) 565-5348.... Elizabeth is her English speaking assistant & Fania speaks Spanish only .. Be persistent & good luck :). Got this from someone's blog. I stalked Duran everyday first thing in the morning and last thing at night before and after surgery (DR time) till I got a quote from her. She got tired of hearing from me, she asked me to resend my email as we were on the phone, got my quote after some minutes and we went back and forth till she answered all my questions. Then I had to start stalking Elizabeth to get a date. But she is booked till July and I want to go in March. Even though it's hard to reach her when you are trying to book, her post-op patients have no trouble reaching her, which is very good. I would rather have a PS that values her patients rather than those that treat new clients much better than those that have already paid them (I'm not calling names). Be patient, keep her on speed dial and Good luck.
I think I might have to wait till next year. I want to pay my car off this year and move. I haven't decided yet? But I want to be scheduled
YESSSSSSSS! Thank you so much mami! I, as well as the other ladies, really appreciate this! Have a good one xo

Hey ladies!

Hey girls. I'm off from both jobs and I'm finally getting a chance to get shit done around my house. Still no reply from Duran, but La_Mulata22 was able to get my quote from Yily corrected (thanks again mami!). Um... so next week I have a doctor appointment because I get multiple hot flashes almost everyday. I've been getting them since I was about a sophomore in high school, so I never paid them much attention. But they're just getting worse, or so it feels. I have a feeling as to why I'm getting them, but I just want conformation from a professional.

Just keep me in your thoughts ladies!!! Back to cleaning I go! xoxo
girly one of the girls from ur pics the one with the gray sweatpants highsididdy (hi doll if your reading this.. I was just amazed I just had to tell my buddy) anyways she went to yily and she got a great ass, bt she wants more she going with Duran... gooooo dammm her ass gonna be huge lol I cant wait to see the results lol.
I loveeeee her ass girl lol I've been following her journey from where she went with Yily and Yily did her thing!!! Hi highsididdy if you're reading hun! Ready for her round 2 results!!!

Surgery Queens of Supplies

Hey ladies! If your sx date is approaching and you haven't gotten your supplies yet or you want the easy way out then check out "thesurgeryqueensofsupplies.bigcartel.com". I just came across the website while I was checking out Jazmine Navarro's (of Bella Vita Consultants) Facebook. Now I'm all about budgeting and that's why I made my own Amazon list and I know where to get the most for my buck, so if you ladies want a link to that then please feel free to message me. The list I made is a guide for all you ladies to get an idea of some necessities to bring and some things that will come in handy.

Have a blessed and happy evening dolls!!!
Duran's whatsapp is ***-***-****
Hey can you please inbox me the link on what to take on my trip? Thank you!
Yeah doll, no problem!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good morning ladies! Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Unfortunately my Valentine's Day is not really enjoyable being that I'm sick :( I found out what my hot flashes and dizzy spells were all about. It was what I had already guessed so that's kind of good news and bad news at the same time. I've just been stressed out y'all (which is not making my situation any better!) My boyfriend told me to take it easy with all that's going on, but I never listen lol. But I am going to take a break from this site and just lay low. Quick hiatus just to get myself together!

I hope you ladies have a much better day than me and enjoy your weekend! xoxo

Dios mio...

All I'm getting is updates of people disrespecting my country... Una mala semilla no define la Republica Dominicana. Whatever malpractice Cabral did does not represent who others doctor are as professionals and human beings. His actions don't define Dra. Yily, Dra. Robles, Dra. Duran or anyone else at CIPLA, or in the Dominican Republic period. I don't too much care for Cabral myself, but cono ladies... My entire country isn't to blame or be put down because of his horrendous actions. When going into something such as surgery in a foreign country, you have to be fully educated of every doctor, every procedure, and everything that comes with getting something so serious such as liposculpture, a tummy tuck and fat grafting, or whatever else. It's not something you just hop into. You're body has to be prepared for such stress on the body. It's sickening, I know... But prepare yourself mentally and physically before booking flights and sending off deposits. Just don't go with "any" doctor. Good luck on your journey ladies! xoxo
Hey hun, can you inbox me your supply list? I just want to double check everything.
Of course mami!

I f*cking love Dra Duran!

Yesssssss, finally! I was on Facebook being nosy on the Duran group and all of a sudden a girl was like Duran is online right now, so go message her. I haven't typed so fast in my life y'all lol like deadass. My fingers were moving fast as hell on this keyboard. I told her that my buddy (heyyyy mami if you're reading this!) and I just need a quote so we can go ahead and reserve our stay at Upscale Recovery and our flights. She replied back in less than 15 minutes and said that she will email me and she also apologized for any inconvenience with Elizabeth which I thought was really professional and sweet of her. I guess she noticed all my messages in her inbox lol. I sent like 8 FB messages, I called Elizabeth like two times (but I'm not going to get into that...), I emailed her at least 5 or 6 times, I stalked her Instagram and all that. I'm FINALLY feeling like I'm getting somewhere with all of this lol. If she forgets to contact me via email though, I might just go with Jazmine @ Bella Vita. I'll give it another week or so. But so far, the stalking and constant contacting has paid off a little bit. I now better understand the high volume of patients and work/stress she's under because a lot of ladies really want her. So just be patient and give her time to respond girls. I'll update as soon as something comes up :)

- D, xoxo
Omg omg omg omg i just jumped off the bed lmao i almost threw my boyfriend to the floor ajajajjajajaja how fucking awsome omg omg omg did she reply did she reply im so excited lmaooo i hope she replies to our emails :/ last sunday i emailed her like 10 times . Let me know if she contacts u lol i even called u of how excited i got jajaja
Lmaoooooo ta loca mamita!!! I was like screaming and shit, almost broke my bed! She hasn't emailed yet but I'm gonna be patient. I'm like happy as hell over here girl. Mensaje me su numero!!!


I finally got my Duran quote!!! She actually sent it a couple days ago but I haven't been checking my email. I'm just going to hold my quote since it's too early to set a date. I wanna see how my buddy comes out in May with Duran. I'll be accompanying her since she doesn't understand/speak Spanish and needs a friend to help her physically. Plus, I wanna see for myself how this shit goes down lol.

And I also found Squeems under $30 so if you want the hookup, just let me know!!!

Cabral quote?

What all did his quote include? Insurance? Garment? My cousin, who got implants and a lift with him, said it didn't include insurance but some ladies are saying it did. I'm confused lol. I just wanna compare my Duran quote to a Cabral quote that's similar.
His quote doesnt include anything. No meds insurance or exams or garments
Nothing at all?! Seriously...

Hoy se bebe!

Happy Dia de la Independencia! Amo a mi pais y mi gente! I wish I could be in my country celebrating, but hoy se bebe anyway. Lol. If you're in the DR, be safe and enjoy yourself.

God bless you all! xoxo
hey girl i just wanted to let you know that ive switched surgeons due to the shitty communication with duran...im going to dra robles. if you are getting a TT you should consider her.. her TT lines are FLAWLESS and she snatches waists like theres no tomorrow :)
Yeah, communication with Duran is horrible girl. I'm gonna look into Robles! Does she have an Instagram or Facebook?
Yes her ig is drawalkirisrobles and fb walkiris robles

Cabral quote!

Cabral quoted me $5200 (US) for tt, full body lipo, and bbl. HOWEVER! I asked for a quote for tt, fb lipo, bbl and a reduction/bl. He told me he can do my breast lift in a Round 2 and that would be $2800 itself.

My buddy as well as most of you other Cabral ladies are getting everything done at once. I feel like in total I'm paying more if I'm getting it separate. I'll have to call him or Maria to get it cleared up. I reallyyyyy want Cabral! Lol.

Obsessed with Cabral or nah?

He really be going CRAZY on bodies! Yeah, "be going crazy" lol.
Any ladies looking for a buddy? I'm going to Cabral next month.
Ok dolls im looking for a buddy to go on this journey with ive chose cabral haven't picked a RH I have a few in mind so ladies let's do this.
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