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Flights been booked for a week and now I can't...

Flights been booked for a week and now I can't sleep!!! It's getting real!!!
As of June 3rd my hemo level was at 12 trying to raise at least to 13+ by July 3rd when I go back to primary dr to run blood work again and even higher 3 weeks after (fingers crossed)!!!

However I did a bit of research and this I found to be very helpful for those of you with questions concerning your hemoglobin level!:-) it's in my photos as a screen shot
Good luck with everything!  Do you want to add a doctor to your review?
Thank you yes I would!!
Which Doc are you seeing?  I don't see it in your review, maybe I'm missing it.  Just let me know and I can add them for you.

Gosh this anxious feeling is driving me cra cra!!! Lol

Getting great advise from helpful ladies oh how I genuinely appreciate the help!!

Passport check!

I paid the extra 60 bucks to have it expedited and boy was it! 7 days later delivered to my door!! Well worth it!:)

Few more wish pics

14 days and counting!!! Still looking for a buddy at Angie's

All packed and ready to go to DR! Whooooooaaahooooo!
I pray everything works out as this will be the beginning of a life changing experience. All for the better God willing!

Just to give you guys an idea of my body type...

As I won't have before and after pics until seen by my surgeon.
I'm 32. 187lbs 5'8 in height. Looking to loose a few more lbs 7 preferably just to try and clear some of this face/neck fat naturally. I am going to have liposculpture of my full back flanks sides abdomen and a little bbl as I already have booty but could always appreciate more lol.

Just to Clarify!!

Hello ladies! I'm not looking a "roomy" just someone to chat with or even know someone prior to surgery that might be staying at the same recovery house as I.

It's always nice to know that someone's there that's from the states and speaks your same language. This journeys tough and from what I hear having someone there going throughout it with you relieves some of that anxiety.

Soooo if there's anyone out there please let me know.

You can find other people who are traveling at the same time as you via the surgery buddy forums.

Here is the Duran Dolls Surgery Buddy Forum- you should be able to make some friends here :)

Good luck!
I'm good but thanks Jill
Oh I meant just to make friends, not to find a surgery buddy- as per what you said in your most recent update.  

On my 2nd day on Pur Absorb trying to get levels back up

I had been taking iron pills prescribed by my dr for about 4 months and have had my blood work done twice since then. The most current was last week and yesterday morning I was informed that my levels had dropped by .4 from 12 in June to 11.6. Now just hoping and praying it goes up with the Pur Absorb method I'm taking twice a day with my same other recommended vitamins. I should have a current level update by the 18th, which only givesme 10 days to reach my level goal now. But I'm trying to stay positive and hopeful everything works out.

Beet smoothies help hemo!!:-)

Breakfast if champions!
1 beet (cut into 4 before blending)
1 small apple (cut into 4)
Navel orange peeled
Handful of kale
Handful of berries
Pineapple slices
Add ice and a little water
Blend and enjoy!


My passport pic is hideous
Yay..passport done=)

Today's hemo boosting mix is!!!...

The Green machine!
2 bunches of spinach
Handful of broccoli
Hanful of kale
Handful of wheat grass
Pineapple slices
2 small apples
2 bananas
Add ice and guava juice!


Ok! I gotta stop watching Botched!

Anyone else torturing themselves before surgery lol?? Yep me too!
That show is like a train wreck that you can't quite stop looking at. Just please let these next 6 days go by as quickly as possible!
Tell me about it..Im stressing over everything! 7 more days for me!

Sooo I'm thinking about kicking the lady at the front desk in the chest right now!

Can anyone explain to me why my doctors receptionist wants to give me a hard time for CBC? Yes I know I've had it ran twice already but I'm having surgery and I'm concerned of my levels, but that's nothing in should have to explain to her because she isn't my physician nor is that in her job description. So my doc is out today, however I have an appt with him tomorrow and of course of like to go over my NEW CBC that could be ran today if another physician OKs it. Ugghhhh this is stressing me out
i really think you girls over stress your self when it comes to this you should be prepared and all but try to call yourself I've had lipo 2X and breast aug and a capsulectomy and all you really need is a good doctor and trust in your surgeon . GL
Thanks hun! I'll keep that in mine! "GL" to you as well dear:-)

EKG/ECG Normal! Yaaaay!!

One less thing to worry about!:-)

New Hemo levels are in!!

Droom roll please!!!!!.......
12.4! Yes 12.4 and I'm actually finishing up my cycle which means could go even high once that's done!!!! (I know tmi) but I'm soooooooooooo HAPPY!! More so blessed! All that hard work starting to pay off! I mean hard y'all because I was a reg drinker and smoker and my health wasn't at the top of the list of things to watch out for so of anything has came out of this experience it has truly educated me and made me more self aware and health concious. I think I've gotten the strength to permanently shed done of those bad habits and it really feels good to do so! Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll celebrate with a morning drink!... Spinach wheat grass and 1 large beet please! Cheers ladies:-)

Oh and a BIG shot out to Priss!! What a sweet woman! Thank you for keeping my spirits up!
BEST of luck!! I hope everything works out Amazing for u!! I've been juicing for a few months now so hopefully all that spinach and beets pays off once I get my testing done lol. My surgery isn't planned until Dec so I still have a couple months to lose more weight and get everything in order. I look forward to ur updates and I truly hope everything turns out wonderful for u! Xo
Thank you so much! I find that liquid iron is a better booster than reg pill version, but you have plenty of time to take care of all that trust:-)
Good luck sweetie! Can't wait to see your results


Well well I guess this is the countdown to me officially not receiving any sleep! Lol sigh
Omg..count down is on!! :-) I will see you on the flat side love!

At Cipla and phones aren't working too well

Hi ladies this will be a bit short until I get back to my RH. My flight arrived around 1am checked into my RH and was able to get a baby cat nap in before heading to Cipla at 630. I've been cleared lab work all was good! Thank God! Hemo was at a 12.2. Now I lay in my room at Cipla for surgery. It's now 3:16pm.. Just restless wishing it were done already but good thing is it will be done today just not sure when. If anyone has tried to send an email I haven't received any since yesterday not sure what's going on and I brought my note 3 and iPhone 5. Well hopefully I'll beable to update you with more soon! Duran is a doll! Lol very lovely caring woman. She has my pre op pics so I'll post those once I get them from her. Please keep me in your prayers! I'm almost there!:-)
Im here at Armonia..cant wait to see you =)
I'm so anxious for you. I can't wait to see your results

Just waking up..

Hi ladies I'm a bit out of it and I haven't seen my butt or tummy I'm wrapped like a mummy until they come change me then I should be able to get pics in sorry for delay
Thinking of you!! My sx is now July 24th!
I've tried callin you Priss I keep getting your vc mail. If you are still Cipla tomorrow I will come visit you, I go see Duran for my post op check up. Be sure to call or text me your room number k! I hope everything is going well and God bless you and your surgery.

Duran doll post op day 3

Hello ladies sorry for the wait.
Ok so Day 1 was no picnic and now I can see why it may take a few days for someone to update. For me I was truly in a lot of discomfort, I don't wanna discourage anyone but I won't sugar coat it either:)
Day 2 was like night and day from day 1 I felt sooooooo much better and now on day 3 I'm up walking by myself and can lay on my stomach with no issues. Now I don't start my massages until tomorrow morning and I'm suppose to receive 2 per day before I leave on the 30th. I definitely sneak some pics in then when I get my garment removed for that. Here's just a few but I must say I feel like my waste line is getting soooo tiny. Please feel. Free to ask questions and I'll do my best to answer.
Congratulations on becoming a Duran Doll. Duran was my first option, but I could never get a response from her via, text, email, or facebook. I"m going with Dr. Yily next year in March. Happy Healing to you!
Thank you luv! Yes it is very difficult to recieve a response from her because the office is soooo busy but yilys right down the hall:)

Post op day 5 no garment

Ur waist is Soooo tiny! U look AMAZING!! Congrats!

Post op day 6 feeling no bueno

The swelling is unheard of. Sleep last night nonexistent and the masseuse? Hmmmm is this just a hustle? As I now question the motive of every cost since I've been here. LORD just get me home safely please counting the minutes..
Im 3 days po an my swelling /draining is friggin crazy! Ive got headaches ad feel like shit=( I haven't gotten my massages yet (looking forward to gtting this damn liquid out of my body!!) Im starting to barely see my shape coming in..feeling excited though=)

Feeling better in 2 garment! Post op 1week

Finally hitting the 1 week mark and it feels so good! Lol that until I laid down in it KILLs but it's normal. I'll be wearing the 2nd garment throughout the day the first 1 I'll sleep in until my inflammation and swelling goes down. So far so good! My waist was pretty pleasing hips and bum too. Here's just a few snaps of me in the 2 Fajate.

I'll take better pics once I get to the states lol sooowwwwwyy

I know my pics haven't been the best but hey under the circumstances.. I'm trying:-)
You look great! Overall how would you rate your experience. I am going in October, I'm a little nervous any advice for me?
Thank you it's getting better everyday! I guess my advise would be to simply let your body heal at its course don't rush it have patients give it at least a month before you start saying wth lol try not to let your nervousness get the best of you. It's a process you just have to let it run it's course do just gave patients with the results=-)
Wow, thank you so much for the advice. Rest up and I can't wait for more update pictures, you look wonderful, xoxoxo. Congratulations

2nd garment hmm are you my friend or my enemy

So yeah I've been trying to be true to the whole "live in your garment" theme. But when it starts leaving horrible impressions all over your body and possible bruising I think that's my que to back away. So I'm now more so living in my first garment it's more comfortable and it still holds everything where it should without taking my breathe away as much. I mean I really think my 2nd garment is simply just too small for me. Today was the first day that I could put it on without assistance but it still took 30 mins of huffing puffing taking a break laying down to hook it on and finally all that just to have even the stitching of the garment imprinted on my body! I'm so serious it's not cute and that's with a t shirt on underneath. I think realistically I probably should hold off until swelling goes down a bit more. But I will put in on for a few hours a day and torture myself but for all day all night I will be in stage 1 fir the next few days. Just my preference and health wise I'm sure lol

I know I promised a new pic today but not much has changed

I need a better cam lol but I can tell you that I've SUPER slimmed down. I waited a bit like I said and alternated between garments and now I'm on the second hook on garment #2!! Yaaay! Dealing with some swelling fluid and such but looking forward to it all surpassing. And I can't WAIT for fluff season cause my booty has came and went honey lol I mean I mean it's not a bad look but I remember when I had a fatty 8 days ago lol but I'll give it a month or two and I'm sure it'll be bigger than ever then!=-)
Congrats and Happy Healing.
Thank you!:-)
Happy Healing.

17 days post and feel good!

Ok ladies I will say that eating right and drinking LOTS of water goes a long way! I still have a small pocket of fluid in my lower abdomen but my doctor just called to check on me! Yes my primary doctor here in the states wanted to know how I was healing I told him I'm feeling good still a little swollen but man I starting to feel real confident about my results! I didn't want to use the scar cream he prescribed until all incision were healed and I must say I believe they have quite well! Now I have some pics I'll share but I will say that these pics don't do my butt justice cause even without the fluff I'm so curvy I absolutely LOVE my curves! I mean LOVE! And my doctor said the fluid will absorb within the body as time passes by! He said its normal to be uneven or even lomp sided as these are not my final results. Receiving his call today made me wanna inform you ladies that are worried.. Everything will work out as planned please maintain your faith!=-)
I've been emailing her like crazy and she hasn't responded yet . How did you get in contact with her ?
Hello, I am new on RS. I just wanted to say that you look amazing! I heard of Duran and wanted to know exactly what it is that you had done because I am planning to do it some time next year. Duran seems like my best option. On my profile I have my current pic and how I look. I had 2 kids and have been unable to lose this excess weight. I do have some booty but like you said would appreciate more. Any advice would help! Thanks!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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