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My names Ade , im 20 yrs Old 5'1 ,150pounds Ive...

My names Ade , im 20 yrs Old 5'1 ,150pounds
Ive been looking at this website about 1 year already nd i decided to go some work done on my body . Ive been emailing DR.DURAN but NO luck . I get no Response from her at all . I love her work it looks amazing , Also Yilys . Im.going to try Yily . Here are some wish pics and Mine. I would like to get my procedures done end of March .

Yay ! Going with Yily

Got a response back from Dra.Yily . Confirmed for February 27,2015 . Super Happy !! Im Also going with my mother shes 37 years old 4'11-&also weighs 150 5Kids. I wont be posting any pictures of her. She wont let me lol . After the surgery i will.

confirmed price $$

Problem Gaining Weight! !-

So i was 150 and now im at 132 ? How is the Possible? Ive been trying to gain 15 pounds nd in losing it :( any help on how to gain weigh rapidly? ! Please and thankyou
dra yily de los santos

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Good luck!!! Have you decided on a recovery house yet
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No i have not . Haven't really decided my seld with that.
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Good luck!  Let us know if you get a hold of either of them and what you decide to do :)
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Thanks & liposcuplture & BBL :)
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Hey lady do you have a Sx buddy I'm scheduled for the 4 Feb 2015. Let me know
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Ill be goin with my mother. Were bothe scheduled For Feb 26
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O that's great that you have your Momma to go with you mine just isn't able to do it go, hope it all goes smooth for both of you ladies keep us posted!
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Thanks :) Good luck. deff will keep yall Posted
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