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My names Ade , im 20 yrs Old 5'1 ,150pounds Ive...

My names Ade , im 20 yrs Old 5'1 ,150pounds
Ive been looking at this website about 1 year already nd i decided to go some work done on my body . Ive been emailing DR.DURAN but NO luck . I get no Response from her at all . I love her work it looks amazing , Also Yilys . Im.going to try Yily . Here are some wish pics and Mine. I would like to get my procedures done end of March .


Good luck!  Let us know if you get a hold of either of them and what you decide to do :)
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Thanks & liposcuplture & BBL :)

Yay ! Going with Yily

Got a response back from Dra.Yily . Confirmed for February 27,2015 . Super Happy !! Im Also going with my mother shes 37 years old 4'11-&also weighs 150 5Kids. I wont be posting any pictures of her. She wont let me lol . After the surgery i will.


Good luck!!! Have you decided on a recovery house yet
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No i have not . Haven't really decided my seld with that.

confirmed price $$


Hey lady do you have a Sx buddy I'm scheduled for the 4 Feb 2015. Let me know
Ill be goin with my mother. Were bothe scheduled For Feb 26

Problem Gaining Weight! !-

So i was 150 and now im at 132 ? How is the Possible? Ive been trying to gain 15 pounds nd in losing it :( any help on how to gain weigh rapidly? ! Please and thankyou


Buena suerte y Bendiciones
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You've been trying to gain weight and instead you lost a bunch?  I wish I had that issue!  
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