I have a date with Diaz (Dr. Manuel Diaz)

After about 6 months of being a realself -aholic,...

After about 6 months of being a realself -aholic, I decided to start my post. I am 27 years old and I have one 6 year old child via c-section. I have contacted and received quotes from Yily, Duran, and Baez, and I have decided to go with Baez. I am choosing Baez, because she only does 1-2 surgeries a day and she also responds to you with any questions you may have.

I am 5' 2" and 186 lbs. Most of my weight is in my lower body... butt and thighs. I am contemplating which surgeries I would like to go with. As of now its aggresive liposculpture (incl thighs and arms), bbl, and ba. I know its a lot... but once and done is my goal. Some of my friends say I dont need any more booty and they are prob right but I would like a more shapely butt. A tt is out of the question for me, just a personal decision.
My friend is coming with me she is getting lipo and bbl with Duran the day after my surgery. It's gonna be nice having someone with me to share the experience. I'm trying to convince her to do a review also.

***WEIGHT LOSS*** I am going to try to get down to 175, I am a short thick girl and don't want it any other way.

Hasta Luego

Before pics

Didnt have a chance to post pic yesterday. But these are the pics I sent for my quote. Not best pics but selfies are never easy :). These boobs need help and the love handles gotta go. Maybe enough lipo around my booty will make it great... or not

Measurements and flight booked

So... My weight is actually 187 lbs ;/ and my measurements are 34,32,46. I would like a 30/32, 26, 46 but I don't even know how that would look lol.

Baez said 180 or close so I really want to try to get rid of a few lbs.

About 10 weeks to go so we shall see.

Might change my Doctor

Ugghh... I read all these reviews about people changing their doctors. I tried to email Baez to see if she can send me some before and after pics of some of her more "curvy" girls, and no response yet. Although her reviews are great I just want to make sure she can give me the results I want. A lot of the Baez dolls had to gain weight for surgery and I am more on the lose a few pounds before surgery side.

So I sent a quote request to Dr. Manuel Diaz, and Dra. Fatima Alamonte. I have seen a good amount of before and afters of some curvier girls and they were awesome.

I have been dieting and eating really healthy. Not so much to lose weight but the healthier you are the better your recovery.

I also keep contemplating what surgeries I want. I am sure whichever doctor I choose will tell me what's best for me. But I definitely want Liposculpture (back, flanks, abdomen, waist), incl. thighs (inner and posterior), arms and breast aug (lift w/ implants (med)), and maybe chin lipo and bbl. I wonder if my booty will have a better shape from lipo to the surrounding areas.

Also started vitamins. Right now just taking the blood builder and a multi vitamin. I'll prob do the preop vitamins from makemeheal when I get closer to my surgery date.

Hasta Luego

Diazdoll in less than 2 weeks

I'm not going to write a lot. Most people only want post op info anyway. I changed my mind about Baez, because I couldn't be sure she can deliver results for larger women. When I asked her if she had pictures she never responded. However she responded to the same email almost a month later asking me to confirm my date. Which means you got my email and chose not to respond. It's not a big deal, but I'm just funny like that. She delivers great results just not for me.

To prepare for surgery I have stopped drinking, no fried or fatty foods, I'm taking a multi vitamin, hemeplex, bromelain, and put absorb (gotta have that iron right). I also started a 10 day cleanse. You don't have to diet just take the pills. I want my insides right during surgery and recovery.

The day is here

So everything is going well so far. I came yesterday and did all my preop work. Diaz is great we were on the same page about what I wanted. The ladies at real recovery armonia (mayra) are so sweet. Now I'm waiting for Diaz to come mark me up and take this blue pill. He's late but I understand he has more important obligations and this is an elective surgery. No worries.

Less than 24 hrs post op

Whew the pain and uncomfortableness is no joke. I woke up during surgery but it wasn't a big deal to me. They put me back to sleep once the other time they were almost done so they just numbed me. Too much anesthesia isn't good so I appreciate them. He does operate with another physician DR Sabala. Which I'm sure all docs have assistants. I'm just glad they are both certified drs. 700 cc's in each cheek and 325 cc implants subglandular. I was in surgery for almost 6 hrs. I'm not sure how much fat he removed I will ask him at my next appt

The struggle

I am waiting on a transfusion. My hemo was 6.7 today. This sucks I'm supposed to stay strong but it's hard. I'm swollen and they can't find a vein. I just want to be ok. I asked today and he took out 7 liters of fat. Hopefully the blood will Make me better

Last check in with DR diaz before I go home

I had my last massage with Brunhilda and last check up with Diaz. I am very happy with my progress. I am in my stage 2 garment today... No opinion about that yet. I'm not a wordy person. Any questions just ask.

I think one of the important things when picking a doctor is not only their results. But aftercare too. Every doc does things a lil different. Comparing him with others:
He put my faja on me in the operating room. Some next day.
My massages started day after surgery some docs wait 5 days or don't even make sure their patients get massages. The massages are necessary, point blank! It helps with stiffness and fluid.
He does not give everyone heparin. He does it on a patient to patient bases.
I saw him 4 times after my surgery. Some only saw their Doc once or twice.
He provided all the care to me directly. Cleaning my wounds taking out my drains etc.

When I woke up in surgery he was there (I think everyone wakes up) but he was there start to finish he closed me up himself with Dr. Sabala. I know because I pretended to still be under just to watch what they were doing I didn't say anything until I felt a lil pain.

Any questions please ask. He's not as popular as some but I think his results are just as good. Even the people here say the sane thing. And they see every doctors patients.

Less than 2 weeks post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great Chica! I'm waiting on info from Diaz. Is he good sculptor? I need aggressive lipo? Happy healing. .. thank you for the review.
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I think he did an awesome job of sculpting and 7 liters of fat is pretty aggressive
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Looking good
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Hey hun, Glad you are in good health and things went well.... that butt tho!!
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Hi hun. Im glad it went well for you. I hope you heal smoothly. Amazing results btw! Can I ask, do you think diaz would be equally as good or did you see any women with little fat have good results? You already had curves to begin with, im abit straight, flat bottom ect lol and I don't know who to pick!
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I honestly think all the drs give about the same results. When he saw me in person naked it's like he was a mind reader. And he takes his time. But like everyone else says make sure you are absolutely comfortable with your decision. If you have any apprehensions are questions just email him. I think he will be very honest with what he can do.
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Thank you for your reply. Its just hard work choosing. But yes it does depend on your body type entirely. I didn't find him very informative but thats probably because im just enquiring. .. he did say he could give me a heart shaped which is what I wanted :-D
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Look at that waist hunnie!! U are coming along niiiicely!
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Well I'm glad hes not as "popular" as the rest. His results are just as amazing and he's able to give you those optimum results because he's not seeing 6 patients in a day!
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Can you post pictures of your butt?
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Hows it going sweetie??
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Hey it's going great I updated my review. I wish I was a blogger lol. But you are in great hands with him
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Congrats&Happy Healing!
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You loving great thus far, happy healing.
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How you feeling babe????
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Better after the blood even though it was a long process that really freaked me out
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Happy healing
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You look great!! What was cost of your surgery with the tummy tuck?
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I meant to say without the tummy tuck! You only got the bl with implant and bbl.
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5500 includes meds. No tummy tuck but extra lipo on arms and thighs
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And massages
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Blessings!! I hope you're doing okay.
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Look at that boooooty! yes Doll!!! I can't wait til the swelling subsides! Happy healing!!!
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OMGoooosh!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you hunnie!!!!
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