fabulous at 38 Liposuction/sculpture

Ive read alot of reviews and my.gf just returned...

Ive read alot of reviews and my.gf just returned from Dr Yily. I emailed.today and received quote.instructions and schedule with in 1 hr. Always had a nice bottom looking for lipo and bbl. The money is worth it. I had inplants 2003 4800.00 in the US. I will be sending deposit next week and selecting my date
Nervous but ready

made a decision. US

Ok after several.attempts to.contact dra yily through all.avenues to only get a response 3 weeks later advising my req date.was no longer avail. I went with my first choice.and previous.surgeon dr
Barry J. Cohen..Rockville Md. Consult today for 3 area Lipo. (I really dont need a bbl) surgery scheduled for 3/28/14. Im.soooooo excited and beyond.comfortable with my decision.

?Going back 10 years later...

Going back 10 years later to see Dr. Barry J.Cohen for 3 area Lipo. Abs, flanks.and full back. Quick response time for.consult. met with Dr. Cohen today. Scheduled surgery date for 3/28. Friendly staff. Secluded area in rockville. Surgery center is in same building sooo excited. Deposit is $500 min. I just paid 1/2 all.cc's accepted balance due 1 week prior to surgery

closer to surgery

Date moved up. Date moved up from 3/28 to 3/25. 3 area lipo. Full back, flanks, abs. Sooo excited. Here are my current and b4 surg pics. Will check back in Tuesday after surgery

2 days pre op measurements

Breast- underarm across top 39"
Breast- bra snap under tatas 36"
High waist- at hour glass indentation above navel 34.5"
At navel- 39"
At natural waist just abv pelvis under navel 41"

Best way I can measure and offer a comparison later

less than 24hrs to showtime

Ok my surgery time has been confirmed with the surgery center. I report at 9a. Transformation begins at 10:00am tomorrow. Soo excited

less than 24hrs post op

Had my surgery completed yesterday and I feel pretty good. Worse part was getting my IV Started 45min to find a vein. Im.up and doing well. I walk for 2 mins every 4 hrs. Its a start oxycodone keeps me sleeping will post pics next week

full back pre op. ewwww

The night before surgery. Looking kinda like a preggar.

less than 24hrs post op

Leaking all over have to change my pads. I figured my first view I'll share

my fat. -eww

Almost 5 liters. Dr sent my pic maximum 5000 cc's in the states

36 hrs post op rear

36 hours 2nd bandage change loving my results. No more back boobies

4 days post op

Day 4 I feel good. No more pain meds. New CG delivered today. Tight as hell omg! But better back support. Va Jay jay seems a little swollen. More bruising at lower abs site. Was able to drive. But difficult getting in and out of car. No more leaking. Yaaye! Keeping gauze on incisions though they feel like rugburns. Better covered to prevent chaffing with the CG

11 day journey

Day 1 to post op day 11

I wrote a review somewhere. I need to find it

11 day post op.

Ok. Sooo after 3 CG. That sizing is crazy o started with an abdomen wrap. Then purchased a halter faja. Tried the 1 piece romper. Umm yeah well its ripped in pieces and in the trash. Day 10 yesterday I purchased a homedics massager from bed bath and beyond. Its awesome. Bruising is almost gone. Vajay jay swelling has decrease. Incision sites on hips are sore. I think from the CG not covering that far. Scabs have fallen off. Upper back is sore I take advil for that. Massage daily at min 45mins b4 bed. Im still.swollen and today im.bloated. pre.menstrual. so I look bigger than day 2 post op. My waist at navel is a 34. But my 7 jean shorts are a size 32 and fit with the gap in the back :) I have several lumps and knots around my navel. They sometimes have sharp pains. I see some unleveled areas. I started using the lipo foam. The CG created an indentation in my lower abs so im trying to correct that b4 its permanent. Follow up visit scheduled In.4 weeks. Skin feels really tight and its difficult to stretch. I use the faja during the day and the ab wrap at night. Im moving around. I can drive. But taking this last week to just relax b4 heading back into the office. I attached a photo grid from day 1 till today and my wish pic. I think ill look better than my wish pic though. Lol.

Finally cleared

Hey ladies its been a while and I havent posted. Apologies. I had a really bad cold/flu/allergies. Idk. But its over. Im 5.5 weeks post op today. I keep shrinking. Saw my PS today. I have a hard lump near my navel. He attempted aspiration to see if it was fluid. not I received an injection of Cortisone to loosen the mass and was told keep massaging. Good news. My results arent typical at this stage usually at 2 months. Still swollen and my bra size has dropped from a 38 to a 34. My natural waist is a 30. Ive lost about 8 inches. There. Still have incision itching. And soreness along my flanks/sides at night when I sleep or stretch. He says my muscles are bruised but it will continue to get better. Im back to my pre op activities. I wear CG All day except at bedtime.

3mons post op

OK ladies its Been a while since ive posted, I am now 3 months and 1 week post op. Just tatted up my lipo incisions. I still wear my cg at least 3x per week.

more photos

I have Not Worked out I need to start. Want the waist a little smaller. I still feel a jelly belly :(
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Had my first consult.today. surg scheduled for 3/25 excellent staff. Dr. Cohen is the greatest highly recommend. And awesome.with his hands

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look AMAZING!!
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ladies yilly is horrible she jacked up my body my ass is un even i have alot of fat in abdomen area one hip is higher than the other.i need alot if correction done i will be going to edgar contreras hes the man he did one of my friendsshe loojs amazing
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If u have jelly belly it sure does not show.
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U look great! I need to update when I'm back from vacation!
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I just came back myself. Thanks. Enjoy. See you soon
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U r looking good.
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Thanks honey. Funny thing I still feel fluffy sometimes. Weird
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How r u doing? I have not seen a post for awhile.
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Hey Colorado. I get confused on where im posting. Lol. Im doing well lumps are subsiding and evening out. Saw ps 2 weeks ago. Received a shot or cortisone near my navel. The lump softened up. I still feel sore around my sides. Dr said my muscles were bruised. I wear my marena cg everyday all day. And my marie faja waist cincher every other night. I cant stand the itching. Omg! Some spots of numbness still. Im still slightly swollen but I cant tell. If I stayed my current size I would be fine. New problem. My clothes. Lady let me tell you how I wear size 12/14 azz and hips. But they all fall off my waist. O_0! Leggings and dresses are easier to wear. My bra size went from a 38dd to a 34D. Pissed all my new bras are too big. Lol. My final.visit is Jun. May need some touch up but we'll see. Tomorrow I will officially be 6weeks post op and will post pics and meashrem measurements :)
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I am really impressed with ur results. U r looking truly amazing. 5,000 cc, that is more than twice what they removed from me. Love your new look.
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Thanks CO. I told my PS to take tje maximum. He said almost 5. It was 4.6 total. Back. Abs flanks. Said surprisingly it just all came off. I have no fat left (I cant tell. I can still pinch an inch or so lol) still swollen and of course its cycle time ;( with bloating. I will post updated pic on Tuesday. The monthly lady will be gone and the swelling down. I wear the marena 2nd stage onesie daily. I now have the waist cincher by Marie faja that I love. Only took 15mins to get it on. Size M. But omg. Slept in it and its very.comfortable. I can breathe.
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My first squeem waist clincher I was sure it was to small, threw it in the corner and the next morning after about 15 minutes I was squeezed into it. Just took a little persistence the first time. Continued good luck.
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My faja was an emotional and comical act to put on. Hubby had to assist. Got it on. Slept In. 24hrs. The next day I was able to snap by myself then day 3. I had to use the 2nd set of hooks to tighten it up
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What was your waist before lipo. You look awesome!
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Thank you ddarlins. Sadly at my navel was a 39. Natural waist was a 36
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How are you doing?
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Hey lady. .doing a lot better just got the ok to start working out. I can see the results but they appear to change weekly. That damn menstrual bloating can't be stopped. Now the itching and numbness is aggravating. Dr says im.still slightly swollen. And to.keep wearing Cg I have stage 2 marena. Very comfortable. I started with an xl. Now I wear a medium. I think I could do a small. I also ordered a marie size m. They are cut smaller
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Yeah!! glad you're doing better and started to work out! Today is one month post op for me :)
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Your looking awesome, looks like we have similar body shapes but you have a much nicer butt than me, jealous :). I start endermologie Monday for the lumps and bumps, my dr says its a must. Well have to let you know how it goes!
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Lol. Thanks. Trust me as soon as I start working out. It will melt away :( I dont have anymore big lumps amd everything is softening up. I can sw a normal navel again. For a min it looked like I had botox injected. Im.just massaging by hamd myself and using the personal homedics massager. Hmm maybe I get a prof massage today. Hell I deserve it. Im going walking tda as a well the weather has been beautiful
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How are you doing? I'm 3 weeks post today. It looks good, but by 3 pm I swell up like a balloon and then the tightness and burning starts! I have had 2 1/2 lbs of fat removed. I'm happy, but I'm too tight to work out... So I feel blubby in other areas...
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Hi scarlett I feel great not working out for sure. I am able to stretch my back with tightness still in my abs. I haven't had much of an appetite and now have lower leg cramps im saying from dehydration however my Ps wants me to get an ultrasound today to just be sure. Im not saying the "e" word because I dont beleive or claim it. I walked quite a bit and tore the mall up so I haven't been laying still. Ill update tomorrow
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Oh wow. I'm afraid to stretch for fear I will pull something . I see doctor next wed. Good luck!
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you look fantastic!!! you're definitely going to look better than that wish pic :D!
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Aww thank you momto38. Im soo ready to at least start going back to zumba. But I gave myself 30days post op b4 I start. How are you doing?
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