36yrs Old Liposuction of Abs, Flanks, Mons Pubis in Dominican Republic

I am getting liposuction done by Dr. Alejandro...

I am getting liposuction done by Dr. Alejandro Hernandez-P on May 30th. I am at the 2-week mark and am taking Iron and Folic Acid as he suggested, and trying not to drink too much coffee or alcohol and not taking any other meds (natural or otc).
I want to document my experience for 2 reasons, one in case there are others out there like me that are unfamiliar with cosmetic surgery AND in a foreign country and need/want as much detail as possible. And more importantly b/c my main motivation to get lipo is b/c of a big pubic mound. No matter how much weight I lost or how fit the rest of my body was, my "pooch" and mound were there. I have had to live with it my entire life as far as I can remember, but only until now am able to afford the surgery. My wishes are to be able to wear form fitting clothing and bathing suits without looking awkward in that area. I would like to share a patient's perspective with others in the same situation. I will continue to update pre- & post-op including pictures and reviews.

Surgery in 7 days

I am really nervous about my iron levels not being where they should be. Never had a problem with them, but I have to make certain. So I have cut out coffee, tea, soda, and dairy as these can cut iron absorption by 50%. Also, taking iron w a glass of OJ 1-hr before or after meals for better absorption. Daily I take Iron (ferrous sulfate), Folic Acid, VitC. Drinking a lot of water and OJ as liquids only. I am also eating clean, only protein and veggies w very little rice at dinner. Tomorrow I go for my iron test, hope the results are good!

SX at end of the week update!

My sx is in 4 days. Im not looking forward to the recovery, but have dreamt of this time forever!
I think it's a good idea to get your hemoglobin checked out at home so you don't run into any surprises (aka delays). They will NOT operate if you are low.
My hemo: 12.8
Hematacrit: 38.8
Packed: ensure 1x/day
Sterile gauze pads
Baby wipes
4 small towels
Vits: iron, folic acid, vitC, arnica, magnesium, potassium, stool softener & benadryl (just in case!)
Clothes: flip flops-1, flats-1
Loose dress/maxi-1
Yoga pants-1
Ticket & passport in hand. This girl is ready!
*Tip: I notified my bank and credit card co. the dates and destination of my trip. To ensure they don't block my purchases while im in DR.*

1 day post sx

Ladies, got to the DR and the doc's driver was waiting for me w a sign w my name on it. Leo, the driver, is everything everyone says. Met with Laura, the assistant, and she is incredibly professional and helpful. And believe all the hype about Dr. Hernandez-P. He is so professional, kind, and he's all about what results you want and how to best obtain them. Initially I was going for just lipo, but during the consult once the doc was actually able to see me, we decided I'd do a tiny bit of BBL. I wasn't looking for a big dunkydonk, just a little lifted bubble and he delivered! Right now my stomach is too swollen to see the final results but even with the swelling I see a difference. I finally have a waist and a little boom boom in the rear.

Ladies, expect to spend 3-4hrs for pre-sx testing. They have a cafeteria at CECIP (where you will have your sx), wifi, and take USD. You will be give urine and blood tests, then an EKG by the Cardioligist, xray, paperwork, and finally meet w Dr. H. Then Leo will take you to whichever house you're staying at. I am at Tropical RH, both Wife and Husband are nurses and the hubby actually is Dr. H's asst. So you can't really go wrong! I have met some girls here that rave about Maria's RH too and I actually met her also, Leo is her hubby! So either way, you know you are in good hands.

Before the sx you take a little blue pill, and ladies, I have no idea what happened after that. All I know is I woke up in bed with my faja on. You have the IV going where they feed you painkillers and the drainage thing which looks real weird, but is pretty darn secure. The 1st day in the hospital is annoying b/c you're laying on your back now for 24hrs. That is what causes the discomfort. The sx itself does not cause any pain, just discomfort from the black n blues.
So all in all, I got lipo of the abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, and BBL and I really feel good. I had one dizzy spell but it went away quick and now I'm sitting here filling you ladies in. Hope you all have just as good of an experience. And if you have any questions, I am here to help!
Post-op pics to come soon!

Almost forgot.... tank tops

They don't include this on the list, I don't know why. But you should bring with you tank tops, like the hanes tank tops that you can pickup at walmart for $5. B/c you have to wear them under you. r faja and should change into a clean one daily. I had no idea, but lucky for me I had one. Leo is picking up 3 more for me (I'll get them washed at the RH), but for $5 each! Now you know.

3 weeks post lipo sx

Taken me a while to post bc i wanted to see substantial results. Still swollen but can see a smaller waist and stomach.
Back flanks are numb and noticeably still swollen, hoping that will resolve itself. My lower abs are swollen and lumpy w nodules. Also feel nodules on my sides, you can see them a little in the side pic-hope it resolves itself too!
All b&b are gone and I'm comfortable in my faja. Had to get a new one bc the one my doc gave me became too loose.
Also, bought a heat therapy massager online and give myself LD massages.
Happy w results thus far just hoping my stomach flattens out more soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Congrats on the new you. You look Super Good! I was curious if you have b4 pics on bl Do you see a big difference? Did he do fat transfer on butt or just brazilian butt lift? I am curious as i am doing abs and waist in October and i want the fat put in my butt; hope your lumps have subsided,they should by 6 months if they haven't ask doctor. Happy Healing Bella
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You've got the same body shape as me. How is it going, has your lower abs gone down?
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Yes it has gone down. but it's still visibly bumpy up close. My fear was that it would be permanent and I'd have to get a re-touch to fix. But at this point (5 weeks post-sx) you can tell it's swelling. I had not realized that my inner thighs were swollen too. Now that the swelling is going down I can feel the same nodules on my inner thighs also. I'm glad to see results, however slow. It's all about being patient now and squeezing the crap out of the swelling with the faja. Will post new pics soon. Have you had sx or when do you plan to?
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Thats good to hear. I really want to get sx but im too nervous to get it done.
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Hang in there. It sometimes takes awhile to get those lumps to go away. I am at almost six months and my stomach has just flattened out. If u notice the girls in their early 20's with no kids that seem to spring back the quickest with no problems. U r looking great, I do think the electric massager 10-15 minutes twice a day helped. Good luck.
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Hi jenn how did it go. How is the recovery house?
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The sx was cake. Dr. Hernandez is truly awesome. Idk why some ppl say he's rude. He is professional and as a professional he is very honest. Personally, i like his bedside manners and love the results.
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Re the RH. I hesitate to say anything bc i have nothing to compare it to. And we are used to American standards, DR is 3rd world and we just have to keep that in perspective? I saw a few things tthat could use improvement but the biggest plus is their medical beds. I don't think the other houses have them. And girl, when you get out of sx you NEED that medical bed. I would've been in trouble w.out it. Also note that i stayed at the tropical RH. Not to be confused w tropical deluxe RH. Def do your hw ladies!
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My childhood Dr was honest, intelligent, and knowledgeable. In other words one great doctor but a lot of ppl did not like him becuz of straight out manner. I loved the man, his son is now our neighbor and just like his dad. I am glad u found a Dr with those great qualities.
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Congratulations Doll, and speedy recovery
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Glad u r doing so well.
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I'm glad all went well! xoxoxo
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Safe surgery and recovery. I will hit u up a prayer.
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God bless you, keep us updated.
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Tells us about the tropical rh
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Ese Rh es muy bueno, es limpio, organizado y lo mejor es que hace un tratamiento de hierro que no necesitas transfuccion, garganta zurdo
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Please update after surgery.
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Good luck with your surgery. Dr hernandez is a great doctor your in good hands.
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Thank you. Migdalia did you have surgery with dr h and what did he perform.
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Hi teddie. Yes i had tummy tuck,full back lipo,bbl. Check out his reviews on realself theres before and after pic.
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Hi Longislandjenn, how's everything going? Have ypu decided which RH you'll be staying at?
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I didn't get to choose, they picked and told me tropical rh. :/
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Hi Longislanjenn, Doctor H is the best, very direct and to the point. Tells you exactly what to expect. I'm staying at Maria Recovery House, the nurse here is the absolute best!! No complaints. The driver Leo (Maria's husband) is nice also.
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So i didn't have much of a choice in picking the RH since i got the SX &stay package, they took care of the rh. Im staying at Tropical RH, anyone been there?
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Ok cool! I think it's because Maria is currently full, I took the same package. But I know everything will be great with you. Good Luck! I'll keep checking on you!
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