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I Am 33 Years Old I Have 4 Kids, I Am Tired of Seeing my Body How It is I was interested on Dr Yily but changed it to Dr Fisher

Feel beautiful I want to have that confidence back...

feel beautiful I want to have that confidence back that I used to have with my body nobody else but myself,. My goal is to going me she already gave me the quote for the surgery and the dates that are available. I am kind of nervous but I know what I want. I am going to get lipo front and back with a tummy tuck n arms

hi RS

Another day without my passport :( wonder what's going on. Found out in manhatten they will give it to me right there n then. Will do that tomorrow . Hopefully give this deposit in to DR Yily and get May appt

this is me

How I look

hi RS a lot has been happening

I'm excited I got my confermation date :) now I have to conferm my stay. I booked my surgery for May 6 so hype. Any body that's is booking that date or in that date pls hit me up looking for a RH. So excited.
Let me tell you how my day went
Went to the air port I booked ky foight already but now I have to go n change my date n add 5 days more.so it will be 15 days :/ I went to the bath room when I went to the lady to pay my difference omg I thought some one toke my purse. End up going back home with traffic to get my purse. All this time my purse was in my house . I met this lady that works there (air line) she was so nice omg. Amazing personality, to change my life it did not cost me anything I gave her a big huge ol my god. It would of cost me . Not nervous yet till I get to miami n it get close to my date lol. Pass port not here:( they send me a letter tyat I need to send so hopefully it will work out.

sorry for the mess

Sorry for any miss spelling. So tired is 11:45pm trying to update you with info . Also typing it on the phone. Gn ladys

I bought

Hi gm, yesterday boughtcouple of things not too much I bought some probably like 5 things undecided on what to buy is someone could give me a list on the quantity that I should bring that has the experience already or has an idea please comment I'll be so thankful. well today I will be calling my passport to see what's going on I paid extra money so I could receive it fast so let's seetoday what happens kind of nervous. I just got the confirmation for the upscale recovery house I already put my deposit in I will be staying there for 15 days. I heard good things in that place so hopefully I will experience the same thing.


well with that I already told you a letter from them they call me so hopefully they will respond as soon as possible with my passport that's what has me a little bit nervous. can anybody tell me what to bring to the recovery house so I have everything put away.

I hope crossing fingers

I just came home getting ready for tomorrow my son has a game he plays baseball he's in those traveling program just wasted almost $200 but it was a good price because the bat was 300 something .when I got home I seen on the door that the UPS came I hope I really hope is my passport that they send the fast still haven't went shopping for my stuff slacking so pissed off I gain 4 pounds so now I'm 187 gotta go back down hopefully I start my diet on Monday. I have a doctors appointment what the doctor give me those medicine that Dr yily requested in some pain medicine hopefully crossing my finger let's see what day he's going to die he has available to check my hemoglobin and to set up the appointment for the EK G.


hi I went shopping again I did not buy a lot of stuff I bought for more medicine so I guess s every week I am going to shop little by little from I think the more information that I get the more stuff that I will put a my bad I just don't want to buy a lot of stuff and then I really don't use it it starts getting pricing.I am so excited um today my wall not today it was yesterday my passport came I look horrible in the picture I don't care as long is hear that was my main concern so now that I have it I am less stress.I am driving my husband crazy cuz that's all I want

omg no I didn't

Can somem one tell me or email myudemis@gmail.com what I need to bring when it comes down to medicine supplies. I delete it by mistake :(

hi lady's

hi ladies I'm back on I haven't went shopping at all. Kind of nervous my time is going to be closer and closer I should be flying to Miami March no not march sorry April ,going to spend with my family over there can't wait met my mom definitely going to enjoy myself before I go to D.R. I will be in so much pain. Hopefully by this Thursday I should be buying more stuff that I need and clothing.just got out of the hospital yesterday night my son was playing basketball handles breaking his nose and lips sheesh. He's fine thank God. I colored my hair what you girls think about the color that I put?

5 weeks to go to miami

I have 5 weeks to go to Miami I'm in Ny right now. Going spend time with family down there . Trying to have fun before I go to Dr Yily lol. Will be spending time with her for two weeks no kids no husband wow. I no when I be away from them I will be missing them a lot. My sx is in may 6 I will be flying on may 5 to upscale TH. Haven't packed yet so nervous hope I get it together with my stuff. I you lady's could give me some advice I will appretiate it. I don't no if I told you


hope this Thursday I will by more stuff. Hopefully I will buy some pillows for my butt. And some medicine for pain. Pls lady's any tips you could give me I will appreciate it.

Question what is the deal with the money does any one know how we suppose to give her the rest of the money? Do I have to carry all that money on me? Scared to be mugged :/

more pic of me

Trying to loss weight. I was lookin weight but started to gain again hope fully I will be in track . Was planning to be in a diet pill to help me lose weight. I go to dr in may 5 sx on may 6 . Don't need complications.

made an appointment to see the dr

For april 3rd. I am hoping to have my hemoglobin good. I been on the vitm for 3weeks. I been taking it 3 times a day, not going to lie been off n onwithnit comple of days but back on track. I beenbtaking acid folic, multi vitamin, and iron. Should I take more vitamin so that my himo could go up?

weighted my self

I weighted my self at the hospital. My youngest son is allergic to something. I spoke to the nurse if i could weight my self. I weight 189. I have to try harder now to lose more I wish I could weight 150 but is hard when you have 1 month time frame. Lets see what happens. Will update everyone . I want to be 170 thats my goal. What do you think about me being in a diet pill you think that will affect me.


Weighted 195

so excited

I will be buying a juicer. I will be in a juicer diet plus I will be working out. Will let you no how it goes and also will keep you up dated on the stuff I bought for my trip.

hi rs

Bought my self a juicer, gauze pads, alcohol pads, love, anti bacteria soap Hama and shore at Target I bought all this stuff. Going to BJ to by myself the pad the over night. at Target I noticed I'm medication for cars it cost $23 I'm about to go back and buy it suppose to be helpful c-section or any type of surgery to heal the wound wontbleave a scar.

wish body

Hope she can give me this body

second day of juicer

I weighted my self this morning 188.2 this is the second day of juicer. All day yesterday and today my stomac been gassing . I will be back within a week to up date you lady's how my body will change hope it works. My goal is to weight 170 by april 27.

I have a question I am doing my bbl should I buy the pillow or the yoga mat so I wont flatten my but. What do you suggest, o and how long should I be out of my but ? I was thinking of buying two matt one on my upper butt and the other one lower butt but dont no how uncomfortable it will be. Any suggestions


Well o m here thinking and reading everyone post and comment. My time is getting closer. I would like to have a buddy with me that is going on this date.I see alot of llady's going on may 2 and the middle of the month. I'm I the only one having this date? Thinking face :/


I'm so worried, what happens if I dont find a buddy to go with me or share a room . Do I have to pay for a private room ? I only found one that is going on the 5 of may by she will be there supper late. . If any one going may 5 pls hit me .

I'm scared

everyday I go to Rs and look up all the amazing results of people and Carmen and review on things that they're packing before their surgery and has a twink. I came across to one and a shock to me to know that Dr Yily was one of them that got killed March 15 2014 if you see the pictures. Omfg I am so shocked now I'm having second thoughts if I should cancel my flight I don't know what to do


Undecided on what I am going to do, been so as tress. My family in my ear about the death they think is going to happen to me. I decided to change dra to Dr bello . When I thought I made a good choice she told me that dr killed some one a month ago. I was like what :/. My option was running out . I love my family n kids, I really want to do the TT n lipo. Dont no what to do

i think im going with dr mel ortega

This Dr is in Miami. He charged me $4,999 everything is included doing lipo n bbl . I know I will be save. Let's see how it goes. I will love to Dr yily but I'm so scared. Still doing my research on this Dr.

Dr Fisher Jonathan it is

I been so stress my phone been off the hook since Monday. Mom was trying to change my mind she found out about cipla clinic, hubby and his friend in my ear. Omg , I turn off my phone wanted to be alone for a while just to get my mind right.

Today I was searching for a surgeon Dr in Miami. My mother is out there I'm from Ny. So to make her happy I was researching finding a good Dr. I made up my mind . I will be a fisher doll!!! May 1 is my sx . His charging me 4999

Today is another day thank god for another day lord. My kids have the state test today. Bless those that are taking a test this week give them strength

Ready for check up

Ok lady's I'm here at the dr I hope my himo is good and my health to. I been drinking my vitamin, iron and falic acid. There are days I will drink it 3 times a day when ever I remember . Not going to really pack for my trip to Miami I will buy the stuff there what ever I have now I will take with me. Mind you that my mother is over there. She stays close to Dr Fisher. Will be calling Dr fisher assistant Jessica to see what the Dr thinks if I really need the tummy tuck n lipo. I don't want my stuff hanging so let's see. Lady's if you went to my and got some massage for a good price let me know please. I have to be ready just invade if the Dr says I need a tummy tuck.will keep you updated


Dont no know. I called Dr Fisher assistant and she said that I have to drop my weight to 170 pounds. I'm 188 right know. I have 1 month to lose weight :( I hope I could do it. Thats alot of weight kissing for 1 month. This is so frustrating. Then she charging me just for a lipo with out tummy tuck, they charge tummy tuck 4000$ more. They dont do it all at once. I really thinking on staying with Dr Yily. Did my blood work today within a week I will have my results. Jessica is recommended me with Dr fisher partner Dr Bass never heard from him. Because if you have a BMI that is high he does it. If is lower then Dr fisher do you. Have you guys heard from this dr? I will try to lose this weight if I can't then I will have to weight till I lose this friken weight.

made a deposit

Ok, made a deposit of 2000$. Spoke to Jessica she is so nice. She dont rush you off the phone. What ever question you have for her she will answer. JESSICA is Dr. FISHER Assistant. Spoke to Jessica had a question for her was kind of upset. The Dr wont do lipo tummy tuck n a bbl in one day :(. I will have to come back n get it done. Not trying to have a second pain n plus thats 5000. No way. Trying to lose this weight. I have in till may 12 to be 170 my weight is 188. Hope I could do it.

5 more weeks to go

So nervous, may 21 I will be in miami enjoying my self before my sx. You no how that goes. Heard the weather is beautiful out there so I will hit the beach.I'm still doing my diet lost 2 pound. My goal is 7 pound a week. :/ .

need help I have an issue with my daughter she is 17

She is 17 yrs old I don't let her have any boyfriend, because she disrespected me to many time with boys. She is still a virgin. Thank god for ob/gyn this friday. I check her all the time. But anyways. She was suppose to do a research project on her computer and I see her talking to the same boy that I told her to break it up. So the decision I think it need to take place is change her to a school in Brooklyn. She in Manhattan . Don't no what to do? I toke everything, I beat her Ass, im very old school.

Anyways today I called Vanity and left couple of messages to Jessica. Tomorrow I will be calling her to see what she wanted to speak to me about.

My weight right now is 187.7 crossing finger to lose more weight. I been struggling with rice im Spanish I eat rice n beans with everything lol.

up date got this from bori123

Dr Hasan is a dermatology Dr Fisher is a plastic surgeon. Don't worry with dr Fisher. Autopsy report: Woman died after buttocks surgery An autopsy showed Maribel Cardona died of a lung embolism from fatty tissue that reached her bloodstream after buttocks augmentation surgery. Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/03/31/4031171/woman-died-after-buttocks-surgery.html#storylink=cpy

hi lady's

I'm still in a diet , struggle. I'm going to post my pic let me know if you think I lost please be honest. I thing I'm shrieking inches not my weight . Frustrating :( still 188.5 I think is still to early. Been 5 days in a diet.


This morning I woke a little more lighter. I decided to weight my self . I been in this shake vegetables n one fruits diet but mind you I eat. I watch my portion. A min there I was mad it been 5 days I thought I was not losing weight. My time is getting closer n closer.

weight lost journey

My been struggling with my weight. Today I made my self a goal this week. I walked 30 blocks to go to the park. This park I went to has a running tracks. Verybig. Toke mmy4 kids there they was riding bike s. I told them they will be doing history only this week because they are in the spring break. Let me tell you I feel good kind of shaky because I'm so hungry so I made my self a shake. Kale, Orange juice, banana, red apples. Hold me off till.dinner. will tell you how it goes. Till next week :)

hi lady's

Let me tell you about yesterday, it was pouring here in NY . So I decided to exercise on my stairs I stay in the 6 floor.I worked for 1 1/2 going up and down. Yo I'm feeling it. With my weight lost last week I was back to 1889. I been on this strict diet for 3 days I'm back on 185.6 its been so hard cuz I love food. Love my rice n beans. Guess what no more juice straight water. No bread, rice or sweet . If you put your mind in to it. You could achieve. Its hard no lie it feels like your in drugs. For real. I have a bad habbihabit of eating cereal every night. I stoped that .it was time my stomach wassaying iI'm hungry. This is my 3 day I'm getting out of it. Omg my legs hurt I'm feeling it of yesterday's work out. Ooh I for got I did 30 min stomach work out. My 8 year old son works out . Will show you his body. His no chock.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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I have the same problem! Dr.Hasan is my doctor & Jessica is my coordinator as well. My current weight is 184 & I was told not to lose any weight. Then I saw ppl on here talking about how strict Dr.Hasan is about is patients BMI so I called Jessica yesterday. Now they are telling me that I need to be 170 by the 28th of this month. :-( I know I'm probably going to have to reschedule. I'm kind of pissed about it because she didn't tell me that when I originally booked with them. Now I have to pay more money to change my flight.
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Keep up the good work. I'm cheering for you girl.
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Wow, that's awesome! Keep up the good work! :) I seriously don't think I could do no carbs... And how a 8yr old gonna look like that?! Lol!
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Great job on your weight loss!!!! =] Your gonna look like a doll comin out of surgery.
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I'm crossing my fingers. That I don't have to do my tummy tuck
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Sounds like you're doing what you need to do to lose the weight. Good luck with your weight loss journey! :)
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Congrats on your journey. Ty for sharing. I truly understand the frustration of losing weight esp in a short time. Kudos for trying n sticking to it. I know u can do it. Continue to Keep us posted...
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Looking good Ma! Just wait until you get your lipo. Gurl I'm down 25lbs
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That's great, I'm trying to lose that much too
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If you want to check the certifications of any doctor, you can use: http://www.certificationmatters.org/ ...It works best if you type just the last name and select the state, then click on the name.
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Thank you
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No problem
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You will look beautiful!! Especially with those legs!!! I wish I had legs like that ;)
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Thank you
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I hope you meet your goal in time! And same here! I want the procedures done at the same time! I don't want to recovery just to get more work done and have to go through the recovery process again!
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By the way, Your gonna look amazing! =]
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I hope so, trying to lose weight thats my journey right now. To lose 20 pounds before may 12
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Nope, haven't heard of Dr Bass... So $4999 is just for the bbl w/ lipo? And then $4000 more to add TT and more lipo? NOT including a RH or anything? That's bull. Maybe just get the BBL w/ lipo then. If you don't lose the weight in time, will you reschedule? Or are you thinking about going with a different US surgeon?
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I know, kind of upset. Dont really need a RH staying with mom.
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I know your staying with your mom - that's great! I wish I knew someone I could stay with done there... Still, it would've been nice if the price they gave you included the RH option so you could take that out and save some money! Lol!
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You can do it, try a liquid cleanse or the master cleanse, you should drop about ten pounds
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i am going to be following your journey safe recovery doll cant wait to see pictures i am also considering going to fisher im scared after the recent deaths in the Dom. Rep. and all the ratchetness heard after the deaths like the docs act like its the patients fault or something.. so looking for a new Dr now
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Exactly. Blaming the victim for their own death is unacceptable. I wanted to go with Yily or Duran so bad. But the recent deaths have definitely been a wake-up call for me. I will NOT be risking my life just to save a couple grand. So I'm thinking about going to Dr Fisher too - he's decent and affordable compared to other US doctors.
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