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3 weeks post op new pics! Yily

I received my confirmation and I purchased my...

I received my confirmation and I purchased my flight ticket so exciting! May 3 I arrive to DR and I have 3 days to spend it with my family plus my sister in law is joining! I just had two kids and I feel like my body is not the same. I can't wait to get the surgery done and again that my confidence back. Before kids I had a pretty figure and after 2 kids I need to look better.

Hi! Another May Yily doll! Where will you be recovering? Looking forward to pics & stats if possible.
Hi and welcome. Will you be posting pics? What exactly are you getting done?
Yes I will, I'm doing the lipo sculpture front, back, sides, arm Pitts, and inner thighs

Just put before pics!

Just put before pics!

I need to make a list of everything I need to...

I need to make a list of everything I need to bring, I'm hoping I don't forget anything. I also need to go to Walmart and purchase a few things. I'm so Excited I feel like the next few days can't go any slower! Over all I wish my results come out just how I expect! I am doing a full body liposculpture I want to do my Stomach, my back my curve, my armpit my arms my inner Thigh and I'm thinking about adding my Chin. And taking out my Brazilian butt lift I really don't need it But let's see once I get there and the consultation goes
Good luck
You look before and after!
Im scheduled may 6 as well good luck!

11 days till I'm in my island and 14 till surgery...

11 days till I'm in my island and 14 till surgery I can't wait! I still need to go shopping and pick up last minute things. I got my period this morning for the first time since I had my daughter 8 months ago so I'm excited I won't have it for DR. The only thing I must die this week is stop breast feeding my daughter but its harder than I thought -___- but I'm counting down the days I'm so excited

I have 8 days left it's becoming more real! I...

I have 8 days left it's becoming more real! I still need to get everything together I'm doing last min shopping on Sunday and Thursday since its my only day off. The only thing that has me down is leaving my kids for 2 weeks :( I'm to attach
Oh & look for me on the 6th. I could be around getting my drains out :-)
Best of luck with your surgery
I feel you on the kids thing :-(. I feel so guilty leaving them so long. Then when I get back still won't be 100%

So beyond sick with this damn cold .. And I leave...

So beyond sick with this damn cold .. And I leave in 7 days
During my recovery i stay on http://relaxrecovery.weebly.com/index.html great experiences!
Your going to look amazing! Ill be there on the 10th! hope to see you out there!
Better to be sick now than sick in DR...Mami needs some rest...

Ok 5 days left till I leave and I purchased 1....

Ok 5 days left till I leave and I purchased
1. Pads
2. Bandages
3. Anti bacterial bar soap
4. Toothpaste
5. Douche
6. Feminine wipes
7. Bacitraycin prevent infections
I found everything in path mark and I spent like $30 dollars. I also brought leggings under shirts from forever 21 didn't spend much either! I'm almost ready. I took a picture just cause you can get a better idea.

Ok so a little about me before I departure I'm a...

Ok so a little about me before I departure I'm a mommy of two my son 3 and daughter 9 months today. I have an amazing fiancé which is paying for all of this. After I had my son I bounce back buy with my daughter I haven't and I don't have the time -__- I'm a makeup artist and I work in a very popular mall garden state plaza and I'm meeting a lot of people I'm also getting invited to go to makeup shows were celebs are going but I don't feel confidant and my self esteem has gone low I don't feel comfortable in my own skin so I had to beg my finace for this surgery and after 3 months of asking he said of that's what will put a smile on my face and make me happy them yes! I feel like I'm getting a second chance to feel good about myself and I can't wait .. So shout out to my honey 103008

Ok I'm 24 years young I'm 4 feet 11 inches lets...

Ok I'm 24 years young I'm 4 feet 11 inches lets just say 5 feet I weigh about 150/155 I've gained a lot I was 117 but that's what happens when you have kids some other girls get lucky and bounce back ASAP but not me ofcourse so this is my list
1. Stomach
2. Back
3. Flanks (sides)
4. Arms
5. Arm Pitt
6. Inner thighs
7. bbl but I'm thinking of taking this out not sure
So $3,450 is great plus my flight ticket was $387 from may 3 to may 19 I'm staying in my family house it's me and my brothers girl so we will be in pain together
Hi I was wondering who did you book your flight with
You are soo pretty! I can't believe you have two babies. I think you look great w/o sx but I can relate! Yily is going to make you moree pretty than what you are. I'm glad your brother's girlfriend is going, like that you are not alone and you guys can share and scream at each other and then laugh at it later LOL. Please keep us post it and can't wait to see your results!
Thank you so much! I will keep everyone posted

Did so much shopping today I am packing right now...

Did so much shopping today I am packing right now tomorrow I'm going to do my manicure my pedicure and hair and spend time with my kids and my family and Friday morning at 11:30 is a flight to JFK I should get to Santo Domingo by 3:30! This is so surreal, I'm excited and nervous I just want to land already have a fear of flying I never like flying I get a lot of diarrhea and I vomit alot so I just want to get there already I'm more nervous about flying than the actual surgery. Well wish me luck and to wish me a safe flight talk to you soon stay beautiful dolls
Its going down... Awwwww Shit.... Yeah

So I been in DR since Friday spending it with my...

So I been in DR since Friday spending it with my family having a blast .. Is 1 am and I need to be there early can't wait .. I love my country and I'm having such a good time and my brothers girl is with me joining and we gave her a tour .. But we are ready for tomorrow night .. I'm sure I won't be feeling to write so once I do I will let you guys know details stay tuned
Ummmm Besos
Good luck with your surgery!

Ok so I'm here free wifi !! Just did blood work...

Ok so I'm here free wifi !! Just did blood work waiting for x ray I believe ..
How did it go??
Good luck with your sx I pray all went well :)
Good Luck, garden state mall is my favorite by the way. I have been going there for years, way before you were born. I will be seeing Yily on 5/15/13. I'll say a prayer for you this evening for a safe surgery

Hi everyone let me start off with miss Yily is...

Hi everyone let me start off with miss Yily is gorgeous and her body is amazing! She is sweet she might come off a little strong bit she has military back round so it's normal. My sister in law and I got there did our testing at 6:30 everything was perfect I was the second of the day my sis In law 3rd .. All remover was wheeling me in and knocking out! I did wake up I'm Theodore of surgery twice but I knocked out ASAP. GIRLS DO NOT DO THIS ALONE IT'S PAINFUL TO THE CORE AND ID YOU DO THIS ALONE MORE POWER TO YOU BIT WITH A FAMILY COUSIN AUNT MOM BRO WHO EVER YOUR GOING TO NEED IT. If it wasnet for my family living out here I would have home nuts a long time ago ladies and walk walk walk it makes you feel much better .. Getting tired get back on tomorrow posting pics up now
Awe you look so sad in that first pic heal great and fast
I do right lol .. I was in so much pain it was just hrs after surgery .. I just wanted to cry but I'm starting to Feel better cant wait till they take the tubs out
damb she quoted me 3500 without my arms :(

So I fainted today when I took my faja (garment)...

So I fainted today when I took my faja (garment) off for the first time really scary .. Resting cause the pain is no joke

I will put more pics once they take these tubes out

I will put more pics once they take these tubes out
OMG....I'm so nervous, I'm going in (not with Yily) in ONE WEEK. I wont have my family with me so it WILL be hard, but I've got my eye on the prize--my improved body! Congrats to you, you've pretty much done the worse part. Question: what clothes have been best for you to wear so far? I have only purchased a couple of loose/stretchy pants and will pack some maxi dresses.
You look sooooo good!
I hope your okay... Take care of yourself drink lots of water

I had my first massage yesterday it was...

I had my first massage yesterday it was bittersweet a lil pain but it felt so good.. Feeling much better they do my tubes come out next week, can't wait for that. But I love my results she did a amazing job and now it's time
To do my job which is take
Care of myself .. I met so many girls from realself at the clinic and its nice to know we are each others support system
does anybody know what is a lipo board for and how to use it ? & WHAts the difference betwen lipo foam and epifoam?
You looked great even before your surgery!! Happy healing :)
looking good so far happy healings!

Does anyone know how long after the surgery we can...

Does anyone know how long after the surgery we can have sex? My fiancé has been waiting 2 weeks and I leave in 5 more days .. He's not going to wait much longer
Yily hooked you up!
Wow it just seems like yesterday you were on your way... LOL... Duran say's don't sit on anything hard for the first 4 week.. LOL... Also they say 6 wks is safe but most girls give in around da 4th... Just don't fuck up your results...
&& doctor said u need to refrain from insanity activities & sex for at least 3 months.. my man aint getting none of my new booty until i feel like is safe. he understands ill let him watch porn when im gone lol . && normally it will be like a month. u should of asked yily ima ask duran/

9 days post op

You look great did you wind up doing the bbl.
I can honestly say that your body will be looking like yaris sanchez. U look good happy healing yily did her thing on u but ur body before surgery wasn't so bad.. Glad everything went well with u safe flight
Hi Jersey! Surgery went so well! I had surgery on Saturday and I started massages on Wednesday. I got lipo on inner/outer thighs, lower back, and abdomen-I have bruising mainly on inner thighs and more swelling on lower back and abdomen. I kind of regret getting lipo on abdomen bc I was much flatter than I am now with the swelling! But I have been reassured that once the swelling goes done, I´ll be very pleased. I also got some of the fat injected into my butt. It looks ridicuously huge but again, I was reassured it will go down and I´ll love it. The hardest part is how tight the girdle is...I can barely stand sitting down for long periods of time and it has drastically reduced the amount of food I can take in. The dresses were a good idea but more so to not have another snug garment on my body. Thanks for the advice!

3 weeks post op

Disporpotional theere sume wut thin...wut should i do??
U got a cutte figuere!!..im about ure height 5"1 ...goin in sept 10th need a travel buddy?!..any recommendations on hw to get thicker legs dont guna look dispor
Can you please put up Updated pics? Thank you ;)

Posted 1 month post op

Added I month post op pics
do u have any pics?
You look amazing!
You look fab! Thank you taking your time out to tell us about your experience & giving us pics.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I decided to go with Yily because her work looks amazing plus she's a women and she know what we want.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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