05/21 Sx With Dr. Baez – Dominican Republic

Hey girlies. So i'm getting closer to my sx date...

Hey girlies. So i'm getting closer to my sx date and I must say, I'm soooooooooo nervous. May 21st is right around the cornerrrr I can see it peeking at me lol. Procedures I will be getting done are lipo, tummy tuck, and a breast lift. This is something I want badly before the summer hits yet I'm dreading it :( I'm a mother of one (don't plan on having anymore) with a C-section gut thereforeeee.... being that getting your body done is the new wave I figured hey, why not get down with it. Lols nah but seriously I swear if it wasn't for some of you ladies writing your reviews I might have never gotten to the point of actually scheduling. Knowing what others have gone through// got through assures me I won't be alone on this journey to a more beautiful me :D It's time for me to figure out which RH I will be staying and start buying my supplies... I'm thinking of Daisy's RH or the Real Recovery Armonia, not quite sure yet. Any advice lovelys?? Feel free to drop a comment at any time ;)

Change of plans....

So I've been doing my homework on the sx I've requested to have done & come to find out, you lose a cup size after having a breast lift done. I was not aware of this durning the time I initially emailed Dr Baez requesting a quote. Now that I know what I know, I no longer wish to have this procedure done. Ehh.. My boobs aren't that bad anyway. My man actually begged me not to touch them since the day he found out I will be getting my body done LOL! Guess I was just striving for perfection. I emailed Dr Baez and told her I no longer want the breast lift done. Instead I'll have some of my fat transferred to my hips. In other words BBL. Shortly after she emailed me back with my new quote.... 3,700. Beats the initial quote of 4,700 =D I've already started to purchase some supplies from my list. This is beginning to feel so surreal! Ahhhh I can't wait!!! Ok ladies next I will post a list of everything I will be packing. In case some of you were wondering ;) **Before pics coming soon***

List of Supplies:

So here's what I'm packing... Purchased most of the supplies, very little left to buy :)

-Baby wipes (lotssss)
-Maxi Pads (Big/ over night ones)
-Hibliclens (Use before sx & after stitches are out)
-Tooth brush/ tooth paste
-Dial soap
-Shampoo/ conditioner (Travel size)
-Anti itch cream
-Sleeping Aid
-Baby oil (for massages)
-Desitin (for faja burn)
-Stool softeners
-Band aids
-Hand sanitizer
-Bug spray
-Q tips
-Sun screen
-Pain killers
-Arnica gel
-Silicon strips
-Compression stockings
-Lipo foam
-Boppy pillow
-Wee wee pad
-P ez
-Hair brush
-Sports bra
-Maxi dresses/ tank tops/ wife beaters/ shorts/ pjs/ slippers/ bathing suit
–Disposable gloves
-Locks for suitcase

I'm sooooooooooo sadddddd :'(

So unfortunately I will not be getting my sx done the 21st :( I had to use alllllll the money I had saved on an emergency that literally came out of no where. So I told Dr Baez I have to postpone my sx date :( I'm so heart broken


I feel like this is a sign. And on top of that I'm starting to find bad reviews on her. At first, everything I read was nothing but positive feed back. And now...... Well, check out Dollfacenic22 review so u can see what I mean. Ugh am I not meant to have this sx done? Or just find a different doctor ????? I'm feeling so discouraged I hate it :( :( :( :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Aaaaaw sorry to hear about your postponement atleast that gives you time to decide if you want to change doctors.
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Good luck on your upcoming surgery
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We have the same surgery date with Dr. Baez. Wow!
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That's crazy
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Wow...our surgeries are right around the corner. Are you nervous?
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Omg I'm sooooo anxious !!!!! Just a few more dayyssssss ayyyeeee
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How long are you staying in DR.
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10 days
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Congrats on your upcoming bbl with Dr Baez! :) Good luck on your journey!
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Thanks Hun :D
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No problem :)
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Congrats hun and good luck
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Thank u mami :)
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Congrads on your journey!!! I'm going to see her in October but wished earlier but I'm still happy!!! Can't wait to see your results and good luck!!!
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Thank u honey! Keep checking in for any cancellations, you might get bumped up sooner than u expect ;)
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I am in the process of scheduling in July for Dra. Baez and I am from NY too (hayy hayy hayy) lol but best wishes for you mamaz and you will be great! Picture that body during the summer it will move all negative and nervous thoughts out your mind.
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AOWww!!! Lols thank u mami, wishing u nothing but the best of luck as well! && Your absolutely right, it's time to keep our eyes on the prize. Summer 2014 will be ours ;-)
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Good luck!
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Thank u :)
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Hi NYBaezDoll!!! SO excited for your journey!!! I am scheduled with Dr. Baez for May 19!! Depending on which RH you choose and your post op visits to her we may wind up meeting one another down there :)
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Thank you honey! I'm even more excited for youuuuu, your going first !!! This is so exciting and nerve wrecking... My goshhh. && Your absolutely right we just might wind up bumping heads =D Still haven't made that final dissision for the RH but I'm actually leaning more towards the Real Recovery Armonia. We'll see what happens
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Congrats on taking the next step to becoming a better you! Looking forward to hearing how things progress for you! It's helpful for you as well as the other women reading your story!
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Thank you darling
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I know many women go to recovery facilities but I know for me I was much more comfy being in my own bed and surroundings...of course I had mine done in the states only about 40 miles from home.
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Congrats on starting your journey here on RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies for traveling for your mommy makeover. Please keep us posted as you get closer to your big day!
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