Heading to DR March 4th Tummy Tuck,lipo on Back and Legs and Fat Transfer to the Booty and Hips - Dominican Republic, DO

So excited and scared at the same time. My surgery...

So excited and scared at the same time. My surgery with Dr Robles is in a week. This week is going to be a crazy wk since I haven't started packing. So many things to buy . Some things about my self, I'm from nyc. I'm 29, I turn 30 on the 28th of May. I have one son who is 5 . He was 10 pound baby and when I say my stomach is hangy , I mean it lol. At first I thought I would just live with it but now that I'm getting out of a stressful and bad relationship with his dad I decided I need a change. My current boyfriend loves me for me and he's super supportive of everything and now I want a new me.


I am thinking of going with my sister. We are having a TT with flank lipo, back lipo.
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Good luck! I live in NYC too! I like that people had good experiences with her. Take pictures! I am leaning towards her.
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I will post some pics . I'm so excited. I actually was going with dr yily at first however I felt that she was a bit unorganized. With Robles she's very professional and they answer you back quick. Both lairs do a great job from what I seen.

3 more days before I hit DR. I'm sooooooo excited...

3 more days before I hit DR. I'm sooooooo excited and anxious.


I just saw this link on another who is going to Dra Robles. Is this her recovery house the one she uses for her patients. PLEASE verify http://www.spamedicaljm.com/showroom/area-comedor/ This was the first time I saw a link to it, if it is true???
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Please keep us updated I will be going in May 2013 to Robles for a TT lipo of flanks back waist and a BBL I would love to hear how u made out. Oh please take pics of the hospital and recovery house not many people do. God Bless.
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I will take many pics arelis67891

So tomorrow is the big day. Me and diamond are...

So tomorrow is the big day. Me and diamond are flying out at 8:30 am. I'm so readyyyyyyyyy . The only hung I have left to get is the adt diapers which I will pick up in a few. Other than that my anxiety is racing with excitement and nervousness but I'm sure we're all in gods Grace. Pray for us. Ill post a little later on. I'm cleaning up the house and packing.


God bless you gals. Best of luck and best wishes.
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Praying for safe travels and surgery! Youll look great , you already do! Ill be there on the 12th. Are you staying at the RH and if so do you know which one yet?
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Thank you so much ladies. The closer I get to my flight time which is at 8:30 am the more anxious I get

So I'm here at the cecip with diamond, it's pretty...

So I'm here at the cecip with diamond, it's pretty cool. Nat7080 was right about the old school equipment but other than that the hospital is clean. Tomorrow is the big day and I'm just readyyyyyyy to get the party started. You can't eat after 10 pm and the dinner was. Mashed potatoes and cheese (wack!) but at the end of the day I, not here to eat. I'm here to get this body right. Lol I took pics of my rm so you guys can see what to expect. Wish ,me tons of luck !!


Please tell me... did you wake up during surgery? I read two reviews of chicas who did. Oh and they said they needed blood transfusions too. Kinda scary. I dont want to be the unlucky one.
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JerseyGirl, I am 11 days po and had surgery with Robles. I did wake up, but don't remember much and I felt no pain. I had a full TT and breast lift and did not have to have a blood transfusion. I think if you get a tt, breast lift or augmentation, plus fat transfer (bbl) most of those gals have to get blood transfusion. Too much at one time. Also if you have under a 13 hemo, that may be a possiblitiy for a transfusion as well. This is just my observation from reading so many journeys. Hope this helps!
You are in good hands.
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All I can say right now is that I'm ready to get...

All I can say right now is that I'm ready to get my ass home. I'll give my full story probably Friday.,

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You not going to believe what happen tonight. All...

You not going to believe what happen tonight. All I will say even if the recovery house is suppose to be all women guess what surprise, I walk out with my faja open and my crotch out to get help from the caretaker , and guess what there is a female with her boyfriend in the house now. ......


Haven't heard much from you... hope your healing at home is happy with no more issues. Best of Luck to you.
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Happy healings. I'm happy to be home. Thank god I have a such a fantastic boyfriend who is by my side and taking care of me. At the end of my stay it wasn't bad. As me in the other girls laughed it became the bad girls club in our recovery house. After all the regulating and screaming and demands our care taker were kicked out , we had the broad and her man kicks out and after that we has kaylen and melady who took care of us and gorda lol. From what I heard he ladies who have us the bad meat were moved to Juana's recovery house but I'm not completely sure. Anyway all I can say is make sure your with someone, no one is gonna give you the are you seek during your time of need.i was really sick the first few days and whenever in my life can I say I had a angel with me to keep me alive. Heather helped me even though she had just had surgey. Without her I don't know if I would be alive. God works in mysterious ways so count your blessings. My advice is just to have someone with you and lipo hurts way more than a tummy tuck. Right now I have tons of back pains and I hate this fucking drain!! Yes I had to come home with it.
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I see alot of grammar mistakes. My bad I'm on my phone
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I knew a few co workers who went to her , also met a few people here who went o her

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