Went to Dra. Walkiris Robles for a Tummy Tuck, Lipo, & Fat Transfer to the Butt on 10/11/12 - Domincan Republic

I was suppose to have a tummy tuck and a little...

I was suppose to have a tummy tuck and a little lipo done here in Tampa, FL for around $7000. The price was good and I had faith in the doctor who was going to do it... but unfortunately things kept coming up and I was never able to get the entire amount. I always heard about people going out of the country to get plastic surgery and I also know someone who got a tummy tuck in the Dominican Republic and she looks great. Since it's more affordable and they actually know how to sculpt a women... I decided to do research and let me tell you it was stressful. I found a bunch of doctors but none of them were going to give me everything I wanted so it was between Dra. Robles and Dr. Cabral *king of barbies*. As some of you may know Cabral has burnt some of his patients. I have an 8 year old and he needs me so I don't want to be a burnt barbie or a dead barbie!! So I choose Dra. Robles and I'm happy with my decision. I hope and believe she will give me the best results. Pregnancy was not good to my stomach so I need a tummy tuck.

I also don't like my shape so the lipo should sculpt me to be more even and have a sexier shape than what I have now. The fat on my lower back, upper back, sides and where my armpits and breast meet will be sucked out. Then all that fat will be stuffed in my ass and hips. I also want her to do a little lipo on my upper stomach right below my breast cause it sticks out a little but we'll have to see. I love myself in the inside but can't stand the outside. Overall my goal is to be more even and fit into my clothes better. I don't want to spend whats left of my 20's looking like this so I'm going to go for it. Going out of the country is not a fear for me... I'm more than confident that this is the right decision!

I added some before pictures to get the whole...

I added some before pictures to get the whole experience started. If I'm gonna blog about this... I'm gonna do it right!

By the way... I HAVE NOT gone yet!!! My date is...

By the way... I HAVE NOT gone yet!!! My date is September 27, 2012. The first picture is before I got pregnant and the other 2 are from today. I still have a lot more weight to lose before I get the surgery done! About 20 more lbs. I post my journey from beginning to end!!

Today I got my Iron pills in the mail. I'm going...

Today I got my Iron pills in the mail. I'm going to start taking them tonight. My doctor requires that you take a CBC blood test a month before surgery so I'm trying to be ready... a month from now I'll be taking that test and be ready for surgery! I also just ordered the VitaMedica pack from the make me heal website. It's suppose to help with swelling, bruising, and faster healing. You take it 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after. I'm not sure if anyone knows but your suppose to stop taking your vitamins and supplements 2 weeks before surgery. I researched this product & asked around. It doesn't have the same ingredients as normal vitamins. So i trust it and I'm going to take it! I have 8 weeks left!

Since I've gotten a lot of request for info on my...

Since I've gotten a lot of request for info on my choosen plastic surgeon... here's the info!
contact Dra. Robles assistant Raquel Medina... surgerycare@hotmail.com her text is 678-212-4899
dominicansurgery@hotmail.com and dominicansurgery@gmail.com
Then they have this new site coming up dominicansurgery.com
@DomSurgery on twitter

I took my CBC test yesterday and got the green...

I took my CBC test yesterday and got the green light to buy my ticket! & I have officially bought my ticket today!!! & I'm so excited!!! Been waiting so long for this! Raquel the assistant told me to keep taking my supplements so my hemoglobin levels stay good. I'm leaving September 26th and having the surgery on September 27th and coming home October 7th! This is finally happening! I also got my VitaMedica pack in the mail a little over a week ago & will be taking it 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after. Or maybe I should take it for a week before and 3 weeks after so it can help with healing better??? I don't know yet!!

As of today... I have exactly 3 weeks till I...

As of today... I have exactly 3 weeks till I arrive in the Dominican Republic. I started to lose weight & was doing so well... then life got in the way! I'm a single parent that goes to school and works so it was very easy for me to get off track and gain it all back. So now that I'm at the last stretch before the surgery... I'm gonna try to lose a little weight while trying to stay healthy. Right now If I can just lose another 10lbs before the surgery I'll be satisfied. I stopped taking my multivitamin cause it has vitamin E but I'm still taking my iron pills and b vitamins with folate. So far I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to bring cause everyone says something different and everyone has a different experience... but I'll do my final shopping the week before I leave!

I am 2 weeks away!!! It's getting so close! I have...

I am 2 weeks away!!! It's getting so close! I have to try to get a picture of me from behind for the before and after but I can't take it myself!

As of this point, I'm 11 days away! I've been...

As of this point, I'm 11 days away! I've been looking at other plastic surgeons before and after pics... then I go back and look at my surgeons before and after pics. I examine them real well, over and over again... I still feel as though I choose the right plastic surgeon!!! My only regret is knowing I should have lost more weight. I got caught up in so many other things, that I put my weight loss to the side. At this point... It's too late and I'm going to move forward with the procedure. I truly believe she is going to give me the best results possible. When the procedure is over and I go back home and I'm ready to move around more, I will eat a little bit better, and workout more. I don't want to lose a whole lot of weight... just 10 to 15 lbs cause I don't want to lose the fat transfer to my butt. & yes I have seen people lose a little bit of weight after their same procedures and not mess up their results. I'm not trying to be a skinny girl! I just want to be more proportioned, contoured, and get rid of the extra skin and fat in my mid-section. Most of all a more confident self secure me!

I have the worst news ever! I didn't go to DR...

I have the worst news ever! I didn't go to DR cause I am sick & Dr. Robles wont opperate on me if I'm sick. I'll just have to turn around and come right back home. I went to the hospital on Monday to see what's going on cause I had planned my whole life around this damn surgery. I supposably had a cold... but my chest is tight and I couldn't breath. When I tell you I was doing anything and everything to get better... I would even stand on my head if you told me it would make me better. I bought zicam... emergen c... mucinex... vicks... drank lots of fluids... and rested! Nothing worked! I didn't think I would majically feel better but at least show some improvement. I talked to the doctor and she said to take care of myself and reschedule. So we came up with the plan that I would come on Tuesday and have the surgery on Wednesday. I paid like $200 bucks to change my ticket for a week later and now I cant go. Today I went back to the hospital cause I couldn't take the pain and pressure anymore. I'm thinking to myself "this is not a normal cold... I cant go into surgery like this!" I went back to the hospital today and they gave me a shot to help open up my lungs, they also gave me some new Rx's. According to them... I can't have any kind of surgery after getting this shot and taking this medication... also because I'm sick I'm not in any condition to have surgery. They say I have to wait 2 weeks. After all this drama... I'm not going anywhere until I feel better and I'm no longer sick. I'm not taking a chance! Second I just changed my damn ticket... I really don't have the money to change it again unless I take it out of my bill money. So as of now my plans are cancelled. I have intentions to have the surgery... I just can't right now. I can't believe that I got sick the same week i was suppose to leave. Straight up... words cannot explain how pissed I am! I am more emotionally distraught than anything. It's gonna be hard for me to get through this. But if I do feel better after the two weeks... I will stand on the corner begging for money so I can change my ticket again!! I'll keep you guys posted

Alright ladies... I'm feeling better and I leave...

Alright ladies... I'm feeling better and I leave tomorrow! I'm packed and ready! I still have a few things I have to do before I leave. I pray that all will be well & this will really happen this time! I'm going to get to see Newme35 and her sister. I'll have someone to talk to during recovery!

Im at the airport!!! cant w ait to get there!!!...

Im at the airport!!! cant w
ait to get there!!! I'll try to keep you guys updated

I'm here! I made it. I've never been to the...

I'm here! I made it.
I've never been to the Dominican Republic so I had no idea what this would be like. When your on the plane you have to fill out 2 forms. Then when you get off you have to pay $10 to get in the country. Then go through immigration, then go through customs! What an exhausting experience. When I got out side the driver Leo was waiting for me with sign that had my name. He took me to the clinic. At the clinic they asked my name and who's my doctor. I got my blood taken and they assigned me a room. Tomorrow their suppose to wake me up to prepare me for surgery, so I need to still get my EKG and chest x-ray. That's all for now. I'll try to update if I get the chance!

I had surgery yesterday! Finally! But I'm in a lot...

I had surgery yesterday! Finally! But I'm in a lot of pain and don't feel well. This surgery is serious and I like the way I look so far. Since I'm not feeling to good I'm not gonna update too right,,, but I promise I will when I feel better! Just know that I'm alive and well!

I don't even know where to start. I feel like...

I don't even know where to start. I feel like there's too much to tell but then again I don't feel like every detail is important. On the day of surgery I saw the doctor and let me tell you she is so nice and straight up. I told her what I wanted she told me what she could do. By the way... she doesn't look like her pictures. She is gorgeous in person. Anyways they gave me a blue pill to relax cause there was someone before me. I didn't fall asleep, I just layed down and relaxed. A few hours later they came and got me. put on my gown, put me in the wheel chair and gave me another blue pill. I was taken to the opperating room they put me to sit on the operating table and I remember nothing else. I was knocked out. When I woke up I was in the recovery room in the clinic. I had nurses coming in my room all night long giving me pain injects, changing my IV, and whatever else. That same night I woke up and it was hot and I was in pain and there was blood all over the bed. Looked like a crime scene. So I got scared and tried to use the phone but no one answered. I tried to call out for help but cause of my tummy tuck i couldn't yell loud. So I did the impossible and got up opened the door and called for the nurse. They came in put the AC up and gave me pain medicine. In the morning, Raquel came in and helped me. She asked me how I was feeling. She drained my back in the bathroom, cleaned me up and changed my faja. During that time the doctor came in to also help. She is so nice. While her and Raquel were dressing me she showed me and took a picture of my belly. I was so happy! It lived up to my standards. But I couldn't see anything else like my back or butt. I was picked up by Leo and taken to the recovery house. The first day of recovery was hell! I can't even explain it. I didn't get a whole lot of rest. Day 2 was better cause I listened to my body and rested. Day 3 I'm feeling a little bit better. I have pain and numbness in my back where she did lipo. I'm walking bent over cause of the tummy tuck. My butt doesnt have any pain. As for my results... its only day 3 so I know I wont see them for a while. But I can feel that she did good on my hips. My body is swollen all over. The food isnt terrible. The house is nice. The ladies that take care of us help out a lot. I can't take pictures yet cause I always have my faja on and underneath the faja is lots of gauze so the faja doesn't burn my skin. When I get a chance I'll put some up. But when I'm ready and I have the opportunity. That's all for now.

I just put up a new pic. 4 days post op. I'm,...

I just put up a new pic. 4 days post op. I'm, still swollen but I like my results so far. I'm not gonna lie having surgery is not easy by far. It's very bloody. And you have to be carefull doing everything. Walk, drink a lot of water and eat as much as you can. As you know for a tummy tuck you get a drain. Well for lipo and fat transfer to the butt they have to drain you manually through a small hole in you back... its very small and it doesnt hurt. It actually relieves your back. If you decided to come here to do your surgery... bring a water bottle. It doesnt have to have a filter... but its just better you drink out your own cup. They have bottled water here not tap. Today I wasnt feeling good mentally. I was a little down and wanted to go home. But a lot of people say they feel that way and its normal. So I went to see the doctor for a post op visit and I felt a little better cause I got out of the house. So now I'm ok. That's where I took the picture at.

Today is day 6. I'm feeling good. As I said...

Today is day 6. I'm feeling good. As I said before, I can't see all my results yet cause it's too soon. What I can see is I love my stomach and for the first time I saw my waist in. I love my hips. Dra. Robles gave me great curves. She also lipo-d where my arms and arm pits meets, so there no fat there. It makes me look thinner. Basically so far I like what I can see in the front. My back is still very swollen so I can't really see the curve. I can feel my butt is bigger but it needs time to fluff & I know it will eventually go down some more. It's gonna all take time. As for the recovery house. In the beginning everything takes so long to do cause your in pain and you have to go slow and you need/want to rest. But after a while you regain your strength and it get boring... very boring! I don't watch TV cause it's all in spanish except like 3 channels. I can't sleep all day. I talk to my family but i can't do that all day. & there's but so much you can do online. So I'm bored out of my mind! By the way I brought a boppy pillow with me and it is great to sit on. The negative is its huge and bulky. That's all for now.

I haven't updated cause there really isn't much to...

I haven't updated cause there really isn't much to say. I may be leaving with my drain. This bothers me cause I wont have anyone to remove it for me. Doctors in the US wont touch you if you got surgery outside the US. So now I don't know what I'm going to do. All they keep saying is "its easy to take out yourself" well if it's so damn easy then why has no one explained it to me yet. I am very worried but I can't wait to get home. I'm so over this plastic surgery thing!

I am home! I am so happy to be here! I didn't have...

I am home! I am so happy to be here! I didn't have a bad experience but it just hasn't been the best for me. I went to DR with the best intentions to do what I always wanted to do and I wasn't happy. I spent most of my time scared and paranoid. I mostly stood to myself. I forgot the reason why I went cause I was so uncomfortable and in pain. The main lady at the recovery house didn't make my stay easy either. She treated me different from the other girls and we had a few arguements. In the end she did appologize for being that way with me. I'm tellling everyone casue I said I would share my experience. Everyone doesn't have the same experience. It's not all fun and games. It's not a pleasent experience. It's very difficult. You have to be as ready as possible for all the things that may happen after surgery. I'm ok, but overall I had a difficult ride. Now that I'm home I'm going to do my best to take care of myself and remember why I did all this. I'm still in a little pain and very uncomfortable. I will keep posting my progress.

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. I want everyone...

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks post op. I want everyone to know that we don't all have the same experience!! I can't stress that enough! Recovery is a b*tch! I knew it was going to be tough but not this tough. The first day after was pure hell. Now... I don't have pain but everything is uncomfortable. To sleep... to sit... to use the bathroom... everything! I still have to walk bent over. No one ever told me that lipo really messes up your body. At first it hurts and burns. Now those areas are really sore and uncomfortable. Kinda feels like jello. I'm numb in a lot of places. I'm a very independent and active person and thats why recovery has been really hard for me. It's been almost 2 weeks and I still cant do normal stuff. If you think plastic surgery is glamorous... Haaaa think again!! Being in the Dominican Republic wasn't easy either. I had help with everything but I missed home and got depressed. It's gotten easier but I'm still dealing with it. I haven't seen that all this pain and torture has been worth it yet... I guess I have to wait 6 weeks to start to see it cause I sure can't see it now. Plastic surgery isn't for everybody and that is why I will never be doing this again. As for my results... I'm ok with them so far. & if you know anything about surgery then you would know I havent had enough time to heal to see if the lipo and fat transfer was even worth it and if I like the results. I'm still very swollen. My tummy tuck... I'm good with so far. & don't ask me for pictures... I will post them as I go along! If you only read my review for pics... then you obviously don't get the concept of this page!

Ok! So I'm feeling a lot better today than I have...

Ok! So I'm feeling a lot better today than I have been. I can walk around and get up a lot easier. My depression has been non existant for the past few days. I guess the first 2 weeks is the hardest! Just added 2 new pics from today. I'm still very swollen in my stomach, sides, and back. She didn't give me a lot of booty but I like the way she shaped me. Looks a lot better than the sponge bob booty I had before. As for my tummy... I'm satisfied so far. Keep in mind... I'm not a skinny girl... I was 195lbs for surgery and knew I wouldnt have the same results as someone of 150lbs. But for what it is so far... she did I damn good job for me being that over weight. And I lost weight too! Right now I'm 181 and still swollen. I have plans in the new year to workout but not to lose weight... just so I can be fit and healthy!

So I said it before and I stand by it... the first...

So I said it before and I stand by it... the first 2 weeks are the worst! I am feeling great and I actually look great! I can finally appreciate my results now that I'm feeling better. I took out my drain today and let me tell you it hurt a little and felt really weird. Somewhat of a burning feeling but when it was over I was so relieved. I can see my curves and how she molded me. & I can see that I actually have some booty now. I still have some swelling but it all still looks amazing. I will post a better pic soon so you ladies can see what I'm talking about! I'm still in shock that I actually had the surgery... I can't believe it when I look down and don't see that huge pouch of a stomach anymore!

I'm 3 weeks 3 days post op. To be honest I...

I'm 3 weeks 3 days post op. To be honest I couldn't really see my results within the first 2 weeks. I can definetly see them now! Totally different! I do have some booty but have yet to post a pic... a recent pic! I've been experiencing some iching on my lower back right above my butt & some iching where ever I had lipo. Since I didn't receive any post op instructions... I'm clueless as to what I should do with my incision. The only thing I was told is to clean it with alcohol and if I wanted to put neosporin on it I can. The only reason I got those instruction is cause I asked. I read on other places on the internet that you shouldn't use alcohol on your incision cause its bad for it or neosporin. So I only clean it every couple days and put a little neosporin so it don't get an infected and after you clean it with alcohol it dries it out so I put the neosporin so it's moist. I cover it with tape and gauze. The scabs are falling off so that's a good thing but it's not completely off yet. I am told not to take a shower yet so I'm still sponge bathing. Which makes no sense cause I've read of people taking a bath 2 days later or a week later. I don't know what to do!! I can walk around standing straight up, clean up a little, drive, laundry is a little hard, but I am still very sore. I thought most of the soreness and discomfort would be done by now but its not. Lipo is brutal! it is harsh on your body. Laying in bed is still not easy. When I get up in the morning, I wake up with back pain. It goes away once I'm up for a few minutes. I'm suppose to get a new faja and start the lymphatic massages but I have no money what so ever. I just put my last $19 for gas. My suggestion is anyone who is doing this surgery... is to make sure you have extra money set aside cause the faja and massages are extremely important to your recovery process and I can't even afford it! Don't get me wrong... I like my results. It's a total improvement from what I had before. I finally did it and got it out the way. But as far as post op support... I don't have that. I looked at other people post but I can really find the answers I need nor can I get in touch with anyone who's post op and can give me suggestions. I would love to find a person who's a few months post op and can share what they did. I feel a little lost.

Just added some new pics! For some odd reason I am...

Just added some new pics! For some odd reason I am very swollen today in my belly area. Hoping it goes down! So far no major problems.

I have great news... since yesterday was my...

I have great news... since yesterday was my birthday for the past few days I've gotten a little bit of money here and there. A total of around $70. I bought a stage 2 compression garment... Salome to be exact! I was planning to save up the money to get it online but since I live in an area where theres lots of hispanics... there was a Salome store. I got fitted and I bought an extra large. It sucks me in really good. It's tight like everyone said it would be but it gives me a great shape... lifts my butt and makes it so much more bigger. I keep getting looks and my friends are saying damn you butt is so big! Also a lot of my swelling went down cause Ive been really swollen lately cause I wasnt able to buy a new faja. The same exact faja from the Salome online store cost $100 with free shipping. I paid $85 with the help of my friends. I also got a massage from a friend whos a massage therapist. I didnt get ultrasound with it... just a manual lymphatic massage. She did it for free as a birthday gift. Even if I had the money I would of never bought my stage 2 compression garment before my surgery. So to everyone who's getting surgery wait till after your surgery to get it. You wont know what your size will be anyways. & don't waste your money on fajate... salome is so much better! The only thing is whenever I take a picture it never really shows what I really look like.

I'm six weeks post op today and most of my...

I'm six weeks post op today and most of my swelling has went down but I still have some slight swelling in my belly and my back. I get really swollen when I work at night. I still have soreness in my back. but it's definetly not as bad as before. As for my butt, it went down a lot. First 2 weeks I saw nothing. After the 2 weeks... I started to see it... it was nice and big... you could see it through my jeans and anything I wore without the faja. Then I noticed it going down slowly and I didnt like that at all. So now that it's been 6 weeks, I dont know if its going to go down more... I hope it doesnt. When I wear my salome faja it really sucks me in tight and lifts my butt so that it looks like I have a really big perky butt. but once I take it off my butt isnt so big anymore. I know in a few months when I have money, I intend to work out and shape up but I dont want to lose no more than 15-20lbs cause I already lost 20lbs without even trying. But I'm really considering (& I cant believe I'm saying this) going back to Dra. Robles and get some lipo to have stuffed in my butt. But I dont know yet!

I'm a few days over 9 weeks post op. I don't have...

I'm a few days over 9 weeks post op. I don't have any major updates. I'm healing fine... I'm feeling closer to normal. Still taking it day by day. I added some new recent pics.

I'm 15 weeks post op. I have no health issues and...

I'm 15 weeks post op. I have no health issues and I believe that I have been healing fine.
The only thing I'm upset about is I have dog ears. For those that don't know it's when you have excess skin and fat above the incision on the sides of the tummy tuck. Basically the sides of my tummy tuck stick out and it looks bad. The front of my tummy tuck is fine but the sides are driving me crazy. I've been trying to contact the doctor and Raquel about this but I feel like I'm getting no where. So I'm pissed about that too. All I need is for her to lipo my sides and cut off the excess skin. I figured in the same surgery she can lipo my stomach and upper back and do a fat transfer cause my butt needs some more volume. I'm a little pissed at this point. I'm happy with the front of my tummy tuck but I need her to do some finishing touches.

I'm almost 19 weeks post op which is about 4 1/2...

I'm almost 19 weeks post op which is about 4 1/2 months and my butt got bigger! I think it finally fluffed. I'm happier with it today then I was a few months ago. I want to lose some weight but I dont want to lose my booty! I think I just might try to tone up my arms, legs, and core. I also have been using kelo-cote for my scars and it works pretty go so far. My tummy tuck scar is lightening up nicely. I was using mederma but it wasnt doing anything. That's all I have for now!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I did so much research and tried to contact previous patients. I got the answers I needed and made my decision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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@prkbhnd, how have you been doing?
  • Reply
I've been fine... its almost 2 years since surgery.
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This is the best detailed review I have read, thank you very much.
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Thank you! I tried my best to be specific cause I know how important it is for others who are considering to get surgery with the same doctor to have as much details as possible. You need all the info and support you can get.
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What did you do with the dog ears??
  • Reply
Nothing. There's nothing I can do but get them lipo-ed. I got a quote from Dr. Robles and didn't like it so I have to wait till my money is right or go to another Dr. But they don't look that bad so I ignore them. beside they get covered with panties
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A quote from her? How much? She should fix it without charge you!! I think I will go with Dr Robles. Just wanna make sure I am making the right choise :S so nervous!
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I recommend to stay in www.paradisesurgicalrecovery.com they are clean and great services
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I dont see how this is relavent to my review being that I already went and the price includes the recovery house.
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You Look awesome
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Thank you
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Who took out your drains
  • Reply
My father took it out. I came back broke so i couldnt get all the little extras that other girls got.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I want TT, Lipo transfer to hips, BBL. I just sent out for quotes from Duran and Almonte. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. The pain is one of my fears. l'm Just wondering.... what kind of pain pills did you have? Blessings and Happy Healings.
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They give you motron. If you want something stronger you have to bring them yourself.
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Thank you for sharing the total experience with everyone, I just found out about Dr. Robles today and I'm total excited to have my procedure done, I'm looking to do the same thing you did, lipo, tummy tuck and fat transfer. I am at the second half of my life and I'm excited about living for ME, I am a mother of three beautiful daughters ages 23,18, 17, and a totally awesome granddaughter who is almost 3 yrs. I am looking to have my procedure when in the mid part of 2015.
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Exactly... you have to do this for you.
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Thank you, I am so excited, I've already prepared my job and family members and close friends, that I will be out of commission for a little while. I know that it is still several months away and 20-25lbs to go...but I'm totally stoked!!
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I plan to go back... I just dont know when yet! Incase you are wondering what for... I want to get some more lipo.
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See that's what I'm thinking, that once I have my first surgery done, I may want some more :)
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WOW thanks for ALL the info, appreciate all the details. I am going (GOD willing) to DR with Dra Robles also this summer and this is super helpful. Thanks again, we know it takes time and energy to post reviews. You look awesome BTW :)
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Thank you! & I'm glad my review helped
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okay I have a question I have been wanting to do this for years now I was referred to this doctor by my close friend that has for appointment aug14 I rather talk to you on the phone can you call me 404-630-0706 my name is Chrissy thank you oan you look great I want to get tummy tuck lipo and fat transfer and maybe a breast lift that's what made me click on your because you did everything I wanted lol thanks
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I can call you but you do realize that you posted your number on a public site?
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Your review is actually the reason I'm going to Robles ! Thank you sooo much for your information and pictures.
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