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Tummy Tuck,lipo and Bbl - Dominican Republic

Finally I am planing my surgery after so many...

Finally I am planing my surgery after so many years, I'm planing to go next year I know I have a long way to go but I need a lot of information before i go, because I have 2 kids an a husband, i need to do it the ride way.So for those that already went to DR I will like to hear from you and your experience so I know were to start. @ the beginning I was planing to go with dr. Bello but I found dr. Robles and for some reason I feel comfortable with her and I like her results. I send my pictures to dr Robles and her assistance told me that she don't know if the doctor will do all the procedure that I want but if the doctor say it's ok will be 6200 dollars with all included.I am very exited because I been waiting for this for like 5 year an now I made the decision to go on 2013. But as my journey goes on I will been posing everything so you guys know how it's goes thanks!!

Hi girls! I will like to share my experience with...

Hi girls! I will like to share my experience with every one I'm planing to go with Dr Robles for next year. If any one went already with her and want to share with me I'll be happy to know how everything went. Thanks

Hi girls! I received a message from dr. Robles...

Hi girls! I received a message from dr. Robles assistant and she said that all the procedure that I want it's going to be too much, she said that the doctor can do tummy tuck,lipo and fat transfer for 5200 and the breast she said I can doit in another occasion, at the beginning I felt disappointed but when I thing about myself I want to be beautiful but alive!!! That price include 10 days at the recovery house and the meds post op

I was between dr. Robles and dr. Bello

I finally decided for dr. Ivelisse Bello she is going to charge me 5000 for tummy tuck, lipo bbl and tt I think her price is beautiful and + I love the way she works I'm looking for some one to go with, I'm not scare of going by myself because I'm doinican and I know the system , is that I thing is going to be more fun if I go with some one that's going to have the
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Hi I am going to Robles in 3 days :-)
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Hi!! I good look I hope you put picture of every procedure so we can see how is everything over there oh! please take picture of the recovery house, I'm very exited I'm going next year but not know what month yet.I wich you the best in your surgery bye;)
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