Future Almonte Doll Getting a Tummy Tuck and Torso LIPO - Dominican Republic

So it's official I'm taking this flabby body to...

So it's official I'm taking this flabby body to the Dominican Republic to get my fat back sucked out and and my waist snatched to the gawds.

After seeing my girlfriend come back ok from the dr she chose in Santo Domingo.
I've been eating right and exercising not as hard as I should have but to no avail I. Don't have the results that I want and I'm not afraid to get this done and cheat a little.

I contacted Leslie and waited patiently for a response. I know there are dozens of people contacting her about quotes.

I was contacted saying that Dr. Almonte recommend the following:

Dr. Almonte has reviewed your request and suggests the following procedures: Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture full back full abdomen flanks waist underarm area + BBL.

I refused to get the tummy tuck because I know that my abdominal wall is still in tact.
After a month of saying hell no I gave in. I figure that I might as well go all the way in and not half step and regret it later.

So I finally put down my deposit and I found my own recovery house.
By doing so I was able to save 250$
I will be staying at Kindness recovery house. My 1st choice was Serenity Recovery house but they were full. The owner suggested Kindness so I reached out and asked girls in the groups on Facebook I frequent. So I sent the dr and my recovery house to confirm my appointment.

I booked a flight with american to use a flight credit that was close to expire. I have an over night layover in Miami on Wednesday then I arrive in SANTO DOMINGO Thursday.

I am still waiting for my initial blood work to come back because I was told the following:

Prior to your arrival we must prepare your body by taking Folic Acid, Iron and Vitamin C, it is very important we assure you are not anemic since that will enable us to proceed. It is best if you can have a CBC test to check on your Hemoglobin levels, it must be above 12 to have any procedure. The ideal level is 13 and above.

Praying for the best. Next update once my blood work returns.

Surgery date, Recovery house, flight all confirmed

I have all I need except my blood work to see what my levels are.

Hemo Reaults are in!!!! DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!

My hemo level is 13.5 prior to me taking any vitamin or supplement. Thank goodness. I'm so happy that I'm healthy prior to anything so all the vitamins I'm taking only add to my levels.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Thanks for sharing , I will be following your journey. All the best..
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Hey, good luck im going to Almonte December 5....I will follow your journey. what is the rate for Kindness RH? Their web page looks professional.
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They are 75$ for triple room and every 7th day u stay gives u a free night. The girls I have asked say it was nice and the people were very attentive.
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Hi there personal Perfection I'm planning on using Dr. ALMONTE as well. ..so it's less to find your own rh? I didn't know that...are you going by yourself or will you have someone with you I'm planning on taking my husband with me. I see where you said it's a triple room is anyone else with you or you have the entire room by yourself? I'm excited to see your results!
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I'm going alone. At this point it was cheaper to find my own RH. ESP SINCE they give a free night. Had a booked earlier last week they were offering free transportation and a stage 2 faja. I would recommend looking around for some and getting reviews and seeing if you can save any money. Don't go cheap just because look throughly to get a quality house
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Okay thanks!
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good luck im goin to almonte in jan...i will be following ur journey
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Thanks I shall follow yours as well. What are you planning on getting
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im getting lipo abdomen, full back, inner thighs maybe, and inner arms and of course BBL.no tummy tuck, hope I wont need it
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I was hesitant on the tummy tuck but I said screw it I will just go for it and look great I'm not going back for round anything. I know I will need some LIPO on my lower stomach after my TT IS HEALED. But I will just do that in the United States.
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i am gettn the works tt bbl lipo to full back underarms and waist
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cant wait to see the results
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good luck hun!! I'm going in Sept 26 with Almonte too...hope the blood work comes out good. :) I know around this time when we think about the trip I get excited but a bit nervous too have to admit...
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It's been almost a week and I'm annoyed. I'm calling TOMOROW and ask what th hold up is
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