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I'm 40 and I'm looking to have a mommy makeover...

I'm 40 and I'm looking to have a mommy makeover done. I've been working out 6 days a week and although I have a thick athletic build, I can't get rid of this gut. As for my boobs, even with a crapload of pushups, they look sad.

I've only recently started researching and I am leaning towards Florida and the Dominican Republic. My priorities are to recovery safely with a thin and low tummy tuck scar. I have 2 kids and my c-section scars are barely visible.

I've changed my workout so that the focus is on weight loss as I am currently 220 lbs (I've read disaster stories where women flew down to DR only to return back home due to falling outside of the safe weight window.

Where is the common courtesy?

No one wants to return calls. Its frustrating. I'm looking to move rather quickly (read: leave a deposit) and apparently, no one wants my money, lol. Hopefully today I will hear back from someone. -end rant-

Logistics are coming together

Soooooo, I've decided to go with Dr. Ortega at Spectrum Aethestics. My TT with lipo and BA with a lift will set me back $8500. My sx is scheduled for 7/21 and I requested to be the first surgery of the day. I will be staying at a recovery house for 2 days and after that I will be checking into a hotel with a caregiver to visit me everyday, a couple of hours each day for the remainder of my visit. My caregiver will be picking up my meds and food shopping. I cant really say that I am nervous. I am more concerned that I will be missing weeks at the gym, lol.

I am also concerned about the misconception of my BMI. At 5'6'' 212 lbs, I consider myself to be "fitthick". I workout 6 days a week, weight train 5 days a week, clear about 15 miles running, I eat clean ~75% of the time and take great care of myself. When I first contacted doctors inquiring about a TT, most told me that I have to lose weight. I tell them that I have tried to lose my gut but it refuses to move. You can see from my bikini photo that its all there in my midsection and it takes away from my thick athletic build.

$8500 not $5800

I can't type today
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