yily hooked me up the rest of my crew all are infected 11 days po - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey ladies I am new to the forum but I just found...

Hey ladies I am new to the forum but I just found dr yily today and I've been researching and reading stories all day. I'm overly anxious for my confirmation on my April 1 date. I'm not scared at all because I wanted to do this a long time ago . I'm very shapely now but too lazy to exercise . My goal is to lose my love handles and reshape my butt. I'm 33 with 3children! I love my body and can't wait to show my new body off!!! I am looking for a buddy for April !!!

Hello ladies I'm looking for a buddy for April I'm...

Hello ladies I'm looking for a buddy for April I'm flexible with my schedule send me a message and let's get her done tty soon,,,,
Hi Jessica. I'm looking into going on April 12 th waiting on confirmation from Yilly. I am planing to stay at the Jacqueline recovery house. Is that our plan ?
I meant is that your plan? I'm also looking for a roommate.
Hey Cindy yes that is my plan is there you can call me email me mslewinsky25@yahoo.com thanks ttyl

Happy af I met someone who seems almost as eager...

Happy af I met someone who seems almost as eager as me hopefully we receive confirmation soon!!!!! Buddy system puts me at ease!!!!

Hey ladies so i recieved my quote saturday and i...

hey ladies so i recieved my quote saturday and i talked to Yira today about the date that i wanted it was booked and im stressed about it im trying to pay my deposit today but Dr yilly no longer uses pay pal i was given a Chase bank account to pay the deposit to. So now im going on my birthday which is May 3rd unless a miracle happens anybody going around that timen i need a buddy!!! I thought I had a buddy but im not sure!!!!;( On a lighter note im ready i got everything almost!!!! Ready to get results

OMG,,, I almost lost it but like always when I get...

OMG,,, I almost lost it but like always when I get all flustered it worked out perfectly!!! Thank you GOD!!!! So I received confirmation today on my original date 04/19/2013 hooooooray!!! Thanks to my buddy we are booked and ready to go(communication is everything) we booked our flights so we have approximately 66 days until the day!!! I'm so excited like a kid on Christmas !!!!!
goodluck girlie and i will be following yr journery
I'm excited for u. I didn't know she was no longer using PayPal. I was going to send my deposit tomorrow morning :( I want to have my bbl may 7th . How do I send my deposit now ? Ughhhh - I'm starting to get stressed
She has requested you send it via quick pay through chase using her email address. I spoke to Yira yesterday. Western union ad pay pal have both been blocked because of the amounts she's been receiving.

39 days to go and I'm all set I have everything...

39 days to go and I'm all set I have everything ready and my whole team is amped up we are to make this experience very enjoyable no matter what!!!!! I'm ready to get it over with luckily I'm going with a group of fabulous females so I won't be alone

Hello Yily ladies, so today i recieved 3 of 6...

Hello Yily ladies, so today i recieved 3 of 6 prescriptions that Dr Yily wants you to bring or buy from her. The problem is that Diflofenac and Clavulin are not used in this region so i guess i will be getting the from the DR I went to the the doctor thursday and my dr did all the test and bloodwork. My results are good so i have the green light for surgery. Now im super excited all over again because i was scared my hemoglobin would be low because im anemic but ive been taking plent of iron and all my vitamins so im straight!!!! THANKGOD!!! As for my supply list it is indentical to the other sucess stories. My bag is packed and im ready ttyl
Go Yily... Super Excited for You....
:) YAY!!!! I can't wait. Omg how the days fly.
Me either girl we're gonna have a wonderful vacay wink wink!!!!

16 days until I transform I'm soooooo anxious cant...

16 days until I transform I'm soooooo anxious cant wait to fly out!!!!
:) excited!!!
Hi Cindy so excited!!!!
Good Luck!!!!!

Hello loves yes the time has come single digit...

Hello loves yes the time has come single digit days!!! I'm so anxious now that i cant sleep and i have a sweet tooth. I'm not sure if its because I'm nervous or what. Im really not nervous just ready for a new look. LoL!!! My bag is packed and im ready to go. For all the ladies who just had surgery or will have it in the future May we all go in like healthy catapillars and come out like beautiful butterflies!!! GOOD LUCK YALL!!! GOD Bless!!!
9 days yes!!! I can't wait I'm about to call you:)
Yes girl I'm too ready I wish u were flying with us but we'll see u at the airport real soon
Awe too cute! So excited for you! Don't forget us we are here to support you in good or bad! Hugs

Ok ladies here is some before pics I'm less than...

Ok ladies here is some before pics I'm less than one week away from surgery and can't wait to be made over. I decided to add some boobs and I'm getting my thighs done along with BBL and full abdomen lipo back flanks etc..... Thanks for all your support ladies see you dolls soon!
We are shaped similar. Do u know ur measurements?? bust, waist, hips?? Cnt wait to see ur results!!!! Ur gonna look greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat:-)) good luck honey. Will b following ur progress
Hey ladies yes 5 days can't wait to meet u ladies :-) we r going to look amazing:-)
You will look even better after Dr Yily is done. Yipeeee. 5 more days and we are on our way. :) see you soon

My pre op measurements...

My pre op measurements are:
My flight leaves tmrw but I won't be in the DR until Thursday meeting up with my girls . Gotta enjoy some of those palm trees and sunshine good luck dolls God Bless you all tty soon!!!!!
Great foundation! Wishing u the best! Cant wait to see ur results! :-)
Yayyy for you! Good luck and speedy recovery. Also please be safe.
Yayyy I can't wait I'm not gonna get no sleep tomorrow :))) see ya soon

I've made it out safe and sound. In a lot of pain...

I've made it out safe and sound. In a lot of pain but not as much as I thought my body looks tremendous so far and Yily is definitely the best my boobs are perfect my waist is small and my ass is huge maybe too big lol ladies choose wisely when choosing our dr and please be realistic if you don't have a butt at all she can't give you a big butt . Here's some new pics.
i thought their was a couple of girls going yily april... its like you are the only one that has been updating. hope nothing happend 2 dem. wish they kept us posted... happy healingg doll. you look muy bunita.
Hey please try to post abdomen pic and back when of course you available .... I'm scheduled with Duran but your pics are making me rethink about yily ! We have the sane body shape as I'm 160lb and 5'1
POWWW.COM mamasitaa

Ok so foreal ladies if you can afford a resort or...

Ok so foreal ladies if you can afford a resort or a hotel I recommend using that as your place for recovery nothing against the recovery house but its not a serene place to be after your surgery! I'm glad that I made it back to the states and I love my results more and more the pain is relentless but however very self gratifying ! The massages are your best friend they make you feel much better!! Yily is board certified a-1 I'm glad I chose her!!
I Hi hope u heal fast girly!!!glad everything came out good .can u post postoperative pics?
can you please post some before and after pix? you mentioned your boobs and butt... was the whole procedure $4,100> BA and BBL? thanks
Do u still have ur drain in? And tape on ur belly? I have a tummy tuck too was operated by Yily and I will be leaving back to the states 8days post op I'm just a little worried about my after care. Any advice?

Ladies be careful please follow instructions...

Ladies be careful please follow instructions carefully and take your own medicine with you for the states all of my sx buddies have infections except me and hopefully I don't get sick three were hospitalized and one has an infected belly button it seems like everyone that had surgery and stayed at Jacqueline's is infected 5 that I know of so far I brought own antibiotics from my doctor nothing against Yily because she does amazing work and I'm very satisfied with my results but I'm worried about my girls they all had tummy tucks I didn't I don't know what's going on but it's crazy my whole crew fucked up!!!! I'm sad but glad I'm not infected!!!
I hope Yily is notified about this issue. 5 girls is not common I hope and pray that the girls are ok.
I'm going to send her a message in the morning
I sent her a message this morning about the five girls. From what I'm being told they are not all from her

I seriously believe it was the recovery house and...

I seriously believe it was the recovery house and not yily I love dr yily and I'm glad I chose her me and my sister is coming back in June and yily is her dr but we are not staying at jm spa I trust Dr. yily but excellent before and after care but is very important
This is for the record we all had surgery with dr Yily the same day I flew to santo Domingo with cin40818 I didn't encounter any side effects nor infections from the dr or dr Yily I was complaining about the recovery house the first day I left and cin40818 never complained about anything this is the first time I've heard her speak of the dr like that because she convinced us everything was ok in our time of doubt I don't why she is blaming dr Yily because to no avail many women have surgery with her daily but only few are infected those few stayed at jmspa rh yes the ladies at the house are very sweet and helpful but it is a breeding ground for infection it could have been the massage lady no hot water it was very hot the power would go on and off and the little girls that cleaned the rooms used the same buckets in each room and I never smelled bleach or Lysol if you do your research those kind of places breed communicable diseases and infection control is a must ! What cin40818 neglected to say that there are a lot of factors that could add to their infection and I saw girls come to dr yilys office that are success stories like me and about Yily not being in the surgery she tells you before she starts surgery that there are 5 steps in the sx process and she won't be present for the whole surgery so don't worry and please don't people you don't see her during surgery those were dr yilys exact words to me before I drifted off my results look better everyday and I don't have a bad word to say about dr Yily and people don't listen to all hear say please believe that I took my vitamins everyday for 78 days straight before surgery I exercised and took my own antibiotics and pain pills with me as far as being healthy and ready for my sx I'm the only one in my crew that did all of those things preop nobody else took the doctors instructions in the quote seriously but me and I had no problems and I have no worries I don't mean to put it out there like that but we all played a role in this fuckery I love my girls but I don't think bashing the doctor is conducive for this website without weighing all factors and telling the full story from every angle I was with those girls til the day I left I and I believe the RH is the wrong turn that we took I'm sorry jacquline and everybody at that house is so sweet loving and caring a family of inexperienced STNA or something no real nurses no one could administer medicine or speak English the conditions are not up to par and that's real I'm done about this because its making me mad all over again I will be back in the dr June 10th with my sister and she's going to Yily but not jmspa and ill definitely will keep you guys updated and I might post some more pictures briefly don't know yet good nite y'all I'm out!!!!
We r still here at cipla nd everything is super clean. They clean the rooms thoroughly whn thy gt u up n the morn to feed u nd put on ur faja thn thy clean it thoroughly again after u leave it, I was here waiting til 3 to hav my sx so this is stuff I witnessed with my own eyes. Yily is a dear nd she cares. She would not operate on this girl bc her hemo ws soooo low. The girl wants it so bad tho nd yily stupidly stay no. I believe she does hav our best interest at heart. Ik all experiences will not b the same but from wht I seem and how she ws with me she ws a dear. I Cldnt hav asked for anything more. There ws a girl here tht ws leaving on may 2 tht came here to c yily before leaving tht evening nd me nd mom talked to her. She said the conditions at jmspa are horrendous nd it ws so nasty tht she could not even eat their food. She ws supposed to b staying here at cipla but there ws sufficient space for her to do tht. The r 3 sides to every story remember tht but from wht u ws told I'd stay far away from jmspa. I ws told it ws nasty nd blood all over thy dnt hav towels nd all this other shit. For 75-90$ a night u shld b n optimal conditions. Again this is only wht I was told by a patient of yilys. Ill chat with y'all later. Xoxox
I am so glad you came on here and laid it out high. Tell mommy we said hi and give her hugs. Happy healing girl

No bad review on yily all can say pre op care and...

No bad review on yily all can say pre op care and post op care is very important here's some new pics.

I deleted the pictures for many reasons I will...

I deleted the pictures for many reasons I will post more soon once all the drama dies down
thanks for the importantinof
Has DR. Yily had any patient deaths?? Or are these patients you guys referring to patients of other doctors?? Also those that have gone is Upscale Recovery House a good place to stay?
Yes she has! Google it
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose her because her ratings and results are amazing !!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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