Post op pic very happy with my results

Hello I am 32.5 and have 5 kids. I have always...

Hello I am 32.5 and have 5 kids. I have always been small (5,7' 125lbs) but the last two kids did a number on me (now (170lbs) . One day I was looking in my mirror to my closet and I saw that I aged greatly over the past 4 years (bad relationships will do that to you). I have decided that it was time for a tune up. When I decided to have a "Mommy Make Over", with a fat transplant to my butt and boobs, I thought to go to Dr Jimerson. I tried to save up thee amount needed which was over 15K but to no avail. So I came across this website and fell in love with Dr. Yily. Not only is her price half of Dr. Jimerson but she is legit. I have not heard one bad thing yet about her on any forum except one person with her hips not being exactly where she wants them. So I just emailed her on Sunday asking for a quote based on my pictures. If anyone can answer the following questions I have concerning her I'd appreciate it:

1. What do I bring?

2. Where exactly is her office (is it near the Barcelo Hotel my sister is coming for support)

3. Is it better to stay in the care facility or can a family member take care of your needs just as good?

4. Can a family member stay in the facility with you?

5. How far away is the available appointment (a month two months)? I want to be in there by March or April.

6. Is there anyone in he office that speaks English

7. Where is a good place to stay if you do not want to stay in the after care place?

8. Are there translators for hire?

9. How long does it take for her to call you back?

That is all I have so far. I will post my before pics as soon as I find out when I am going.

THis is not my date...I just had to put one in.

THis is not my date...I just had to put one in.

Uggh....The waiting game. How long did you all...

Uggh....The waiting game. How long did you all have to wait for her to call you back. I sent my message on Sunday. I received a auto response but that was the last I heard of her? Please let me know before I loose hope.

Check your inbox on here
Still waiting".........
Still waiting...

I got a respond back and this is what she said:...

I got a respond back and this is what she said:
The price for fat grafting to buttock/BBL and liposuction abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 3200$USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, compression sleeves, 1 post-operatory bra, pre-operatory tests( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Lipo of thighs is 250$USD extra.
Lipo of chin is 150$USD extra.****
Lipo of arms is 200$USD extra. It includes sleeves compression******
Lipo of knee is 200$USD extra.
Breast lift without implants is 900$USD extra. With implants is 1700$USD extra.

She also said that I can just tell her what date I want to come. I want to go March 22. Is anyone else going then? Please let me know.

I don't know if I want the tummy tuck anymore. Even though I have five kids, I do not have any stretch marks and I never had a c section. Being so lucky, I don't know if I should choose to end it all by having a large scar across my body. But I want a perfect stomach and silhouette. So with everything I want with the tummy tuck will be 4150. Without will be 3550. Choices we have to make for the sake of beauty. I just do not want any regrets. Have any of you had a tummy tuck and the scar does not show? Let me know. That would be the deciding factor whether I have it or not. I would like to know what you did in order to make your scar basically invisible please keep me updated thanks.

So i received my date confirmation email.......

So i received my date confirmation email.....YAAAY!!!!! I have posted some photos of before pics.

Is anyone going to Dr Yily on the 22nd? I need a...

Is anyone going to Dr Yily on the 22nd? I need a buddy. I will be arriving on 21st but will be receiving the surgery on 22nd. I would like to save some money by getting a group together. These are the discounts that you receive:

Things you have to know:

The procedures separately are more expensive than if they're done together.

The insurance is 250$USD. In case you want it.

The garment I use is distributed by FAJATE.

I give discounts:

2 people……………………………. 150$USD each one

3 people……………………………. 200$USD

4 people……………………………. 250$USD
Please let me know if you ae interested.
Hey glad everything is set n I could help you have same body as me your just an inch shorter than me I dont think you need a TT
Thank, you. I hope I don't. Thanks again for the luggage info.

I just saw littleboypink after pics updated and...

I just saw littleboypink after pics updated and she has some serious Beyonce hips. Dr Yily did the damn thing with her. Then when you think it can't get any better...POW !!! Dat ass!! That's what you call a donk/ stallion booty how ever you wanna put it. I am so excited!!! Please let the stars align and everything flow and be tranquil on my day. I keep daydreaming of the day that I go to sleep as the hunchback of Norte dame and wake up a video vixen.
I agree we have the same body type dont think yoy need a TT plus who wants that scar? U n I have been blessed to have 5 kids and still have the body we have. Just do bbl for now
I think you should hold off on the tummy tuck because you don't have any stretch marks nor a c section cut. see what your results on with just the lipo and if you're not happy then go for the tt.
Girl I'm excited for you n littleboypink is hot guess you will be following me since I go before you. Any info you get please share with me thx doll

I am so glad to have met so many nice people on...

I am so glad to have met so many nice people on this site. You can't help but to pay it forward to the next up and coming Yily Girls. For those that want to get your new body on March 22nd, lock down that date with a deposit because she only does 4 on that day. Here is her schedule as of Monday:

I don’t like to perform more than _____ surgeries these days
Monday (3), Tuesday (3), Wednesday (4), Thursday (2), Friday (4)
Wow 5 kids n no stretch marks ;) just like another blessed lady w 5 kids n no stretch marks;) ur gonna look amazing! Wishing u great results;)
Thank you. You look great by the way!
March 22nd Comment

I just spoke to Yira. Myself and Emolina10 are...

I just spoke to Yira. Myself and Emolina10 are confirmed. Only 2 spots left!
I'll see you down there! I will be having surgery on the 23rd. Where will you be staying??
What is your group number now? About how much would a group of four be paying for the exact same procedures as yours (w/o the tummy tuck)? About 3 grand rite? Email me please. I would really love to buddy up.
the discount is 250 off for 4. We have 2 confirmed right now. I know a few are trying to get in contact with her but I guess it is first come first serve.

If you want to get in the group for 3/22. Pay your...

If you want to get in the group for 3/22. Pay your deposit, Call Yily office and confirm your date.

Now that my sister is adamant about coming for...

Now that my sister is adamant about coming for support, I have to find either a rental house to stay in or a good hotel but at a reasonable rate. Any suggestions?
Your sister an stay at the recovery house with you but you have to pay per day for her to be there I do not know how much. I think it is 60 bucks a day for her to stay with you
The problem with getting lipo only is that you run the risk of having your skin sag because of the pregnancies. I have 5 kids too and this is what I worry about. I had all my kids natural and no stretch marks as well. I am on the fence about gettin TT as well.
It is a hard choice to make. I used to be in the military and I was very muscular. No I am not. I think I will do the surgery with out TT workout and see if I can build muscle mass in my stomach again.

Please inbox me your real names and phone numbers...

Please inbox me your real names and phone numbers so we can keep in touch until we meet in person. I will give you all everyone else info as well.

Hey Mommy05, Congrates girl! I have been convinced with reading you guys post. I'd like to gather some more info as well. I have been researching the fat transfer procedure and it is very expensive. Can you please email me with more details and do you know anyone who'd like to buddy up later spring? Finding you on here was a blessing girl, I am so ready to go in April! Thank you, n****

Ok I will get some info and ger back to you. Thanks for the appriciation.
Great, thank you so much

Ok so my sister is not coming. I will be staying...

Ok so my sister is not coming. I will be staying at Spa J. Filed for my passport, should be here in 7 days.....excited!!!!! I just hope the ass she give me will not make my leg look crazy skinny.i already have stick legs.
your special day is approaching woohoo... good luck chica.. im excited for you
I'm excited for you. You have almost one month left girlly!!! Get it!!!
u look good pre op for having 5 kids tho, u must workout. and u have good skin. im going 3/12 surg 13th

So today while dancing in the mirror I noticed...

So today while dancing in the mirror I noticed that my hips looked a little smaller. So I hop on the scale and it reads 150lbs. Wow. I guess all the weight I was carrying was due to that stressful relationship. I guess that is what happens when you become sucka free. :)
Congrats on your date I hope you keep us posted.. I would love to see what the results look like cus im ready to get this body together! I will continue to follow you..
Lol, sucka free. I like that, you go girl ;)
Hey is there any spots left? I want go at the end of March as well.

As I count down the days to my surgery I get a...

As I count down the days to my surgery I get a call from one of my surgery buddies. She tells me that Yira said they are no longer honoring the discounts. Yira said that the special was only for February. So I call and inquire about the situation (because I confirmed in February and so did everyone in my group so there should not be a problem) and was hung up on twice. So I hope that it is just the phone system.....Well long story short I will be calling again first thing in the morning. I will update you all when I get more info.
Yily better get it together with this discount stuff. She can't turn it on and off with out informing anyone especially that everyone is grouping together before and after we schedule our surgery. This is something that she should have informed all patients prior to now. Girl keep us in the loop with this situation. This is going to piss a lot of us off if this is true.

So....I get an email from Yily stating the...

So....I get an email from Yily stating the following:
The discount was for a limited time, but i can make a discount to you guys of 100$USD

Ugh...well I guess this late in the game there is no need to complain about it. It is a discount. But I really wish she would honor our original agreement. I will have to cut down on my extras....

So this is what I am getting:
Fat transfer to boobs with a lift and
Lipo of my arms

All together it will be 4300. I haven't even gotten all y stuff to take yet. I am not nervous or anything I just wish that it would just be over with all ready so I can get back to my life and stop obsessing over it.

OK so I just tried to send Yily a payment through...

OK so I just tried to send Yily a payment through paypal and it will not let me. Whats going on?

At the last minute I decided not to get the bl. I...

At the last minute I decided not to get the bl. I am just going to stick with the bbl. just don't want the scars. When I get back I will just work out and build a little muscle under them until they lift a little naturally like they did when I was in the military. Well gotta go I still haven't bought. My stuff yet.

I am here and as soon as I got in they cooked me...

I am here and as soon as I got in they cooked me something to eat. It was very good. I have meet a lot of nice women and their bodies have me all excited. cannot wait to see mine.
Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

All I have to say tonight is that am very happy...

All I have to say tonight is that am very happy with my results. Dr Yily was very nice and considerate. Only2 girls showed up so my surgery was done right away. I couldn't be more pleased with my results.
congrats girls. wishing you happy and speedy recovery! can we see your hot new body! lol

So far I am doing great. Dr Yily came to check on...

So far I am doing great. Dr Yily came to check on me and a few others at the recovery house. She asked how I was feeling I said I was good but I guess she since something was wrong. Well my garment was digging into my waste and I was up all night trying to adjust it. By 8 am I finally took it off. I took a shower and Anna washed it. When she brought it back i procrastinated to put it on and finally went to sleep without it on. That's when dr Yily came. In . So I told her about my problem. And she asked Jacqueline to pad me down and help me with my faja. So they did. Yily always greats with hugs and kisses by the way. She is very nice and compassionate. Well I will post a pic of my butt because she did give me a fatty. She can give big butts by the way your skin just has to allow it. So see my updated pics.
Tht butt pic looks great Hun. Glad u had a pleasurable experience with yily. Take care nd take it easy;-)
Congratulations! Not sure how to access, but would like to see your pic... thanks!
Is there anyone planning to get their procedure done with this Dr. in April ? If she has any availability. I'm interested in going but would lprefer to go with someone getting the operation as well. Does anyone have this Dr. contact info? Thanks

I am 6 wks po thought I would share pics

I am 6 wks po thought I would share pics
Whoa I prob wouldn't get my butt that big (personal pref) but you seriously don't look 32; and with 5 kids! U look better than a lot of childless women.
Hello how r u doing great results
Can someone send me a before and after pic of her work

Ready for round 2

So I'm back. Yeah things got a little crazy . I really had not been taking care of myself. And got a little out of shape ( hey don't judge me....hostess made the sweetest comeback ever lol) I'm not that bad. I am currently 153 but every now and then I creep up to 160. I am trying to keep my weight under control but it's been hard with my work schedule and my kids and and boyfriend and so on....I have been out the loop for a minute so if anyone has any pointers please let me know. Or better places to stay at please let me know. I will post pics. This time I am focusing on my waist and my back. After surgery I was 28 now I am a 30. My hip was 41 now 42-43. Not too bad but I want to catch it before it gets out of control. I planned on coming back last December but Yily had a baby so I had to reschedule. I wanted to go back for my back because I felt that more could have been taken off due to the fact that I still had a bit of a love handle. I also felt that the tube taped to my hip made it uneven with the other. I also wanted to fill 3 dimples in my butt. It seems silly to go way out there to fix these problems that only I see but hey... I do what I want with my money ya heard! Ok enough of me chatting....GN
Thanks for the update sis, u look amazing! Can you refresh my memory on how much the the procedure is and what all did you have done?
Woah, that butt! You look great.
Thank you
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