Fabulous, Fierce, and FORTY Never Looked This Good (Well March 5, 2014) Thanks to Dr. Robles - Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies After 3 children ages 20, 9 and...

Hello Ladies

After 3 children ages 20, 9 and 3 it's time for me to get my body back! I loved my body before my pregnancies in my 30 but my 40th birthday is in May and refuse to bring in my 40th bday with hanging drooping or sagging so off to DR I go.

I have consulted even paid a Dr to do my tummy tuck but guess what I was pregnant. My second attempt no can do my CBC was 5.4 WHY because I had a huge fibroid cyst in my uterus which caused me to have TWO blood transfusions and a Partial Hysterectomy.

So now that The Shop is closed I can have my tummy back and waistline and a lift to the booty and rounded hips. Not sure about the boobs yet. They will be perky DD's no question LOL! So stay tuned ladies. I will keep you posted in grave detail good bad and the ugly!


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Hello Ladies I am very close now to my date....

Hello Ladies
I am very close now to my date. Can't say I am scared or anything like that. I'm just ready to have my shape back. I ahve mastered the art of dressing my body that enhance my assets and deflect attention to my midsection which is the TRAIN WRECK!! I will be posting pictures of myself soon with clothes with my undies just so you can have a visual ( despite it is UGLY appearance)! I will get these up ASAP!!


Hi, i just found a great deal on the Vita Medica Vitamins. www.dermastore.com has them for $ 100.00 plus a coupon for $20.00 - promo code:blushlove. It makes them $ 80.00. No tax and free shipping. My PS was charging $ 104. The promo code is only good until 1/31/2013. Please pass this information along to all the women getting surgery soon. Gotta save some money. I'm getting a BA first then going to Dr. Yily for my other body work. Chow for Now!!!!
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Thanks! I'm on it!
I have only heard great things about Dr. Robles. I am scheduled to have surgery with her on April 24th. Please post your post-surgery pics, I am sure that you will look FABULOUS! Good Luck on your surgery!
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Hey Ladies Thanks for all the pointers and...

Hey Ladies
Thanks for all the pointers and insight on various things. I was so reluctant to post pics initially but my surgery buddy encourage me to go ahead and post. I will be leaving for DR in 30 days which is very hard for me to believe. I'm just ready for it to be February 27th already. So the healing process can begin. SOOO Ready!!!!


Keep us posted!
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Good luck lady, you will look spectacular.
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Good luck!! My 40th is in a week and I had my TT 9 months ago- best thing I have ever done! My new motto ( and soon to be yours) is 40 and FAB not 40 and flab! You will look great!
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Well I'm here to see my cardio DR as part of my...

Well I'm here to see my cardio DR as part of my preop. I have hypertension and just want to be sure it's a go for me to do this. My hypertension is controlled and I have no issues but I have children I don't want to leave them because of my vanity. I still want to be a HOT Mommy LOL! Stay tuned


Hey Tiff...jus wanted to pop in n say.... ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! lol can't wait... I posted my list,we can go over it Thursday...smooches!
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Absolutely!! It sure is the final countdown so pumped I got my cardio dr clearance today it's on and poppin baby
Hello how much is cost of surgery...
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Hey Ladies I need to increase my hemoglobin and...

Hey Ladies
I need to increase my hemoglobin and quickly !!!! Has anyone used a product called PurAbsorb from the review it's states it works pretty as far as increasing hemo levels quickly! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated



Hey Beautiful...Wanted to remind you we still have VIP for the parade and a hair appointment at the recovery house! lol can't wait to see you! TWO more weeks :) xoxox
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Hopefully this means i have my roomie back? I have to learn spanglish now all in two weeks. Will you have wifi so we can at least share pics. I will be happy to see you at the carnival i guess i need to bring a hat
Good Luck Love! And Please keep on posting!
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Hey Ladies Passport came today this getting...

Hey Ladies
Passport came today this getting really REAL!!! I must say I am a little nervous now. I know it will all be worth it in the end!!


its GETTING CLOSE!!! you and luvMinieto will be SEXier SOON!!! I can't WAIT to see yall results...OMG!!!!
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Hey Lady!! I am so nervous now it unreal! I know all will be fine! Your day is coming soon right
I'm going in July or Aug...make sure u take lots of pics...hosp n recovery house :-) and download whenever you can...LOL...I'm just thankful for y'all who are going before me!

Well today I changed everything!!! My surgery date...

Well today I changed everything!!! My surgery date and all! This saddens me because Iwill know not a soul when I go in March. I will not have my surgery buddy its going to be weird but I know this will be better. I can't leave my babies with one thing not in place. I need every penny, every plan, every detail in line before I leave. So I had to delay my surgery two weeks. As long as everything is done by my bday I AM OK with that!!!!


Hope all is well ..Would love to see pics
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So when are you going Tiff?
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Take care of yourself Tiff.
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Well this has been a long year a lot of ups and downs but I never lost site of Dr Robles working her magic on me. I have seen the results of her work first hand and not a second thought of having my surgery done with her.

Last year the vibe was TERRIBLE at the clinic. I was told by my friend last minute that I was not going to Virginia's but to another recovery house being as though she had her surgery before me and was still in DR when I arrived on the 7th of March. Nothing was falling in line. The nurses were EXTREMELY RUDE except one. I cant remember her name but she was an ANGEL! I will not bring extra undies and I will Lock my room when I sleep the first night. Someone will be staying with me the night before surgery and the night I have surgery then I will be moved to a temp location them to Virginia's. I had to change my date again from the 24th of February to March 5th. So flight booked and my confirmation email came today from Laura!!! I AM READY and DONT have to buy anything everything is still packed from last year well minus some undies somebody wanted so badly in DR!! Thank goodness they were new and already washed!

OH FYI I used google talk app and translator app! I also keep my phone in airplane mode to avoid international charges. Plus I had my old Blackberry Tour my friend bought minutes for or a chip or something I am not sure but I had to ways to call home if needed.



Lmfao @ spongebob square pants results in the U.S. That is so true!!
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love the results I see from past patients of Dr Robles. I am horrified by the sponge bob square pants results I see here in the states. Dr Robles understands what a women should look like. So happy I found this website

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