30 Year Old Single Mom of Two, Ready to Do This for Me. Dominican Republic, DO

Saludos RS community. This is my first post and I...

Saludos RS community. This is my first post and I apologize in advance for the length. I'm a 30 year old mother of two. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 1. I have been in need of a tummy tuck since having my first child at 18 but I couldn't afford it and was always hesitant because I wanted another child. A few years ago I fell head over heels for a super attractive (narcissistic) man. He tore my self-esteem during our relationship. He made it known that he could have any woman he wanted and that I was nothing special to him. When I found out I was expecting he told me he was not happy about it. To spare the horrid details I'll just say that my pregnancy was the most challenging time of my life. I spent it alone without any support. He came around after my son was born but was constantly in/out of our lives. He was super disrespectful and constantly putting me down. He cheated on me and left me for a younger, prettier woman. My son was 11 months old at the time. He went on social media to let everyone know he and this new woman were now together and an array of other stresses to my son and I's life. I have excommunicated him from our lives for the time being. God knows I have gone through alot. I've been sloooooowly focusing on bettering myself and my life. I joined a gym and have slowly been working on my eating habits but I know my body cannot bounce back. I have lost about 50 pounds and on my petite frame I'm in dire need of surgical revision. My friend referred me to her PS in DR. I contacted her last week and sent her photos for an evaluation. She says I am a great candidate. I was originally hoping for the procedure this year in December but there's a part of me that says "I shouldn't push off my happiness". I need to do this for me. I need to feel proud and confident in my body. Afterall, your body is your home. It's where your soul resides. I'm definitely scared about traveling alone to DR. My kids will be staying with my mother so I really don't have anyone to go with me, but I remind myself that I've gone through so much in life not alone but with God and I'm just going to pray that HE sustain me and my life through this process. I'm hoping I can schedule a date for this upcoming Fall. This will give me time to get things in order. I know the greatest surgery I am in need of is surgery of the soul but God is working on that. I am grateful for the body that brought forth life. Now I'm ready to move on and start a new beginning and be confident and comfortable in my body. I'm planning on having a TT with lipo, full back lipo and BBL. I'd like to have my breast done but the PS stated that she prefers to do the two most needed procedures to keep risks at a minimum and I respect that. I'm waiting to hear back from her next week. I'll keep you all updated.

Being patient

Good morning RS,
Is it crazy that I check my email every hour to see if the doctor has emailed me back?
I'm such a type A personality. I'd like to schedule a date this week so that way I can begin the process of meeting with my PCP for a pre-op well visit and also because I need to look into flights and getting things in order. Traveling to a foreign country requires more work than if I were doing this in the states.
My mother and daughter are not supportive of my decision to have this done. My mother thinks all I need is a TT but that getting a BBL is me being vain. My daughter says I should leave it how it is because I'm like this now so God must want me like this.
I don't think God wants me to feel like a prisoner trapped in an uncomfortable body that is too distorted for my age.
I also don't think I'm being vain. I'm a college educated woman, I have class. I'm doing this to get my body as close as it used to be. Some ppl just are set on not being supportive or understanding so I think I need to keep my sharing to a minimum and just on here.
Last night I texted a family member asking if she could travel with me. Although I'd rather not have an extra expense to add on here I know that having her support and presence will have me at ease. This is why I am hoping the doctor emails me soon so I can get the layout of how this all works. I'm going to upload pictures. It's hard to share because I feel so disgusted with my body. I really hope this can happen sooner than later so I can move forward.

How I look with clothes on

I'm petite, right under 5 ft and currently weigh in at 98.6 but seeing my pictures you can obviously see that my body doesn't match my stature. I'm not proportional. I told someone I am planning on getting surgery and she looked at me like I was crazy, then I lift up my heart to expose my abdomen. Then all I got was silence. My cousin saw the same pictures I posted up here. She said she would have never guessed. Clothes hides it well, but I want it to look well even without clothes.

Feeling Hopeless

So the doctor emailed me this morning with possible dates for September and October. But now I can't find anyone to go with me. My cousin bailed because she doesn't want the time away to affect her grades since she is working towards her degree. My friends have all said that they can't because of work and some people just plain don't want to. I'm feeling discouraged. I don't want to go by myself and I don't want to continue to push this further out. I feel like this is working against me and when I talk to my mother about it she says "I don't know". I don't want to go to DR and have surgery by myself but right now I have noone. This is so discouraging.

Tentative date

So my PS emailed me today. We scheduled a tentative date of October 7th. It won't be confirmed until I book my plane ticket.
So my goals for the remainder of this week are to buy the supplements needed and continue to ask around to see if anyone from my family is able to attend.

I like the date I chose because it'll be after my daughter's birthday (so I won't feel guilty about recovering over her bday or missing it by being away) and it'll be a month before my birthday, so therefore I can start "my" new year with a new me.
Wow a little less than 3 months!

Travel Companion All Set

I'm so happy. My aunt agreed to fly to DR and stay with me for my recovery. She already put it in her calendar. I purchased a few things today including
my supplements, pill box, cotton panties, dial soap and travel size toiletries. Finding a solid travel companion is such a relief.

Booked my flight

I guess I'm using RS add a way of blogging/journaling the process of my MMO. I booked my flight today, making this more real. I also began taking my supplements. I think there's a part of me that thinks that I may not get the outcome I want and so I'm keeping my expectations low. The reason I day this is because I don't know how much fat I have that will actually increase the shape and size of my butt. Also because I really wanted to get implants and am not going to be getting them this time around. I already know that if all goes well that I will be having a BA in the near future, maybe in a year. I want a whole new body and whole new mind set and new clothes. So many women have said having surgery has changed their life for the better. I'm not expecting that but I sure hope that I will look unbelievably drop dead amazing!

Recovery Houses

So my surgeon suggested a few RH to go to but a friend of mines did not have a good experience at one of them. She mentioned a name to me which I also happened to find on this site. I what'sapp'd the woman last night who told me I'd have to western union the money to her to reserve my spot. This is cost me 75 a day for myself and 50 for my aunt. I just feel a little iffy about sending the money western union. The deposit will be 400 to hold my spot. Have any of you ladies traveling to DR dime the same? Any advice?

Can October Hurry Up Please....

I feel like emotionally I've just been going through so much crap. I'm learning from it but I definitely just want a fresh start. If it's not getting over the pain of heartache and what I've been going through in that regards then it's now dealing with a director who is out to get me out of my place of employment.
I'm holding onto this job because I need to be sure to use the 3 weeks I've saved in vacation time for my surgery. I just wish October was around the corner. I have my ticket booked, the surgery date scheduled, my passport and have been taking my supplements. My bold is looking good. It's currently a 13.3. I'll have my heart checked soon for the heart murmur and then just find a recovery house. I just want and need a whole new life. Can it be October yet?

Keloid Concerns

I've been so stressed lately that I'm losing weight. Unfortunately for me I do not want to lose weight since I'd like more than enough fat to bring volume into my bbl. I'm currently 4ft 9 inches and am 94.4 pounds I'm sure I'll have a few pounds once the stress minimizes. I met with my ob/gyn today (best doctor ever) and he put in an order to have my echocardiogram here in the states (he's the best) to look into my heart murmur. So that will take place next month. My surgeon emailed me stating that my lab results are very good and just to continue on the supplements. But my ob reminded me that I keloided with my 2 cesareans. This wasn't a concern to me until I realized I may keloid with the reconstruction of my new belly button and the bbl. Has anyone else had this experience?
Katherine Feliz Camilo

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Proud of you for making the decision for you. Lots of opposition will come at you but it's really about your choice and being safe about them. Keep steadfast on those things and selective about your audience is what I ended up doing. I'm still in but I'm here recovering alone but I have the right support around me. I wish you every comfort with each step toward a new you. I couldn't have done it without the ladies on RS. Be blessed!
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I would still go ahead and asked ... just throw your questions to the U.S.A PLASTIC SURGEON and they'll answer from all states .. while you are waiting for your doctor to repy ... it good to get more than one opinion ... good luck ... god loves you and always remember when GOD HAVE GREAT PLANS FOR YOU the devil leave what he's doing and try to come at you .... so hun you got to stayed prayed up even when things seems low ... pray and asked god to make you untouchable in jesus name amen
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No ... I think you should go ahead and asked the doctors here on realself ... that's their profession they must have come across patients with your skin type ... just tell them your story and what surgery you are planning to do
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Thanks, good idea. I emailed my surgeon. If I don't hear from her soon then I surely will ask the physicians on here.
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God is able ... He is slow but he is sure ... He is an on time god ...ok
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Thank you for that. I appreciate it.
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U r welcome sis
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thank you! You will be in mine as well:) You definitely do deserve this!!
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You will be fine. I had a a tummy tuck in Jan, 2014. And a breast reduction in March. Excellent results
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Thank you. I am hoping I get amazing results!
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Hey sweetie did you check the sx calendar- you dont need someone for the same doctor.
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Also thanks for sharing your story.
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I plan on going in October and will also be going alone. I have my families support but everyone works and are unable to take time off.
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I'm working on exhausting all possibilities. I really don't want to go alone. Dr.Camilo seems so sweet, I've only heard good things about her. I wish you the best on your journey! Do you know which recovery house you'll be staying at?
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I'm planning on going the week after your date. God willing!
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I'm booked with Camilo on Oct 1, but have been looking at Robles and that could be scheduled for the 7th if it's still available once I figure out what I'm doing. I'll let you know.
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I'm scheduled for the 9th with Robles and am staying at Virginia's.
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I'm having the same issue :( I'm scared to do this alone... Where are you flying out from?
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I'll be flying out of Boston. I'll doing everything to find someone to go with me.
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I hope you find a great PS. I wish you all the best
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Thank you!
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I am also petite like you...what ps do you have in mind?
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Doctor Camilo in DR. My friend had her TT and BBL done by her. So far she's been very responsive and professional.
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