Dr Yily For Lipo & Breast Reduction/Lift (Pictures) 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

Going to Dominican Republic to get a breast...

Going to Dominican Republic to get a breast reduction and liposuction in my entire body. I was originally going to Dr Yily but shes taking to long to respond. Both my mom and aunt got work done by them so I'm confident in his abilities. Will keep you guys updated with more info as they become available. Has anyone else on here had a procedure done by him.


Congrats on your great decision :-)
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Welcome and good luck!
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So Ive been talking to Dr Sanchez Rijo...

Ive been texting Dr Sanchez Rijo and he's yet to give me a price, I find it a bit annoying an unprofessional a bit of a tern off. we could have a convo just find and the minute I ask about pricing he stops replying! :/

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What to bring with me to DR

Hey ladies,
So far the Doctor asked me start taking Vitamin C and Iron pills.
I need a good list of things I should bring alone with me so far I've got:

1. Merderma
2. Vitamins
3. Wet Wipes
4. Surgical Tape/ small scissors
5. Surgical gauze
6. Bio- oil
7. Anti Biotic Soap (Dial)
8. Maxi Dress


Why doesn't he want t give u a quote lol? He knows ur serious right?
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yes, i just spoke to him and he quoted me! he did take a while, made it seem like he was playing around with numbers in his :/

Before Picture

This my before picture, as you can see my breast have dropped and my body has lost its form. Im getting lipo in the inner thighs, and my waist/back.


I go to march 19,but i need pics before abd after
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He told me he would send me some and never did, his website doesnt even have any...
I have pics, he send a my friend, and she send me,,but, i dont like!! I chance a doctor

3 Weeks away from perfection!

So the time is approaching! Im catching a cold i dont know if this will offset my healing or worst my surgery. Unfortunately my PCP is going to be out of town until I get back so I cant have my exams done until i get to DR. I will be arriving March 17 and heading to office at 3 to have my test done and my surgery will be on the following day. She ask that be there at 7:30am. I will be staying at a resort just because I want to have fun and relax before all the madness that will be the next day. I feel that im ill prepared for this journey but money is kinda tight and I dont want to buy anything that is unnecessary.

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so far ive got


Hi I go 25 I want to vicit dr Rijo
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cambie a la doctor yily.
Good luck on your upcoming surgery :-)
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I will be going with Dr Yily

I will no longer discuss my journey in this page since I wont be reviewing Dr Rijo, I will be reviewing Dr Yily to see my journey please click or copy and past this link:



Good day all, can anyone tell me if they have worked with dr. rijo and if his work is good?
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Hi he did a great job with my sister and sister in law. I can post pics if you need but unfortunately the surgeon is very very sick and we dont know if he will be back to work any time soon :((
Yes still post pls. Sorry to hear he is so sick
Dr Juan Manuel Sanchez Rijo

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