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Hello everyone! i am 21 years old, and i have been...

Hello everyone! i am 21 years old, and i have been interested in getting this procedure for a looong time. i remember saying "i wish i could take the fat from my stomach and put it on my butt!" i was so happy when i found out it was actually possible! i am currently a rising college senior, and hoping to get my surgery next june after my college graduation. i have always been unhappy about my butt, and i find it really hard to find jeans that dont make my butt look super flat :(. i also became more body concious when i suddenly gained about 40 pounds. i went from 140-150 to 190! i went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. since i have PCOS it will be harder for me to lose weight, but i have been getting it treated and on medication to hopefully help me lose the weight before my surgery! i have researched many doctors online but the only one i really like is Dr. Salama! im hoping to book my surgery within the next couple of days. im a little bit sad because i sent my pictures to Dr. Salama 2 weeks ago and was quoted the $6799 and i just found out the price went up to $7799. im going to try and see if i can book it for $6799 because thats the amount i have been budgeting for! my mother is very supportive of me! she is all for me making myself happy with a new bootay! and all my friends want to get the procedure done too! honestly, i dont think they will go through with it because they are not as obsessed with this procedure as i am! lol i come on this site every day and look at pictures and reviews while at work! i am very thankful for you ladies that have shared your journies with us and given tips and ideas on how to deal with the procedure. it is really appreciated!

So I just got of the phone with Nancy and I am...

So I just got of the phone with Nancy and I am booked for June 4th 2013! I was able to book it for the $6799 and I'm so happy! So I am officially team salama! I have a whole year to plan and save!

Its been a while since i have updated, but...

Its been a while since i have updated, but honestly there isnt much for me to update since my date is so far away. im still in love with Dr. Salama's results from you ladies and cant wait to get Salamified! i recently started my weight loss journey and hope i can get down to at least 160 before my surgery date. i want a tight tummy and a PoW! bootay. as of now i dont feel like its real because it is so far away but i just realized i need to start getting my list together of things i will need to buy, cause i have been looking at some of you girls shopping lists and there is so much money to spend! does anyone have any tips for weight loss? what worked for you?

So i found a picture online of an inflatable air...

so i found a picture online of an inflatable air bed for the backseat of the car! i thought it was really cute, but i cant find the website for it. if any of you ladies know where i can get it from let me know! this would be great for thos 6 weeks we have to lay on the backseat of a car! no messing up our booties :)

Picture is added to my photos :)

picture is added to my photos :)

Hey girlies, today i am feeling so depressed...

hey girlies, today i am feeling so depressed because i dont think this process is going to take place for a while :(. I had a plan on how to pay for my surgery, because i knew i would be getting big amounts of money through the year. so far, i have had to use the money i have received to pay bills. My boyfriend and i live together and he lost his job back in august, and has had a hard time finding steady work in the meantime. so i have been working hard to make sure i can cover all of our bills. i know he has been trying to find a steady job and its not his fault but i am tired. i am currently working while trying to finish my last year of college and doing an internship four days a week. the main thing that has kept me motivated is looking forward to this procedure but everyday it seems like it gets further and further away. I was expecting to receive some extra money from my financial aid that was going to go towards to the surgery, but i received a letter from my school saying my financial aid was cancelled due to bad grades (which is not true, they said it was due to my performance for the past semester, but i received a 3.6 GPA last semester). best believe i will be at the financial aid office when they open next year!! i was thinking maybe its a sign from God, maybe he doesnt see this procedure as a good idea, im not sure but i will keep praying and hoping things work out and june th ends up being my date.....

if you have read this far i appreciate taking your time to read my depressing story, im using this as a journal to track my progress and i hope im not being a debbie downer :(

Merry Christmas Big Bootay Girls!!!

Hello ladies! I am feeling much better about my...

hello ladies! I am feeling much better about my situation and this surgery. it just hit me a while ago that I have 4 months left! I filed my taxes and im going to get a little more than what I thought would and that's always a good thing! I also had a customer come in my store who is a massage therapistand she said she would offer me a goodprice and come to my home so im excited about that. do you all know anything about "no patient left behind" and how it works?

also, when did you begin taking your vitamins?

and any recommendations on a condo with good prices?

can you use care credit to pay for massages while in aventura?

Due to some unforseen circumstances im not going...

due to some unforseen circumstances im not going to be able to get this surgery done :-( I originally paid $680 for my deposit, and my date is June 4th... let me know if you want it and we can set arrangements tthrough PayPal

Hello ladies! a lot has changed since the last...

hello ladies! a lot has changed since the last time I was here and I am happy to say that I will still be getting the procedure done! except I am no longer going with salama.... I am now going with DRA. DE LOS SANTOS! I got an awesome quote from her, and with the money I save I will be paying for my mom to go on a vacation to DR with me! my family is from DR, so we will be renting an apartment during our stay in Santo Domingo then we will be driving back to the town where my family lives which is about 2 hours away. my aunt lives right by a PS and that's where I will go to get my post op massages! I am getting my sx on june 4th, my flight is already booked, and the procedure will be paid off this week. I am so happy my mother is helping me out, and she actually wants to get some work done next year! now that its official that im getting this done, Im going to eat healthy to lose these 30 pounds before my surgery date. I cannot wait and im so excited :-) anywhooo are there any ladies going to be there on or around june 4th

I am cancelling with Dra. de los santos because i...

i am cancelling with Dra. de los santos because i am so fed up with their communication. i sent my deposit in via paypal on february 26th, and i have yet to receive an email that my money was received. i have called the office many times to ask if it has been received and every time i get the same crap about Yily is the only one with access to paypal and she is the only one who can confirm, so i will receive it by the end of the week. today i called and said i want to cancel my date and get my money back, and was told it was okay, but i would have to send an email to cancel. so i just did that and hopefully they wont take forever to get back to me *rolls eyes*. anywaysss, i have been looking at Dra. Durans work and i fell in love, i joined the fb group and i love how she goes on there and comments on the page from time to time, i sent her an email for a quote and received an answer in like a day. I want to go with her, but dont want to feel like i am jumping on another bandwagon again, and then her results and quality begin to decline. help ladies!

So today has been a DAY! i was on the phone with...

so today has been a DAY! i was on the phone with my bff on my way home from work, and was telling her about my surgery. then she said to me that she thinks im going to change after my surgery and not want to hang out around my regular friends... this really made me sad how she would think i would be so shallow? i am very loyal to my friends and family so i would never think to ditch my friends cause i have a new body. idk, it made me sad. my boyfriend also said he thinks im going to break up with him after my surgery. idk why they feel like that cause i am still going to be myself, just with a booty... lol but that put me in a bad mood. Then i get home and im talking to my mom, she said that she spoke to a friend she hadnt talked to in years who had really bad complications from having surgery in DR. My mom said if it wasnt for her son going to get her then she would have died. This made me soo scared cause you can never know whats going to happen. Am i mentally prepared to have this procedure? do i want to risk losing my friends and boyfriend because of this surgery? idk what to think right now, any input would be appreciated ladies :(

So I have decided to switch my dr. From dr yily to...

So I have decided to switch my dr. From dr yily to dra duran.... after this I will not be switching anymore and will take some time away from this site to get ready for surgery. I will probably come back right before my trip... be safe ladies!

Hey Girlies! i have about 28 more days until i get...

hey Girlies! i have about 28 more days until i get beautified by the beautiful and talented Dr. Duran. I am more than excited and its really beggining to hit me that its really happening. I cant wait until the day comes so i can get it over with already. i have my bags mostly packed, and have been taking my vitamins religiously for the past few days! I went to ross and rugged wearhouse and bought a ton of maxi dresses for post op. i got a total of 9 dresses! i was able to get some really good deals so i couldnt help it lol i figured i could wear the dresses all summer.. i will post when im a little bit closer to my date.... toodles ladies

So I went to dollar tree today and picked up a lot...

So I went to dollar tree today and picked up a lot of things for post op. They had a great selection so dont be so quick to turn the dolla sto' (how they say it in VA LOL) down I got gauze, alcohol wipes, bandaids, shower caps, antibacterial soap, peroxide and alcohol, and some more stuff. I think im completely done buying supplies... im just working on some post op clothes. I bought some linen pants at rainbow.... yes the lil ghetto store, you can find some good stuff there. They have a ton of maxi dresses if you all are looking for them guys... they are all very thin but get the jon done I guess

16 more days!

Omg, ish is getting real now! I have two weeks left and I am so nervous! I went to my doctor who wouldnt give me any pain medication. On the bright side, she did my blood test and my hemoglobin is at 13, so im good to go on that part. My main worry is that my blood pressure may be high. Every time I am nervous my blood pressure is a bit high. Im currently trying to cut back on salty foods to ensure my bp is as normal as possible. Yaay can't wait lol
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Update?? =)
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isn't it weird that this girl seems to have fallen off of the face of the planet...??? i wonder if she got out of DR alive???
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Cthu... I know right.
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I am trying to get in touch with dr duran does anyone have her ema
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Do any one have Dr. Duran email info
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Hey girly hope your surgery went well just wanted to tell you ENJOY your new body and all that comes with it!!! Your friends and your boyfriend should be more supportive it sounds like insecurity on their part but just know you have the right to do what makes you happy! They are not the ones having to suffer from PCOS! I feel you girly! And I enjoyed your review! Everything will be fine keep us updated and shake them haters off!
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Please update with pictures!! I'm going to The wonderfully talented Duran in 2014. Hope your healing well :)
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What month are you going in?
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Can't wait to hear how things are going!! Happy healing!!
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Wish you well :)
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i wish u the best of luck. safe travels and happy healing. on my blog i have a helpful list of things to get for travel and post. check it out.
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Can you give me Dr Durans contact info..pleease I really want to set an appointment by have no clue where to start. My email is Shynetime0709@gmail.com if can sent it there under Duran Doll. I also tried adding her on FB. She excepted it but didnt respond to my message. Please help... a phone number or anything would be greatly appreciated
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where are you going to be staying?
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how was your surgery? Also did you ever get your deposit back from Yily? I also sent in my deposit but am now having doubts and am thinking about switching.
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How did it go?
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How did you contact her and what is the contact information I wanted to have my procedures done in Aug. 2013, if you could post it that would be great. Thank you in advance.
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Hilarioplasticsurg@gmail =-)
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Can't wait for an update!
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OMG I'm excited DId u have ur surg yet??? Update :)
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good luck
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Good luck honey!
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Goodluck! I saw some inflatable beds for cars on amazon. Check it out.
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Good luck!
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