Ok so i just booked my surgery date with Dr.Yily...

Ok so i just booked my surgery date with Dr.Yily for 6/11. I'm a little scared but really excited. I have read all your reviews and is been such a blessing to me ;) I was super scared but hearing u guys being so brave going on ur own to Santo Domingo I got a little more confident to go ahead with this surgery.

Need ur advice on I'm booking a good recovery house or hotel! Any suggestions?

Two more weeks till my departure!!

Ok ladies so I've been gaining weight for this SX but I can't take it anymore I feel like a piggy :( just wanna make sure Yily has enough fat to transfer! am worry because no one from her office has call me or email me to follow up on my surgery date :/.. Any insides?

10more days :) till surgery

Had to gain some weight for surgery but I Think I'll stop here she should have enough fat with these extra muffins! Lol

Is getting pricy.... auchhh

Sx... $3,100
Flight $700
Hotel $600
meds n garment $300
Spending cash $700 = $5,400 :(


Hey ladies haven't been able to update because I've been in so much pain ... To start I fell out of the bed night of surgery :(! So make sure sure that under no circumstances you get off the bed on your own the first two days because ur body will be so numb.. make sure to take comfy clothes for after surgery, wipes n maxi pads (overnight) a
must! Anyway I am still very sore n swollen I plus I had to flight back to the states with my drain because it had been 7days and I won't stop discharging. not a nice experience with the drain n getting clogged up!
Always make sure ur drain is working because accumulated liquid hurts like a M.... still in a lot of pain so will be posting pics in a few days! By the way I ended up getting a tummy tuck too :/ because my stomach was gonna be to lose after (auchhhh) that only added to the pain!

11days post op

Ok so I am still really swollen n have my drain. so I was able to get you guys at least one pic! Lol

3weeks post op!!

Ok guys am 3weeks post op, I am still pretty swollen in my abdomen but so far I like my results except my tummy tuck scar :/! I really hope my bottoms don't go down anymore!

One month post op!

BBL had gone down a lot :(
Or is it just me? Look at my 11day post op!

One month post op!

Just follow up pics...


My results wore not as big as many but is exactly what I wished for! A very natural "LOOK" :)
5weeks post op @ still a lil swollen

5 weeks post op!

Before & After Pics


Still ALOT of swelling in the lower abdomen area... :(

7week post op

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Enjoy that bangin bod!!
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U look amazing! Yily's sculpting is always insane. If I ever decide to correct the butt cheek that is ever so slightly smaller than the other, I'll go to Yily so I can get sculpted by her. Dr. J did a bangin job on me as is so I doubt I'll even correct this minor imperfection, but if I do, I want my stomach sculpted by her. Dr. J is amazing at giving ur butt roundness and projection and chisseling ur lower back fat away & giving crazy arches/shelves but Yily's sculpting of the stomach from the front is unmatched. She gives a great hourglass silhouette from the front while Dr. J gives shelf and projection from the side. But his overall lipo is good as is Yily's fat grafting so u really can't go wrong with either doc
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You look awesome mama!! Enjoy your new body looking super curvy..!
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Love it! Just what I'm hoping for. You dont scream plastic surgery ☺ enjoy it mama!
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You look good!
  • Reply look really GREAT!!
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You look so good! Congrats and happy healing! What was your weight b4 sx? I have a body similar to your "pre" but cant seem to gain weight! So nervous that there wont be enough :-/
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5'1 135lbs but I do wish I had gain another 10lbs... Drink protein shakes
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Eat more meat and potatoes,lol
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In the beginning I thought you said that your doctor was Duran! If so why did you change? I am in the beginning of my journey and got a price already from Duran but just trying to keep my options open!!
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No actually Yily has always been my Doc! I did meet Duran and she seems very nice :)
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Can we say HOURGLASS!!!! Thanks for the side by sides photos you look awesome doll.
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Your welcome ;)
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U look great!! I remember reading so many blogs about how it takes at least 3 months before u see ur final results n its sooo tru!!
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Hope so! Because my stomach is so swollen and my butt has gone down ALOT :/.. Will post a 3month post op ;)
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Looks great. Waist is awesome
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You look great Hun! I hope is well with you and your healing process continue to be successful..:-)
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I like the way your body is now. She gave you that sexy hourglass shape! I may end up having TT myself,just hate an idea of huge scar across my belly.
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You look great!
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You look god!
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i love your results! that post op front view is banging!!! hourglass!! your butt will fluff over the next few weeks... you werent that big before sx so maybe you should increse your calorie intake and the weight will go to your butt... thats what im doing...are you using silicone scar strips on your TT incision? they work like magic!!! my scar has gotten so much better!!! also Mederma scar treatment works good!!! just give it time and you will notice positive change!
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Thanks for the advice :) and I didn't know about the silicone strips so I better look into it ;)
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great curves...i like ur results
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You look great :) happy healing!!!!!!!
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Why u got a tt,? U has nice skin n small tummy preup
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