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Scheduled with Dr Cardenas on May 21 2014

I'm scheduled for June 28 2013, I I'm 45 raise 3...

I'm scheduled for June 28 2013, I I'm 45 raise 3 children and adopted 2, been in the military serving my country and now I have spent out on my kids education, dental and medical. Single mom in the house. I'm a registered nurse and we making it work.

But at this point I'm doing all this for me....I'm 5'51/2... 192 ...I don't know my measuments. I just know depression and depression has me in a bad place. And I still need to lose 25 pounds before I go to DR.

I don't know how I'm going to get the money plane tickets etc.....but I'm do something. My date is June 28. Pray for me. I need to be yily doll.....I need to get my sexy back, my self esteem back. I need to feel good about my self....cause I can't live like this no more.

I'm send the deposit money on Monday . I'm gets...

I'm send the deposit money on Monday . I'm gets cup and beg on the side of the street,

63 days....to lose wight and come up with a plan.....

63 days....to lose wight and come up with a plan.......this is stressing me for real. I need oprah or Ellen to come pay for us all

Ladies, I got my quote today.....yeah. It was...

Ladies, I got my quote today.....yeah. It was very general and the estimate is 4250. Great price, great price, but that's not including the travel and scripts, etc. I'm so excited honest, but I'm stressing the hell out thinking about coming up with the money and all the list of things...Lord help me....and thank you ladiesd for all the energy you post. It is truly helping with my depression. I'm going to start on this treadmill and theses dusty exercise tapes I have.

I'm having a yard sale next Saturday and I set up...

I'm having a yard sale next Saturday and I set up an etsy store and another online store, any one else got any ideas on how I can raise this money...short of selling a kidney....j/k. #motivated. Oh I'm a RN if anyone wants to hire me to go help with their recovery before or after my dates...I'm available. Any other ideas?

Ladies I just want to let you know there are...

Ladies I just want to let you know there are websites that you can request donations for your BA...there are several so Google and see what u come up.. its worth looking into

Wow what what a day. My emotion area in a funny...

Wow what what a day. My emotion area in a funny place after all the drama this an,,,,but i going to stick with yiyl.

Pretty red and I are booked for the same day and...

Pretty red and I are booked for the same day and paid our deposit. We met here and I'm happy to have someone to talk to and go thru this process with. We read miabooty's review yesterday and we were hurt. I mean we called each other and emailed each other several time because it really upset us to think the Dr we had chose would be that mean. Anyway we decided we had already made a choice and in that situation ...things are not going down like that....my money WILL be right so her attitude better be right. Period end story. 58 days to go and I'm still only looking at my new insanity tapes...smdh. but I am taking my vitamin energy drink and my green smoothies. It doubles the iron count. And vemma protein drinks, I want to look like I tried to lose some weight.....lol
I really want this ladies..and I'm praying everyday for my situation to be positive and Godly.

I've only been on here a few days and I've learned...

I've only been on here a few days and I've learned so much. I see some ladies on her that I'm not sure are real. They want you to take theses doctors and make it seem like its (her) best friend. It seems that that person does more advertising and speaking for certain Dr's (yily) then the doctor does herself. The fun thing is this person has not even had one procedure done by that doctor. I've seen snickering and taunting of anyone who has a bad experience with a certain Dr. And to be honest I don't think its right. To monopolies the blogs and act like you hold some special relationship with this Dr., you have never even met....smdh is a new kind of stupid. I'm going to take each and every persons experience as the truth. I believe you. As a nurse I no everyone's pain is not the same and neither is there experience. Long post short. One of these ladies maybe even some of these ladies are walking with blind faith.

State quacks down on plastic surgeon By JAMIE...

State quacks down on plastic surgeon
By JAMIE SCHRAM, Police Bureau Chief
Last Updated: 10:47 AM, February 3, 2011
Posted: 2:44 AM, February 3, 2011

A quack has been busted for luring city women to the Dominican Republic to perform bargain-basement plastic surgery on them -- leaving them disfigured and in pain, authorities said yesterday.

Hector Cabral, 51, who is not licensed to practice medicine in New York, has allegedly been collecting victims since at least 1999.

Back then, a Manhattan singer told The Post he performed liposuction on her and left her with a near-deadly infection.

He was not charged at the time, but investigators with the state Attorney General's Office have now charged Cabral in four other cases.

HECTOR CABRAL - 'Disfigured' patients.

"Disfigured" patients.

And "it's hard to believe there aren't more victims," a law-enforcement source said.

Officials said Cabral would seek out his prey in salons and spas throughout the five boroughs, mainly in Washington Heights.

A fixture at the shops, he would chat up female customers -- and then whip out his black marker on the spot to indicate where on their bodies they needed a tuck and liposuction, court records say.

He used cheap prices as bait, officials said.

The women would then fly down to his office in Santa Domingo for the surgery, officials said.

But the thrifty medical procedures came at a steep cost. The women suffered substantial pain, scarring and permanent disfigurement afterward, authorities said.

Cabral was arrested Monday on charges of unauthorized practice of a profession, according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The timing of his bust was particularly inconvenient. He had already scheduled several consultations for the week, law-enforcement sources said.

A woman who answered the phone at his mother's home in Yonkers and identified herself as the housekeeper defended Cabral.

"I think all this is a big mistake -- he's a wonderful man," said the woman, Maria Jimenez.

"In the Dominican Republic, he's been a licensed doctor for almost 20 years. He went to France to get a degree in plastic surgery.

"I know people who had surgery with him in the Dominican Republic, and they said he was good."


Hi ladies, I been thinking about the infection...

Hi ladies, I been thinking about the infection situation...could it be that the people who are washing the garments are not washing them well with a good cleaner or are the being washed together...? These garments are being placed close to your skin and if all of you are being helped by the same nurse and she not washing her hands.....infection is going to spread. Anyway ladies horn in with your thoughts and how this is being handled in the RH.

Well the days are getting closer and I think I...

Well the days are getting closer and I think I have the money to do what I want done and then some. I prayed to God that if I was able to get the money it was meant to be. My worry is how I'm seeing some bigger girls treated. I learned of a Duran doll who almost died last week by the name of Sandra Jones. If you know her tell her I'm still praying. Anyway. I'm scared as hell. I'm preparing for infection and drainage clogs. I still have lost any of this weight and after see mothers day pictures.....I know I'm wrong. I have no excuse. I need a group of friends willing to help me work out. I'm confirmed date is June 28, I sent my deposit, but Yily and her team are so damn confused. Smdh.....How do you ladies feel the work on larger ladies comes out. I've only seen one lady that was a log size and she turned out perfect. Please refer me to any others. .....

I'm So Excited

I'm almost sure the closing of one of our properties will happen next Thursday. So I'm excited. I wanted all these things done but I think I'll pump the breaks. I'm getting the tt, and bbl and my thighs done. That's it period. I'm already taking a health shake and vitamin drink and that is really helping my energy level and makes you iron very high. I'll start ordering all the other thing the 1st of June. I'm SCARED AS HELL! However I know God has opened the door for me to do this. Heck I might even go to see Dr. Alston.....oh and I'm going shopping for something while I'm there...something that says I did it. Any suggestions?

Anyone scheduled for June 28

please tell me what the Lord is trying to tell me. I received 2 great job offers in one week. If I accept these offers and I will. I will start this month. I can explain the previous planned trip but do you guys think it will be possible for me to work a 9-5 after only 10 days post-op? Ughhhhh I'm not complaining...cause when you ask for the Lord to open Doors he open windows as well....THANK YOU LORD

UP Date

hey ladies, just thought I would up date you on me. My situation has done a 360 sense I 1st posted on here. I got a new job...yea me...A new friend (pretty red) and a new little sports car. I had to push back the dates for my surgery to Dec 20 and staying until Jan 2...taking the whole family. My sweetie pie has been so supportive of this process, he just wants me to be happy again. I sat back for a second and read most of the drama on here and it really is a shame. I've have problems contacting Dra Yily after I sent my deposit to reschedule but I promise you I will be sitting in her office at 7am on the dot the day I told her to reschedule me...I've sent emails and tried what's up and in Spanish and English and from what I can tell is she doing to much and need some better communication sources. If I find a way to get my deposit back I will probably change Doctors. I'm taking boxing and several cardio classes to decrease the weight so that my look will be on point. I don't want a big ass fat head and a little waist. Any way that is what's going on with me right now....My money is getting better and my emotions are as well. Put that all together and I put it in Gods hands and the end results will be a better me.....posting up pic of my new baby...boy she make me happy

what the HELL is going on in the DR

hi everyone, I been gone for a min. now I'm back again. I been off and on and reading different things about the clinic DR Yily, Duran and a few others...I'm rescheduled for Dec 20th....and I'm worried. I know anything could happen anywhere but it's becoming a habit at this clinic. I don't want to lose my deposit but.....damn.
Ladies please post any updates to me....and if anyone has gone sense the clinic reopened please let me know your experience.

fuck Yily

I'M not going into a lot of details...but I know for a fact she not doing her own surgeries and she is a bitch....and she stealing peoples money without doing the procedures.
end of that.

why is no one telling that Yily is prego

why is no one telling Yily is prego and suppose to be doing 4-7 surgeries a day.....I'm telling you don't believe she cares a damn about you....anyone who carries her purse around while doing a work up on a patient ...it is clear where her priorities are.


After all of the mess about Yily, and that center....I just had to say no....I want to try Dra Duran but the mess in the DR is too much for me. My friend told me about Dr Gutierrez and I'd be three miles from, the board and american hospital if I have a problem. I've seen bad reviews on everyone and really good ones, however if anyone can show me proof of a really good Dr in Tijuana or know about the one I mentioned above. Please let me know.

Dr Julio Saldana

Dr. Saldana responded to me the very same night (Sunday)...I received a quote after sending my pictures, however I'm not truly sure if I was able get my point across about what I wanted. Any who his office will contact me tomorrow. I will let u guys know it goes.

Dr Cardenas

My final choice....my surgery is may 21. I will stay in the recovery house 1or 2 days. I was quoted 6100. She gave me a call and said I will have a banging body. FATiMAH called as well. They both speak good english. Her quote was higher but her customer service is what sold me. So now I have to work on this long list of things to do and not to do. Buy another garment and lose weight. I still have my days of deep depression and lack of energy but its getting better. I saw were some girls on YouTube were taking this diet pill with lots of success so I'm trying it....so far so good. I don't have the same fear I had about going to Yily. That anxiety and that drama, the health dept and the deaths....I just couldn't. I'll be close to american hospitals if anything goes wrong and that relieves a litte anxiety by itself. Ok ladies peace for now

my wish pic

Hope this is realistic

another wish pic

This will be the new hair do ...and I got to lose this wait...no need to have thin waist and a fat face.
Chin lipo maybe an option....but botox is tomorrow. And b12 shots for weight lose and energy.

Dear Sisterless

I'm so sorry for your loss, but this in no way is your sisters fault and don't let Yily or anyone make you believe that. I know now why Yily has the 5th floor now. SMDH. HOW MANY LIVES DOES IT HAVE TO BE BEFORE WE SEE THAT THE DR'S associated with that place are butchers. Yes you get the cut right most of the time, but at least 80 percent are having problems.
Sister less I will be praying for you. Vengeance is mine sayth the Lord and these people will not get away with what they are doing.
I tried to warn people a few months ago about Yily...I hope people start really doing the home on these doctors.

what do i eat

I'm up trying to wrap all this around my head....so much to do in such a short time....and the worst part is I'm gaining weight...Wth...stress stress...I'm a ocean of mixed emotions....Monday I will call the doctor to see if I need to push back my date to maybe June to lose some weight..... I feel some type of way. I don't think... No I know I won't be staying at the recovery house. My spouse is coming with me and its just not worth the price to me. I'm worried about the pain and the mild antibiotic cipro I will be given...I'm bringing all my meds and have one garment and looking to buy a smaller one asap...all the medical stuff...uugggh
6 weeks and counting.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Would not choose Yily for a dog fight

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
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Good luck, I'm going july 1st seems so dang long I'm still losing weight to tho. I will be following your journy.
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Thank you that is my second date I wanted to change to but I think it will be may 21
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Awe hell no! I am terribly sadden that poor woman's sister has dies. That must be devastating but I have been hearing so many death talk about DR. that's terrifying. For the price us ladies are paying the surgeon should be doing our bodies not assistance. OMG!
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I agree..... And since they owner of the clinic is only doing community service for the 7 women he killed and Yily has the 5th floor. I guess she will have to get a bigger purse cause several are still giving her their money...
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There's also a rumor that Yily is not even the one performing the surgeries. She is allowing med students to do the operation under her supervision. One girl said she woke up and Yily wasnt even in the room
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She is not doing her surgeries....if she even does one I would be surprised.
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Another young lady has died by Yily's hand...search "sisterless" and pray for her family..
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Truthfully none of the doctors including Cabral do the entire surgery. Just like here in the US. The have nurses and assistants that help them. They prep you... Cabral may come in and do your TT then the assistant will sew you back up etc. Or there may be someone helping the doc do ur lipo. With the amount of surgeries each doc does per day there is no way they could do that many girl alone.
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No understand Yily is not even in the room. Her patients are being done by students...and im a nurse in the states...no nurse or assistance sews up with out Another md in the room
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Cabral is now doing community service and Yily has the 5th floor...so he not doing nothing now
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Not true -_____-
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What I wrote before... Was before I actually went to CIPLA and had my surgery. I saw FIRSTHAND how out of wack these rumors are. Don't believe everything u read
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Just realized this is not my page. I thought this was a comment on my page. Let me go mind my biz lol
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I was there with my friend and I know damn well it is going on.....you were one of the lucky ones...and with all respect...glad it was good for you but he can not return to the USA and was fined a very small amount for the life of 7 people....but you post you experience on your page...and I will stay on mine.
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Wow, Why You Say That?
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☆★☆Friend I have 11 days :))) ☆★☆
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I'm scheduled for 10/21, The fact that the DR health dept shut them down frightens me. I have a small son to raise. Ive just been monitoring all the girls reviews to gain more insight. You should check with jenn85 she is scheduled for 6/9 at CIPLA. They literally just reopened... I think she be a great source on the what's going on now at CIPLA
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I feel the same as u however vanity and ego allow me to believe I want this....if it is my time only God will know...I'm praying the whole time and before and after this procedure.
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..Heyy Friend... I kno u r njoying dat new car of urs {all smiles} & workin long hours on dat new job!!! Keep ur head up & Dec will b here b4 u kno it ...♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥.....
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I am scheduled for aug 1 with Duran. I might miss you. You mentioned in a couple posts back that a duran doll almost died. Can you send me her blog??
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She is on fb and on Dra. Duran friend list her name is Sandra Jones and she is from Canada.
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her name is Sandra Jones she does not have a blog on RS
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I think if you take three weeks off you can go back. You can tell them you already had a trip planned. I have a interview too for a really job and if I get the offer there is no way I will turn that down. I will start and then tell them I had a trip planned. Funny how things work!
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Ikr.....prettyred.....says I won't be able to, but. I'm going to have to, or reschedule the surgery...my sweetie tried to get me to reschedule, but,,,,no and I'm still taking his bribe. From the day I post till now, the Lord has done a 380 in my life....Wtw....thanking the Lord everyday...thank you Lord
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Yes, God is good and able to open many doors hun! You have to do what is best, if that means rescheduling the surgery until you have some vacation on the job that is what you should do! Its hard to come by good job offers these days. I just need to get this over with, so I'm praying that if I'm offered it will be a little time after the surgery or at least the start date!
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