The Curves That I Deserve - Dominican Republic, DO

I always considered surgery. I will be honest,...

I always considered surgery. I will be honest, it's exciting but nervous at the time. My biggest fear is something going wrong during operation. My goal is to have to a nice, round, firm butt. In reality, I was always made fun of when it came to my shape. I just want to feel different, sexy and confident. I want to feel like a TKO.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

I am considering The Brazilian Butt Lift in 3 different locations. I have chosen:

1, Dominican Republic

2. Miami

3. California

I am currently waiting for a few quotes now but some reason I have a feeling that I could end up with Yily. Her work is truly amazing and to be quite honest with you, I am very excited but extremely nervous all because I have never had surgery before. In life, there is always room for improvement and it's the first time for everything. I would love to have a booty like Amber Rose or Trina. I can't wait and I am more than happy to share my experiences with you all.

Wishful Thinking

Here are some pictures of what I would like for my body/BBL to look like.


I just received my first quote! I am looking for 3 more in my inbox later on today!

Wishful Thinking Part 2.

It's Time To Become A Yily Doll!

I just recieved my quote from Yily De Los Santos and it's quite reasonable! Now, all I have to do is to send her the deposit to secure my spot! I am very excited. All the reviews I have been reading about her made me very secure and confident. I know she will do an amazing job.

The Curves That I Deserve

Every moment in time I think to myself, "Am I really going to be happy with the ending result?" I have been reading so many reviews on surgeons for the past three days. I am very obsessed with this site and it gives me hope because I want to look and FEEL like a new person.

I had absolutely no shape to me at all and it started to make me feel very insecure about myself. I would look at myself in the mirror and all I could see is woman in the mirror with absolutely no emotion. No drive. No inspiration. All I could see is a woman with dark brown hair and big brown eyes and I would think to myself, " I just want to be happy. I need to FEEL happy." The word of the day is HAPPINESS. No one should ever take away your happiness. Whether its a loved one or a family member or your closest friend. My happiness was taken away plenty of times and I would always feel the excuse of not to be happy or the shame. I would feel dirty and useless inside to the point where I have no reason to be here on Planet Earth.

I just want to let you ladies know this. Whether you are getting Surgery like the Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, Brazilian Butt Lift, only do it because YOU want to do it. If you are doing this for someone else, that just means that he/she wasn't willing to accept YOU for you in the first place.

There is always room for improvement in life. Now it's my time. It's time for me to be happy and I am doing this for ME.

*The Curves That I Deserve"

More Quotes

Vanity in Miami just emailed to a quote to me but told me they can hold it for 3 days..... It's strange because the other surgeons in The Dominican Republic says that their quote is valid for 3-6 months. I will stick to the surgeon in The DR.

Different Doctors

Who has seen Durans or Almontes work?


I am pretty upset because I ordered my Birth Certificate along with the passport and it was suppose to be in my mailbox by today but when I called, the representative told me that my card has been declined. There is no way in hell it should be declined. Anyway, she clarified it by telling me that it was declined due to state fees. I am still upset because I want to go to The Dominican Republic by September or October by the latest.

I'll post an update later on and I hope everyone is having a blessed day! Stay beautiful!

Wishful Thinking Part 2

Just updating my "curves that I deserve" wish list.
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I hope it all works out and you get to go to DR ;) Hang in there.
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Thank you! I've always wanted to leave out of the country. Now, its my time! :)
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Were you able to resolve the issue so you can go?
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Yes! I should get my passport this weekend. I am very excited.
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Congrats.......for evening wanted to enhance your body. My advice is just stay focus on your mission......and smile from the inside out Boo....once final what day are you shooting for? To traveling to the DR
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I think September is too soon.... I am thinking about going in October.
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Good luck and God bless u on ur journey.
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Good luck on your journey girl! Stay positive!
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Hey sweetie it almost felt like we were living the same lives when u wrote on Curves I Deserve.. I believe the same thing don't let no one take your happiness...!! :)
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Preach it girl!
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Best of luck on your journey to a successful outcome. There are plenty of good ps's in miami and California. Don't go for the cheapest,this is your life,just be careful an make an educated decision. Best wishes
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Smh.,, boo just keep researching and contacting different PS this is your journey and all about YOU don't stop until your satisfied with everything..,
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You are absolutely right. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Its hard because I wanted to have Yily work with me but she is incredibly busy. I just want to make sure I get the best results possible. The only doctor that has kept in touch with me so far is Tania Medina...
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welcome to our world we all came here with wishful thinking be mindful just to be able to look and feel 100% better about yourself after the sx is over is worth the thought HEY LADY ALWAYS REMEMBER DREAMS AND WISHES DO COME TRUE!!!! get your quotes chose the best PS that fits you always keep a realistic mind and trust me your results will be stunning in the end dont ever go off of what a PS did or didnt do for another person all females bodies are different so our results will be different... GO FOR IT and CONGRATS to you on making your first steps on your life changing journey i will be following you all the way to recovery GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES..
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Thank you so much! You are incredibly sweet. As I said before, I am very nervous but I know that surgery will go well! I chose to do the BBL because I am definitely tired of people making fun of me. It has been a life long event and I am taking it step by step. I am ready to be and feel confident. Thank you so much for following my journey and there is more to come
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Thank you for the warm welcome!
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Hey babe I hope all goes well for u on ur journey. God bless u babe
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Thank you so much lovely!
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