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I'm in need of a revision Breast Augmentation. I...

I'm in need of a revision Breast Augmentation. I did a BA along with Lipo in 2009 in Santiago, Dominican Republic and was extremely happy with my results. 6 Months ago my right saline implant ruptured and couldn't get it revised because of health reasons. I've been now cleared for surgery and have been in contact with Dr. Yily, Dr. Cabral, Dr. Nestor Mallen abd Dr. Edgar Contreras. After much careful thought, contact and consideration I'm going with Dr. Edgar Contreras and have now been scheduled for surgery March 24th, 2014. This has all happened so fast and wanted to see if anyone had pictures of Contreras work. I'll be getting silicone breast implant revision, lipo with BBL and rhinoplasty. If there are any groups showcasing his work I would love to be part of and join. WIll keep everyone updated with pre and post pictures.

2 months PO

This is two months post op after lipo in 2009

My current situation

My right breast rupture! Saline implants. 560cc left and I had 585cc to the right which ruptured. I'm currently a 34DD

1 day post op

Hi ladies, we'll let me share a little of my journey and experience with him! DR. Contreras is amazing and listens to your wants and then let's you know his personal opinion! I had lipo, bbl, revision augmentation and will be doing my nose on Friday! I saw some of his patients in the waiting area and I was extremely impressed! So far I'm not liking I'm loving my results! The staff is amazing as I'm staying overnight and will be discharged today! I guess if you give them a hard time they'll give one back as they're here for your care not personal assistant or slaves! I will keep writing updates! BTW his clinic is beautiful!

Post up pics!

First time not all pics uploaded

Post up

I'm still very swollen but here are a few pics! I'm also getting my massages done at his clinic and they're excruciating but help so much

My new snoz

Here are updated pics of my new nose!

1 month post up

I'm 1 month post op. I'm feeling great! I got 7 massages in DR but felt I needed more and currently paid a package for 10 more massages as I feel my stomach is a bit lumpy! So far no complications and I've been taking good care of myself. For now I've refrained from drinking and going out as my health along with my recovery are extremely important!

New pics

5 week updates! I'm still a little bruised on my stomach & thighs. I notice the discoloration. Please note I also have black & blues on my stomach and back because I've been combining my massages along with carboxy-therapy which has been great at loosening up and smoothing out the lumps on my stomach

2 1/2 months post and ecstatic

Here's a little update for you gals! I'm extremely happy with my overall results! My nose is looking like a master piece! I've retained the fat on my booty! I wanted it a little bigger, as big as the first week I had it done, but I'm happy! DR. Contreras was the best choice I made. I may go back for some more lipo on my back only. Will visit DR. Contreras as well.
Dr. Edgar Contreras

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You look amazing
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Wow you look SO GOOD!!! You're like a freaking walking advertisement for your doc LOL, you go girl,daaaaaaamn! If I end up with lumps from my Lipo, what is carboxy therapy??
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U look fantastic doll is your lipo sensation of pain gone and If yes when do u started feeling better?
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Beautiful! Your nose he did a great job. Def might have to check Contreras out. I went with Cabral. But I didn't get to get my breast lift or nose job going back next year. You look fantastic!
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I Just received my quote from him and I'm currently researching him for my round 2 so far it is out of him and Duran and I am looking to have SX in January..... You look really good
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I PM u!
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Nice work.
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How much was your rhinoplasty alone?
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Omg you look amazing girl! Congrats on your new body. I have a question though, are your nipples symmetrical? I see you didnt post any uncensored pics, but Im having trouble finding any Contreras patients with breast augmentation pictures. Alot of DR doctors have these crazy breast breast too high, they are pointed outwards, cone shaped, or the dreaded nipple placement wierdness. Would you mind dm me? Thanks!
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My first augmentation was in DR and my breast came out to perfection. If the first time they were perfect, this time around they're IMPECCABLE.. my breast look so great and natural that unless you don't stare at my nipples you wouldn't be able to tell i have implants. My breast are perfect. The issue is that women with asymmetrical breast may not be good candidates for silicone land have to opt for saline. With saline you can play and adjust the size with the CC's. My first augmentation were 500cc' saline implants filled to 565 the left and 580 cc to the right breast.
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Excellent information. I will take you advice in consideration, I have my left breast smaller than my right one. I was very concern about that...
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Thank you so much! Im still on the fence. I cant decide between Dr. Contreras or Yily for my surgery next year. But I like how Contreras has everything available at his new facility.
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Check out my uncensored pics of his breast work. He did mine through my arm pits so there was no nipple interference.
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Good morning sweetie... what size is your breast!!! Me gusta tu size... quiero decirle a Contreras que quiero ese tamaƱo...
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hi sweety...bueno el me puso implantes de 700cc which is really big but i'm 5ft 7in so they fit well. But i love them. My previous implants were 565cc
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Thank you hon :-)
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Doll what was your size prior From Amy breast aumentation. Am Now considering bigger plants but am a DDD already am not even sure because I have a lot of my own tissue my ideal plan would be removing my tissue and replace it with the implant your own tissue always saggs with time.
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Hi hon i was a DD and had saline implants filled the right 580cc's and the left 565cc's but i never did have boobies
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What kind of compression garment did you use for your bbl? Im one week post op and mine is cut from the back whick bothers me because i have no pressure on my abdomen where i had a lil lipo
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And still cant help it to freak out because I'm sleeping on my back because of my BA,, how did you sit btw?!
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Hi hon, I bought my faja at contreras clinic and the faja is a belladonna brand from colombia. The faja was uncomfotable on my stomach but it did shape my booty out nicely. when that faja got to big i bought a fajate one in the states. What are you using now?
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I did lay and sat on my booty and it didn't affect me in any way
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Im using simething i got from my doctor's clinic. The butt sude was cut out but he even snipped it more saying that it was too tight on my butt but that cancelled any pressure on my tummy :( i started to feel some hard areas in my but like tiny little balls here and there.. Did you experience any of that?!
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