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BBL, full body lipo, tummy tuck, breast implants and lift- Dominican Republic, DO

So im new to this site. Im a new mother, my baby...

So im new to this site. Im a new mother, my baby girl is 3 months, im 22 years old, married. Im wanted to have surgery to enhance my appearance for as long as i can remember. Now after giving birth to my baby i was left with horrible stretch marks in my abdomen (thank God they are mostly below my belly button area that way they can be cut out with a TT) and very loose skin in my abdomen... so i decided to do something about it, im dieting and excercising but ultimately i know that will not get rid of the stretch marks and will not give me the dramatic changes i sooo desire...chose to go with team Yily for all of my procedures after reading so many wonderful reviews and seen her work in person. I met one of her patients and i fell in love with her body! I want to get full body lipo, breast augmentation with lift, tummy tuck, and of course butt lift :-) im looking for that tiny tiny waist with huge hips and the biggest donk my body can hold. I sent dr.yily an email with pictures of myself and explaining what i want in order to get a quote from her. Now the waiting game begins...im planning on having surgery at the begining of next year 2014, the latest by march. Now just waiting for a quote from dr.yily... Ill update when she writes back.

Finally got my quote!

Im basically floating on cloud 9, thats how happy i am, i received an email from dr.yily with my quote. My quote is $5,700USD that includes: TT, BBL, breast augmentation w/implants; lipo of abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, waist. This also includes the pre-op lab work, EKG, anesthesiologist, clinic charges for room, IV, 3 meals, and surgeon assistant. All procedures will depend on my hemoglobin levels (hoping for higher than 12 fingers crossed). Theres an opcional medical insurance for $250USD which covers posible complications if there are any after the surgery during the first 30 days. Also there are extra charges for: 1st stage garment $140, lymphatic masages with the clinic $31 per session (10 sessions), if in case of a blood transfusion needed $250, compresion sleeves $60. so basically in total the surgery would come out being $6,710 roughly.
Now just have to get prices for RH, im thinking spamedicalJM or Angelas but im not entirely sure. Also need to start checking prices for flights and send my $500 deposit. I want to have my surgery for March 7th, 2014. Ill continue to post updates on my journey...wish me luck! :-)

My deposit

I am so excited i spoke to Dr. Yily i will be sending her my deposit tomorrow first thing in the morning. I want to try and be her first patient on either march 7th or march 14th so im waiting for her to get back to me about those two dates i want to mame sure no one else has sent their deposit for those dates because she schedules patients for the day in the order that she receives their deposits and i am not in the mood for being the last patient in the day i think my anxiety and nerves would drive me insane lol...i got a buddy so far who is thinking of going together but still looking for an extra person...anybody looking to go around my dates let me know. :-)


So it looks like snikkiw might be coming with me for surgery not sure yet we have to coordinate our days.

I couldnt wait

Im sooo excited to get Yilyfied that i could not wait to make my deposit tomorrow...lol... I went to the bank right now during my lunch break and sent her my deposit! :-))) i sent her an email to confirm my date now just have to wait for her to get back to me...

I have my date!!!

Hello Ladies!
I received my confirmation from Dr.Yily, she received my deposit and im the first patient of the day for March 7th!!!! I took my measurements today and im coming in at 36-33-45 so i have alot of work to do in the gym prior to my surgery.
I would really want a 20cm difference in my hip to waist ratio so i really have my work cut out for me. I really wish for time to pass quickly i cannot wait till the day Dr.Yily gets to work her majic on me :-)
Still looking for a buddy for March 7th im thinking of staying at Real Recovery Armonia or Wilsons Revovery House, i spoke to Juana the owner of Wilsons, shes a sweetheart im leaning more towards wilsons.... Please comment or inbox me if you would like to buddy up! Its much better to not go through this experience alone ;-) ill keep you ladies updated.

Im back on!!!

Sorry ladies i know its been a while since my last update...i just needed a break since i was getting very anxious and all i could think about was my sx and how i wish the time would fly, since my date is in march i decided to take a break and put it off my mind for a awhile...but now im back to the obsession lol. I made up my mind on a rh, decided on real recovery armonia. I posted a couple of current pics of myself please do not judge the blob i an extremely self concious of my post-pregnancy body since its alot different than how i looked pre-baby... Well goodnight ill keep you ladies posted!

My first garment!!!

Today i bought my first faja (garment) im gonna wear it up until my sx to begin to mold my body...

New date

Sooo alot has happened with my finances and i had to switch my sx date to april 9 and i will be leaving my boobs for a round 2 next year. This year i will only do lipo tt and bbl...ive started taking my pre sx meds (vitamin c, b complex, ferrous sulfate(iron), folic acid, biotin) to prepare my body... My pcp prescribed Lovenox shots for me to take because she feels its better than heparin for blood clots she literally said heparin is outdated and old school lmao...got my ekg, chest xray and blood work done all is great...now just need to start buying my supplies. Which most of them i will be ordering in a package from sugeryi queens on fb she has different sx packages it really helps if u are clueless on what u need to buy and also since its alot of things its just easier for me to get an all inclusive package, i will be getting the Queen Coverage Package... Add her on fb she will mail the box either straight to your recovery house so that u will not have to travel with it or to your house... Well ladies i will keep in touch more frecuently now i promise... XOXO and prayers to all the ladies having their sx

Booked my flight!!!!!

My hubby surprised me and booked my flight for me on saturday!!! I leave august 1... Sx with Yily on august 4!!! I got sooo excited i went out and bought all the clothes im taking for the trip and most of the supplies...i cant believe in 2 months ill be a Yily Doll...this weekend was my last time having a drink no more alcohol for me for the next 3 months....
I went out on sunday with my hubby and a couple of our friends to a club in nyc (Will post pics of how i looked).... All the ladies that were with me have had their sx already and have banging bodies and i felt a bit self concious so i put on my compression garmet that ive been wearing for a couple months now while preparing my body for sx and i looked great! I actually stood out with all the girls that had already had their surgery and everyone throught i had already had my work done (which i didnt deny or admit) i was secretly laughing inside.
Ill keep you guys updated as the time gets closer. Ohh before i forget, im no longer going alone yeayyy!!! My mom, sister, dad and 2 of my sisters friends are coming with me...we're dominican so we'll be stating with family. Ill stay at real recovery armonia the first week and then staying in an apt near the clinic with my fam.

Forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention in my previous post that ill be getting everything done like i had originally intended... Full body lipo, tt, bbl, ba w/ lift.

Flight confirmation

My job approved my medical leave!!!

Words cannot even begin to describe how excited i am! I thought i was gonna have to resign from my (really good) job when i left for sx because they wouldnt approve the vacation time in august....today i received the great news that ive been approved for up to 10 weeks FMLA medical leave unpaid...althought its unpaid im still excited because i will still have a good job once i return! THANK YOU JESUS FOR HEARING MY PRAYERS ????????????

30 day mark

I feel like time has flown, i leave for DR in 30 days!!! I am completely freaking out...all i can think about day and night is this damn surgery and how i will look afterwards. I cannot wait!

-anxious and excited

Done buying supplies!!!

Okay so im only 8 days away from leaving to DR!!! Yeayy... I finished buying all my supplies and items to bring with me. I kept a list of all items and prices, i know i probably went a little over board but thats me...in total i spent $1,400 on supplies... Part of my supplies i got as a package from surgeri queens on facebook, shes amazing and prices were reasonable... Im bringing an additional $1,400 just in case spending money. I might be over budgeting but id rather have money left over than need more. In total this whole surgery plus my flight and stay and supplies, and all the little details is coming out to $12,390...I've made my reservation with Mayra Checo from Real Recovery Armonia for my 10 day stay with my mother, i plan on getting at least 10 post op massages done at cipla, and my post op meds will come out cheaper than $250 because my family knows the owner of a pharmacy near cipla...i am sooo excited im already starting to pack my bags lol...im at work daydreaming about DR... 2 nights ago i dreamed about my sx i dreamt that i loved my results from the beginning and that everything went great and i looked amazing.... Keeping my fingers crossed that my dream becomes a reality. Here's the break down of my costs:

Surgery: $5,700
Arm lipo: $250
Thigh lipo: $250
Medical insurance: $250
Blood transfusion: $250
Post op meds: $250
Extra garment: $140
Compression sleeves: $60
Lymphatic massages (10/40each): $400
Recovery house (10days me and my mother): $1,350
Supplies: $1,400
Resort: $200
Flights (delta): $490
Extra cash: $1,400
TOTAL: $12,390

So far im only missing $520 to complete my budget and ill have that by this weekend. God willing...

Ill keep updating on my process.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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What happened? Do you have post op pics? Are you okay?
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It seems like cabral and yily r God surgeons on tt and Bbl I dnt c much of Bl I want a Bl also but I'm scare w no pic of her patients
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Good luck :) ill be looking forward to ur posts
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Good luck on your surgery
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Thanks hun
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hello, wheres your post op pics?
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oppps never mind I was lost!!! lol
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Not Worth It - Santo Domingo, DR rbx23 Not Worth It Cost: $5,000 Yily De Los Santos, MD, Santo Domingo, DR Hello , so I had my surgery on june 3 with yily de... 15 Jun 2014 • 12 days post Hello , so I had my surgery on june 3 with yily de los santos.I gotten lipo on my inner thighs, chin and arms.I also got breast implants with a bbl fat transfer.so this what happen.I got to D.R june 2. Since I was staying at jacquelines recovery house, someone picked me up from the airport and droped me to jacuelines.I droped my luggage off their and was heading to Cipla.when your at Cipla you will wait in the waiting room fill out bunch of papers once your done with the papers they will take your blood .if your getting breast implants they will take xrays of your chest.I do not speak spanish but their are people their so does speak english.once your done with your tests you will go back to the waiting room and you will meet with yily.she has her assistant their to translate make sure you speak up because if you dont she will do whatever. Okay so this is what to expect.when its your surgery date make sure you go to cipla in loose clothes like maxi dress and you would have to bring a bag of babywipes, large pads, socks.othisnis where my journey gets crazy.I remember going off to surgery around 11am the anesthesiologist injects me 30 before my surgery with the anesthesia.30 mins passed and I remember they putting a sheet over my face but I was still awake ! I felt them cutting me up and I know a little of Spanish yily wasnt even doing the surgery she was just guiding him.since I was awake during surgery I heard yily voice so far away but their was a man that was cutting me up he was talking and he was close not far away like yily.but after 30 mins being awake into my surgery I finally knocked out.I do even remember waking up after surgery was done.I remember waking up at 8pm in my recovery room at cipla.once I woke up I was soooo hungry but they only give you soup and u wake up with a bunch of bandages on your whole body You will feel your back is sooo stiff as a board.itll be hard to get out of bed.and its weird because most people at cipla dont wear gloves.but the next day the nurses will removes the bandages and clean you up and put you in a faja.I cud not stand the faja because i have a big body im a large and they put me in a xsmall faja which I was in so much pain.so the things that are not included in the quote is the medicine after surgery and a blood transfusion, my recovery wasnt easy.I was taking painkillers wasnt doing anything for me.I wore the faja everydy but on the 5 day I started to not wear it because I was in such pain.my whole body became swollen and inflamed and here I am 24/7 wearing this tight faja was making it worse.when I took off the faja my body was in less pain.so on the five day I went to cipla to have my drainage removed, they took some blood and I told them I wasnt feeling good that I felt weak I feel like fainting all the time and they told me its normal from the recovery. Ever since I had the surgery my body didt feel right.everyday I felt so weak, fainting, shortness of breath I didt feel good but I ignored my body and just trustesd what yily told me.so I was originally suppose to leave D.R june 13 but I booked a flight for monday june 9 because my body wasnt feeling good.so I arrived in ny at 10 am and the moment I landed I went straight to the doctor and when I was at the doc I had to be rushed to the hospital... My doctor said I had a fever, I was dehydrted, I was anemic, and my liver was shuttingdown.when I got to the hospital they said same thing I had a fever, I needed a blood transfusion , my liver was shutting down I was dehydrated and they also told me I got a infection from the surgeryin my boods and my butt.I ended up staying in the hospital for three days.but I said to myself wow if I would of never booked a early flight since I was suppose to leve june 13 I would of died in D.R. and it pissed me off because when I had my drainage removed they also took bloodand they didt tell me nothing when I wasnt feeling good ever since I had the surgery.also when I was in the hospital the doctor said their was another girl in critical condition who also got surgery outside the country but she did it in columbia.I know everyones body reacts differently but in my opinion it wasnt worth it. fuck off 16 Jun 2014 • 13 days post For those of you who are so sick in he head to think I would lie about me almost dieing from this experience and who thinks im fake fuck off.their really is no hope for humanity why would someone lie or make up a story like this.I wrote this review to warn other people.yes I know everyone has a different recovery but truth is going outside the country is risky.my review is the real deal.and I wanna help other people be aware even when I went to the hospital for three days the plastic surgeon told me their was a girl who went to columbia to get plastic surgery is in critical condition .so if anyone thinks im fake go fuck off I swear to god this shit is real and I would post pictures but I cant right now my healing procress with my boobs isnt doing too good right now.my boobs hurt bad from being score I cant even lift my arms too high .and for one of the comments that said I didt even write what I got done stupid betch reread my post because I did write down what I got done
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and there is another one but i found this one also while i was looking for that one
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Ok thanks for the heads up
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its on here that some girl who had her surgery with her caught a real bad infection blah blah blah let me see if i can find it for you
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but i heard something neg about her
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What did you hear?
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forget Cabral too many died under his watch
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Yeah thats why im sticking to Yily
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i wanted to have it ALLL done and Dr. Robles wont do it due to risks..
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Yea dr.robles is one of the ones that doesnt do all together...she's also not that aggresive with the lipo and bbl compared to cabral, duran and yily.
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you dont even need surgery, you look good
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Thanks hun.... :-) im mostly getting the surgery to remove the stretch marks on my lower abdomen from my pregnancy. Also because with breastfeeding my breast dropped alot and im too young to have my body looking like that...i want to be able to not only look good in clothes but also look good naked for my hubby ;-)
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i thought that one was not supposed to have all that in one surgery due to the risks???? I wanted everything done at same time
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I thought that you were not supposed to have TT Lipo Breast done and BBl all at the same time due to risks???
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Some doctors dont feel comfortable doing so much at once...some do it on a daily basis with no problem...it all depends on the doctor and your hemo levels.
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Wow, you look great already... Can't wait to see how you look after SX!! Best of luck, Doll.
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Thanks girly ive been wearing this damn faja its killing me but its been helping me alot. Im already counting the days till its my turn. Thanks for the support.
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Hey babe I'm keeping u in my prayers and ur going to look amazing, u already do.
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