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I have started on my journey.... I'm a 41 y.o....

I have started on my journey.... I'm a 41 y.o. mommy of 4, and after turning 40, started on my journey. I have had a TT and BA, and am pleased with my results. However, I am ready to complete my journey to having the complete body and face that I have always desired. I am... "going all the way!" I look good in my clothes now, but I am looking forward to looking drop dead gorgeous totally naked. I love this site... All of you ladies are awesome! Never been so excited!

Contacted Dra. Yily... trying to get a...

Contacted Dra. Yily... trying to get a confirmation of a quote and a date. Have been reading about all of your trials and tribulations with getting scheduled with Dra. Yily, so I am frustrated, but can be patient... I guess! LOL! I have been looking at all of your pictures from after surgery (those who post) and you ladies look amazing! Congratulations. Hoping that more of you post. I plan to. I have before pics that I will post soon.

Super excited... on the phone with Yily's office...

Super excited... on the phone with Yily's office now... My husband agreed this morning to the surgery (long story) and I am trying to get a final quote and date!! YAY!!

...on hold again... "un momento, por favor..." argh!

...on hold again... "un momento, por favor..." argh!

Ok... no outcome to this morning's call... still...

Ok... no outcome to this morning's call... still no date. Still no quote. But I still have hope b/c my husband is supporting me in this. Was told that I will get a quote later today, and can confirm my date as soon as I get the quote... argh! ;-( I hate waiting.

No response after speaking with 3 ppl today at Dra...

No response after speaking with 3 ppl today at Dra. Yily's office... :-(

Ok so after a few drinks at the bar (we are out of...

Ok so after a few drinks at the bar (we are out of town for the weekend) my husband and I had a chat... or rather he told me his thoughts behind why I want a nice behind... I have loved this man for 20 years and I have always been "average" and he's always been "that guy"... well, long story short, he thinks I am looking to move on and am "tuning up" first! I cannot believe him. I have no plans to change anything in my life but my looks... I have 4 kids and now I want "that" body. He thinks its for the attention of others, but to be honest (b/c I can be that with strangers in like situations...lol), I want all of his attention. He's always been an ass man, likes 'em thick. I want to be his complete fantasy... and his wife. Is there anything wrong with that? But he acts like he doesn't get it. Anyway... today is going to be a long day. But I am sti

Heart hascgrown dark. Can't wait to do this 4 me...

Heart hascgrown dark. Can't wait to do this 4 me...

I can't sleep thinking about this surgery! OMG! I...

I can't sleep thinking about this surgery! OMG! I know it has been less than a week, I can't stand waiting to spend my own money! Lol! It's burning a hole! Can I get a quote and pay for my date already?!? All of you ladies have great stories and beautiful results that inspire me. To all that I haven't "stalked" yet and that have surgery soon, hope all goes perfectly. Congratulations! Hope to be where you are soon.

Yay... Quote received, date agreed. Making deposit...

Yay... Quote received, date agreed. Making deposit today... Yay! Yyyyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy!

Deposit made... Booking flight and accommodations...

Deposit made... Booking flight and accommodations now! ;-)

Was nervous as hell... couldn't find my passport....

Was nervous as hell... couldn't find my passport. Who travels out of the country several times in a year and can't find their damned passport? Lol! SMH!

Just read a review and wow... she had me cracking...

Just read a review and wow... she had me cracking up! I am so worried about how this surgery will affect my relationship, but I really want to do this for me! I hope it all works out ok, and am praying that we can work through this. I would hate to throw 20 years away due to what he calls my "midlife crisis"... (can't believe he called it that!)

I left Yily a message in Spanglish on her cell,...

I left Yily a message in Spanglish on her cell, and she accepted my pay pal payment! Yay!! I am elated. Gotta make me a margarita and celebrate! I know that I am going to have to stop drinking them soon to get into surgery shape, so I better have one now! LOL!

Why is it that every booty themed song is my theme...

Why is it that every booty themed song is my theme song now... lol. Ms. New Booty, Back Dat Ass Up, Pumps n a Bump, Baby Got Back, Big Ole Butt, (Doin) Da Butt, Shake Ya Ass, Bootylicious, (Feeling On) Ya Booty, Rump Shaker, Daisy Dukes, Thong Song, Laffy Taffy, Hips Don't Lie, She Get It From Her Mama, (Dance) Ass Ass Ass, My Humps, Drop It Like Its Hot, Pull Over (that ass is too fat)...lol

I may need to change my date to later... life is...

I may need to change my date to later... life is not always fair, is it? (I hate that saying.)

Ok, just when I started to feel crappy because of...

Ok, just when I started to feel crappy because of all that is going on around me, Yily sent me an email... ok. I am refreshed. Everything will work itself out, I am sure! #TeamYily

Just finished working out. Im 5'8, 175 lbs, trying...

Just finished working out. Im 5'8, 175 lbs, trying to get to 165 before sx. Hoping to tone up my arms, maybe they won't need lipo...lol.

Okay, so I am asking Yily about the Puffy Pee Pee...

Okay, so I am asking Yily about the Puffy Pee Pee Pastry (lol on the name), and know that at my age, I have lost volume in many places (and have gained them in others). The wonderful thing is, I have some to take and some to give... even exchange on my own body! How amazing is that!?! Love all of the information and support that I am getting on RS. I appreciate it!

Well, All... I am changing my date to mid-August....

Well, All... I am changing my date to mid-August. Need to push it back due to heavy work travel and family travel... (so so sad... hate waiting)! But, the good thing is that it gives me some real downtime after surgery to ensure that Miss New Booty remains BootyLiscious (LOL...) and heals properly through getting adequate R and R!

On a serious note, I have been reading and reading and reading on RS, and it is extremely important that we allow for adequate recovery time following surgery. It appears as though some of us have been only allowing a couple of days for recovery. It is completely understandable that we have work and life demands. But if you are spending all of this time, energy and money on surgery, it is best to try to schedule it at a time when you can afford adequate recovery. Safety is key! I would hate to lose any of my BBL sisters due to self-negligence or have anyone report that they are dissatisfied with their results based on not allowing for adequate recovery time. I had BA and TT at a PS in California last year, Dr. Joseph Togba, and he did an excellent job on the BA and TT. I had silicone implants and my TT is awesome. However, I wish I had more aggressive lipo, AND, I wish that I had known more about recovery from lipo, as I may have been able to have a positive affect on my results by being more knowledgeable. That being said, I have learned a TON on this site since researching my next procedures, and I must say that I already feel 100% more prepared, not only based on my past experience, but also based on the knowledge that I have gained from all of you on this site.

Still waiting on date change confirmation... other...

Still waiting on date change confirmation... other than that, looking forward to surgery still.

I am still having trouble with my husband. He is the only family member that I told, and he is still being insensitive about the fact that this is for me, not for attention. I am 41 y.o., he is correct, but so what does age have to do with self-improvement. If I was still in my 20's, I'd be wasting my time, as I was still having kids. And he'd be trying to still get me pregnant, which would cause a whole other set of arguments and questions about why I didn't want more kids... so... someone on here told me to try to equate it to a nice car... men want nice cars, with the nice trim packages, all clean and shiny, so why wouldn't you want a wife that is the same? I am confused and sad and angry that he is not trying to understand... or that it seems that he is not. I am frustrated, but am not backing down...

Family member opinion and our decisions to make changes to our bodies: What questions do we ask ourselves to determine what the threshold is for criticism and when do we give or accept ultimatums?

So..... (drum roll please...) Yily has confirmed...

So..... (drum roll please...) Yily has confirmed my date change of 19 AUG 2013!!! I am freaking elated! I mean ELATED! Now, I feel like I can plan... I feel like I can finally plan!! Yay! Yay! Yay!

So, family matters... I am moving on into getting prepared for surgery. Putting my PTO request in and booking a flight soon.

Anyone going to Yily ~19 AUG, let me know.

++++++++PREPARATION IS KEY++++++++++++ So, of...

++++++++PREPARATION IS KEY++++++++++++

So, of course, I am an anxious as everyone else on RS to get this party started! I have, as everyone else on RS, been doing some research, making lists, gathering up supplies from around the house, etc. Here is what I have planned so far:

Flight scheduled to arrive in DR on Sunday, August 18 at 1:30pm and return to the US on Sunday, August 25, leaving DR at 11am. I am flying coach there and first class back home. There is NOTHING better, trust me, than flying first, as there are meals, wider, more comfortable seats, and you will not get the service and attention in coach. Your body will need it.

I am awaiting confirmation of JMSpa. Since I will only be there for a week, FOR NOW, I decided that I will stay there for my entire time in the DR. I will reassess this in a few weeks (right now I have the luxury of time).

I have looked around the house (always a great place to start), and have found the following supplies:
1) Dermablast spray - Ladies... I was introduced to this little blue aerosol can when I had my 3rd child... when I tell you that his big head came blasting out of there, no epidural, no incision, no grease... man oh man! I LOVE my son, but he has the biggest head IN THE WORLD, and he caused a lot of friction and a little tear (which I NEVER had before). The next morning, when I had to go to the bathroom, I felt like a dragon was blowing on my ass from inside the commode. The nurse handed me the magic blue aerosol can, and I sprayed everything in my vaginal and anal area - shit, I probably put a hole in the ozone layer myself! ... but voila! Like magic... all sensation went away! It was a miracle. No burning, no itching, no irritation, no pain, even after wiping. I spray it on every skin irritation and it works wonders! I am NOT leaving the US without it. It is an antiseptic spray, so it is safe for all wound types, and it works like lidocaine on the skin, and does not burn.
2) scissors - the cute little cheetah handled ones, with a 2.5 inch blade, just in case.
3) tegaderm - this bandage type is the best at keeping areas dry, so if you need to wash an area or cover an area, this works well, especially as to not get something dirty or have it rub (i.e., covering the area where the drain enters into the skin when needing to put on clothing). Used in hospitals over IV entry areas.
4) tylenol PM - eases me into a deep sleep, without me feeling groggy in the morning.
5) diurex - water pill (OTC)
6) children's benadryl liquid - I use it to wash down pain meds that I know will cause me to itch and avoid the reaction, especially the first couple days after surgery. That way, no additional pill to swallow and the dosage is easy to control. Also, not as much drowsiness for me as when I take benadryl pills in adult strength. Don't want to be comatose... not in another country and not when needing to assess pain levels.
7) alka seltzer - I, personally, am an alka seltzer junkie... It calms my stomach, especially when eating something that my stomach may not be accustomed to when traveling. It settles the extra stomach acid. And it travels easily... very easily.
8) halls cough drops - great to sooth throats after anesthesia, long periods of sleep, in drafty planes (even if you have a blanket on)
... MORE TO COME... (this is just what I found after a quick look around the house)
1) thin capri sweat suit bottoms with zip jacket (think: bebe summer sweats) - I keep seeing people put that they are taking over the head sweat shirts etc..... no, no, can't do that. First, it is going to be HOT, so I am not trying to wear any long thick pants. Capris will be long enough to go over my garment that includes legs due to having thigh lipo. Second, as far as the top, I could NOT have pulled anything over my head after I had my TT and BA. I am not getting those procedures again, of course, but with arm lipo and full back and stomach lipo, I am SURE that I am not going to be wanting to pull anything more than a sleeveless tee over my head. Zipping will be all of the arm exertion that I can take the first few days, I am sure.
2) maxi skirt - I am not going to want to pull a maxi DRESS on; again, nothing over my head. Also, this will be easier to take on and off. It is also easier for managing the hiding of drains, if needed, and keeping pressure off the skin.
3) stretchy tanks - will work fine to take off and put on. Different that wearing a maxi dress, as there is not all that added material to manage pulling over your head and the stretchiness makes it a manageable amount of work.
4) toe socks - I guess "to each, her own" but I don't like being in strange places without something on my feet. Now, I will certainly be wearing ted-hose (compression socks), but with the toes out. I like toe socks because they keep my toes from sweating, but also I can slide on flip flops easily. Loved these after my first PS.

Anyway, this is just a preview... I have also looked online (amazon.com) and found the p-style (my girlfriend had thigh lipo and she SWORE by it, as she could NOT squat), various faja's (not sure where to go with this yet), lipo foam, chin lipo compression garment, and chux pads. The vitamins are also there (pre-/post-surgical), but not sure of where the best deal is for those yet.

From all that I have read, I plan to do the following:
1) print out, bring receipts of all payments, including quote email, leave and bring copy of passport (recommended for all foreign travel), and flight information
2) complete payment of Yily prior to surgery via her chase account (only bring $$ for possible additional procedures, i.e., puff pastry and botox, and JMspa)
3) bring a plastic mattress cover and at least 1 personal pillow case
4) double check about calling to and from (within) the DR through your wireless carrier.
5) download a translation application to your phone, iPad, other device

There is more that I want to include, and will do so later... Have a great weekend ladies, and good luck to all going to surgery next week!

Yily set me an email this weekend, confirming my...

Yily set me an email this weekend, confirming my date again... yay! Happy to keep hearing from her. Can't wait until August!

Changed date again...... AUG 27th

Argh! business meeting taking my date over.... guess I cannot complain, otherwise how would I be paying? Also, gives me more time to plan, I guess... just anxious!


Hey Ladies,
I know that we all want to go from where we are right this minute, in terms of body weight, size, shape, and image, to that of "damn near" a (place whatever your ideal image holder's name here)-body look-alike. This world, in particular Westernized society, generally favors beautiful people, whether it be face, body, etc. And typically, only those "in favor" discredit this theory or believe/argue otherwise. (Note that money plays a huge part in being favored as well, but I am not focusing on that right now, as at the end of the day, the result of being "in favor" also leads to somehow attaining money...)

That being said, it is not that I am leading into stating that we should not be trying to become or seek whatever we feel that we lack or otherwise desire, as why else would I be here? And no, I am not here to say that we are all already beautiful the way we are so we should just be happy with what God gave us, or again, why would I be here? I am preparing for my transformation now...

But (there is always a "but"), I am hoping that we are being smart though. As we all know, instant gratification, although desired, is rare. It may seem as though it can happen, but typically unless we change something, we tend to fall back into whatever state we were in before hand.

What I am getting at is that we all have to make sure that we understand that surgery can be dangerous, no matter who performs it. We need to make sure we are preparing our bodies: that we are working on our health before hand. We need to be exercising so that our hearts and lungs are prepared... So that our muscles are prepared. I don't mean that we need to go in at marathon runner or Beyonce dancer health and fitness, but we need to get moving, break our unhealthy habits (we know which ones are contraindicated for surgery) and ensure that we are in a mindful state of health before surgery. That means not eating everything we see, drinking more water, taking the stairs at work or home, taking a walk around the block or the mall every day or every other day, doing those exercise tapes at least 20 min a day, playing dance dance revolution with the kids or your friends... Anything! Don't get discouraged, you don't necessarily have to lose 30-40 lbs to be healthy. Skinny or fat, bad health comes in all sizes and being small does not equate to being healthy.

Ladies, let's make sure we are going in it to win it...Meaning, let's make sure that we are in it for the long haul, setting ourselves up for success. We all know that there are inherent risks with surgery, but we can do our part to ensure that our bodies are ready to undergo these very rigorous and exhausting procedures.

I am a fan of Plastic Surgery! I think that the advancement of medicine and science, to this end, is fascinating! I can't wait to have my procedures done.... And I know that once I elect to have my procedures, I am putting my life at risk. I know hat I need to do everything I can to be prepared... Talking to you ladies and reading your stories, and understanding what ladies on here are experiencing, is part of that preparation. I appreciate you all. I just know that I want to do my part for my health going into it (because I do plan to get "the works" when I go!), and I don't want to lose any more of you...

Back on-track and moving quickly...

Hey Ladies...
I have been away for a bit. For various reasons, I have had to postpone my surgery, but now am back with a vengeance, and scheduled for surgery on March 26th... I will keep you all updated, but as I just made my appointment, I now find myself a bit behind. I am going to be in the DR from the 24th through April 2nd. Who is going to be out there at that time and where are some of you staying? Any last minute recommendations? HELP!!

Oh... And going to Cabral...

No do'over's allowed, so I cannot get it wrong the first time...

Staying at Healing Haven

So, last minute me found a place to stay: Healing Haven. They have a great package that have options to include a roommate or not, transportation, massages, meals, excursions, nursing care, etc. I am excited!!!
Yily De Los Santos, MD

Chosen because of information included on this site and information from her website.

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Good luck to you!
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Who is going to be in the DR from 24th of March through 2nd of April (starting next week)?
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I am also scheduled for August 19 with yily would deffinitely like to buddy up for the discount.
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Great information. It's important to take the responsibility to be prepared pre and post surgery.
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Great review and very well said!
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Hi what are your extra fees besides your procedure fee?
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I have yet to go, but I plan to buy some of the meds there, so ~$200, $10 for the tourist card, and probably ~$800 for housing, as I plan to stay part of the time at a hotel... but I have not been yet, and am not finished planning, so I am guessing a bit. Also, I plan to have additional fat injection, which I will discuss further with Yily when I get there, so I will have additional fees that others may not...
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Hey, haven't been over here in a while, just checking on you....I'm putting Aug. 19th on my calendar :-) So excited!!
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You're a sweetheart with your MILFy self! Thank you! Can wait to see you soon... In Cali!
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Changing it to 27th ;+). Lovely update thank you! Hugs
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GREAT review, I love it!
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Thanks! Can't wait to have more to tell... I have been to Europe and so I know that travel is a bear, but I am sure you will be fine. I read a few long distance travel experiences on here, and I would just make sure to get up and walk as much as possible... good luck!
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Your list is great. I am going to use it to tweak my own list. I will post some on my page and give credit to you (as well as others that have helped me develop the list). Best of everything! Thank you.
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No, thank you! Good luck!
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Yes your post is helpful I definetly was a copycat and got the spray, thank you.
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Thanks! It works on everything! Good luck!
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Your list is really helpful. Even to me in Post:) I'm going to get that Dermablast spray now.
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Thanks! Good luck on our surgery!
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Happy mother's day darling. I hope the family is spoiling you!! Hugs
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pls what is puff pastry pls?
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Fluffing up the va-j-j with fat
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Has anyone stayed at CIPLA after the first night, the $100/night option that Yily mentions in her email? Technically, if you don't have a roommate at JM Spa, it is only $10/night more. Just inquiring...
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Yeah, the gurls say it's like any other hospital da food's bad and the nurse are hard to get... There are more RH's Ill send you a PM
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Do not stay at CIPLA. They close the door & don't return for hours. I wish I had firecrackers to throw at the door. It was awful!
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