Anticipating and Afraid

Hey Hey Hey, So I've been thinking about doing...

Hey Hey Hey,

So I've been thinking about doing the brazilian lift for a few months now. I was shopping around in NYC for reputable doctors when I came across a review written by a Duran Doll. So I clicked on it and it led me to with so many other girls who will or have had the procedure. I have tried contacting Duran and Yily but haven't gotten any responses. Baez has responded and I sent her my pictures so I'm just waiting to see what she says. Hopefully she will take me on as her client and I will be on my way to the journey of getting the backside I've only dreamed of. Hopefully I will become a Baez Doll very soon!
Oh and one more thing...I was worried about the recovery period and the recovery houses, anyone know of any in santo domingo? And I don't really have anyone to travel with me! Is it absolutely mandatory to go with someone?


Read the profile/blog of mamacita87& bklynbeauty. These are Yily dolls with good info. Best wishes!
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Hi! I just saw the profile of mamacita87 and she looks awesome! Thanx for telling me about it! I didn't think it was possible to get any more hyped than I already was but after seeing her post surgery pix I now know that it is! LOL Thank You!
You're welcome! Also check out SNOWBUNNY869.

Got my quote!

Guys!!!!! Baez has agreed to take me on!!!!!!!!! Even though she says I don't have much fat to work with (cause I just lost about a hundred lbs in weight- yay me!) it's ok because she said I can still do what they call liposculpting on my lower back and take whatever is there and put it into my BBL! So that is what I am going to do! I have giving her some possible dates for me to do the procedure so just waiting for the confirmation from her and I will be all set!!!!!!! OMG!
Now all I need is someone to go with me :(
Any takers?? Let me know!
Future Baez Doll **kisses**


She looks great as well. Baez has agreed to take me on so I am waiting for her to confirm my date and then I'm all set! All I need to do now is find someone to go with me! Thanks for the reassurances of the girls pix though! :)
Great! Glad to hear everything is working out for you! Doesn't feel good when the plan comes together?;-) I'm sure you will find someone who is looking for a buddy. I'll Be following your journey.
:) I will definitely be posting updates as well as before and after pics of course!

Got my date!

Hey guys,

I finally got my date to get my perfect body!! Feb. 4th!! I am scared and nervous at the same time! Lol


Thank you!!!!!! You too! I will be arriving same day as you but leaving before you. Lol! Good luck! And see ya when we get back with OUR new bodies :)
Do u have to send a deposit? Im unsure if she takes one.

Change of heart

Hey guys,

I have major news! I have decided to no longer have my procedure done with Dr. Baez. I have come across another DR. that is here in the states that has done some awesome work. His name is DR. Taranow. Although I love Baez's work, I have realized that doing my procedure in the states will be cheaper for me what with the cost of procedure, the plane ticket for me and another guest and the recovery house!
I had my first consultation with DR. T today and I will be having my back, inner thighs and BBL done. I have set my date for Jan. 27th. I will be posting before and after pics so stay tuned!
Taranow Doll


Gd luck with ur change keep us posted
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Hey I'm not sure. But I have decided not to go with Dr. Baez anymore. I found a surgeon in my town that has done some excellent work and the cost would be cheaper for me. His name is Dr. Taranow! I'll still be posting my before and after pics though!
Oh, Ok. The 27th huh? Good for u! Wishing u all the best!
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Taranow is my doctor. Not Dr. Baez

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