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Hi Dolls, I'm new 2 RS and i no its early but i'm...

Hi Dolls, I'm new 2 RS and i no its early but i'm look for a buddy who is looking 2 go to DR, my choice is Yiliy, my daughter just returned and boy is she in pain!!! I have been leaving early from work 2 take care of her. I hear ppl say 2wks you can go back 2 work but if all u do is sit on ur butt all day nd having a BBL i cant see how this is possible but hey everyone is different right? My daughter wont let me put her pics up but i can prob email. OMFG my daughter went from this tall skinny frame to a Doll with Curves, Hips , Azzzzz is Crazy Nice!! I haven't seen no other doctors compare and ive been stalking PS in DR for 2years now but Dr. Yili really gives u a hour glass shape!!!! Now i no all the inz n outz, Time for me 2 get my quote????If any of u ladies are looking to go around Dec, pls message me would love a buddy to slit cost at the RH, i will not use the one my daughter used A*****'s ewww even though they were very nice n catered cause she was the youngest of the dolls and always smiling even though she may want to cry, After her surgery Dr.Yili kissed her and said i no u n pain but smile cause i gave u a perfect body,and she truly did!!! I was so scared for her and did not want this for her, but wen i saw and is still seeing i can't i HAVE 2 get this done!!! my aunt went to and she's 46 and didn't get the same really nice attention but then again my aunt is very stern so u need 2 be pleasant especially wen far away from home n ur life is in there hands pls keep that in mind ladies FACT! they also hired a nurse which is very good i recommend if u don't speak english nd ur alone down load a app to help u with translations only if no one in ur RH dont speak english! Another reason i'll use a upscale one lol ok ladies its never to soon to start this process so message me if u wana buddy Thanx I'm going to get quotes and stack my doe, quotes from both Yiliy n Duran but i would prefer Yili only cause those darn hipzzz n azzz nd hour glass shape im speechless. omfg is amazing!
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