Starting my Journey, It Will Take Time but I Cant Wait to Be Ready for my New Booty :) - Dominican Republic, DO

Well im 27 years old 5''9 medium build, ive wanted...

well im 27 years old 5''9 medium build, ive wanted butt implants for a long time but never taken my own needs seriously because in London its been a bit of a joke when people talk about butt injections, implants and whatever else, its not like america where its just the norm...I even called up a cosmetic surgery on Harley street in London and inquired about a BBL and the receptionist actually laughed i got embarrassed to and laughed too! :/

so im on this site to share information and updates on my journey towards getting my butt implants, im quite happy with my body after 2 children im in shape but i just want a bigger bottom I hate having a small butt!

I would get my but implants right now but financially I do not have the money, I am giving myself just under a year from February to save for this procedure maybe even soon because i do have a claim coming through from a accident i had almost 2 years ago so fingers crossed!!!!

I want to go to Dominican republic for my procedure, their prices are better and also they seem to really know how to give you that BIG ROUND butt lol. Im very serious about saving and going for this procedure so if there is anyone whos also saving up and would want to meet up and go with me FAB!! x



WOW that's cool. In DR you get the well trained doctors and the best prices. To be honest that is very unprofessional for the girl to laugh when you asked that question. When you work in a doctor's office you should expect those type of questions, like "I want my vagina to look fluffier" lol. For what I've heard and seen Alejandro Pizzoglio is good with implants but has nasty attitude. Nelson Rosario, very nice work and good price. Roberto Guerrero is good too, I don't know about his prices. I'm planning to get butt implants and a tummy tuck, but I think that is not possible to get both at the same time. I'm still undecided what doctor to go with. a lipo would be a good add to the surgery since it makes your waist look smaller and your booty will look a lot bigger :)
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

So, are you getting just implants, or are you also having a BBL? You can check out the BBL forum, for travel buddies and people going around the same time as you.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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recieved a message frm beaz letting me know she doesn'y doe butt implants and duran quoted 3,500 for bbl which i cant have because I do not have enough fat :/ and $5000 for butt implants, i want to shp around! x


I'm curious, have you decided on a ps and implants? I had a mm in March and don't think that I would have enough fat for a BBL -- I would like to get at least 1000cc's transfered. Good luck. I look forward to following your journey.
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well when i'm finally ready ill just be going for butt implants with duran I mean alot of women are getting surgery on here for me its gonna take atleast another year to get the rest of the money i wouldn't mind lipo but then that would just be me being super lazy, I mean ive put on a lil winter weight but i can loose it very quickly so im just gonna go for the butt implants xx
Hello. Can you give me the email addresses you used to contact Dr. Baez and Dr. Duran please?????
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Hey girls, I would like to try and get a idea/list of recovery houses and how much they cost in DR!!! share plz ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hi snap same here i have been thinking, planning and talking about getting butt implants forever. I had a bbl and liposuction in poland over the summer holidays last year, which was a total waste of time and money I'll never get back. now I'm saving for butt implats need to find a cheap but safe dr to go to.. I dont wanna make the same mistake
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my body

I love my body but I dnt have the butt I want and I know im too lazy to get it naturally honnestly lol but my insta is milan_reece x

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How you get in contact with dr. Duran?
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butt implants and fat grafting for sure!

i've decided to go for butt implants and fat grafting, ive decided to go with either duran or gongora as their results from what ive seen are fab!
DURAN quoted me $5000 usd for implants and $7500 for implants lipo and fat grafting round the butt and hips

GONGORA quoted $8000 for butt implants, lipo and fat grafting! i really love nuwbooty2013 her results have made me wanna go to gongora but duran has so many great reviews im torn, I have a whole year to decide i have to go in feb 2015 as far as that sounds work commitments and studying are a issue, i want to go before summer and have time to heal and i only have half the money so far!

I will most prob secure a date 4 months before or so.... im excited for all you dolls out there! woohoo!


Hey hun I live in Manchester. I'm also wanting butt implants with dr gongora in may 2015 :) ..he does good jobs!
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ahhh wicked!

ok be honnest ladies

ive noticed alot of women go on people reviews and are not honest when i get my donk done if it looks awful i will know it for one and so will you i always us nuwbooty2013 as a example of what i want, i have seen some awful jobs recently on here where girl are saying you look great and ur looking better as the days go by when thats untrue, i dnt think you need to be rude but im think to not even post pics after if people arent gonna be real, also from what ive seen if you havn't got a bit of shape and weight on you do not get the surgery or try and put on a bit of weight because from what i have seen its not a good look but the doctors will still do the jobs and take your money as its your choice and they want to make money for sure i want the ass because i have body, breasts, hips, thighs n a lil butt this bod needs a butt lol


Hi i am also in London. Which part of London are you from? i am looking for a travel buddy also, wouldn't mind going with you. Dr aslani in Spain does bbl. I am having some doubts as he does not use traditional lipo but the water jet stream which can damage the fat cells. have you booked with any doctor yet? I have an interest in dr Ortega in Miami - spectrum clinic. If you want to look him up. did you book with any doctor yet?
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In looking at butt implants and also from uk, Birmingham in fact but boiiiiii trying to find someone is driving me mad. The surgeons keep saying we want natural which I understand but I don't want to spend all that money for a but that is 1 inch bigger..... I just want a nice round butt huff
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Do you have your surgery doll?
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