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I'm a mommy of three kids and wanted to regain my...

I'm a mommy of three kids and wanted to regain my old body back. I had a Brazilian butt augmentation on February 2013 by Dr. Wendell Perry in Miami and it was not worth it at ALL!!!! I spent $7,000 for nothing but connect a dots on my body from the scars. I decided to get implants and I must say I'm very happy with my results so far. I flew to Santiago alone on April 10th went to the HOMS hospital and had my consultation with the Dr. Miranda she and her husband were very professional and showed me the implants and gave me their personal opinion. I stayed at Gina's recovery house and I must say do not stay there. My experience there was not a pleasant one at all. The house was pretty but the food got me sick as a dog. They do not have a menu to choose from everyone must eat whatever they serve. (not GOOD). Gina spends her days giving massages to other clients and being very dominating. I hated it so bad I flew 5 days after my surgery (not good at all). I am fine and so far rounding out nicely I got 375cc euro med cohesive implants. the incision is right in the middle. I had 2 drains which were the most uncomfortable. The first night I stayed t the hospital and I had an epidural with sedation. I woke up with no pain and was fine. next day I left and i was walking around with no problems except for tightness. 2nd day same no pain no pain meds but it was very difficult to sleep due to the drains. I had the drains removed 4 days later and it wasn't bad. I felt relieved to have them out. I forgot to mention I got very sick on the 3rd night due to food poisoning at Gina's house. so I was vomiting and diarrhea all day and night and was extremely weak. ( at the recovery house they cook and leave the food on the counter for hours with flies all over the food ughh disgusting. I'm back home and all is good so far 2 weeks today and rounding out nicely.
I'm sorry you wasted so much on a BBL, I'm opting to go with implants & BBL, you look great though! How's your recovery going as of now?
How is your healing coming along?
How are you comeing along!!!!!!!!!!

3 weeks post op

Feeling great my implants are beginning to round out but I never wear the garment

My incision at 3 weeks

My incision is closing up good
hey hunni u look good is it possible u can take pics with your jeans plz and updated pics plz... im undecided between Contreras and this doctor
Not trying to be rude but why would my pics in jeans make a difference in such an important decision?
Well we just wanted to see how ur sexy ass looks in jeans...lol...just to have more of an idea of what her work looks like..its just that u havent posted a lot of pics..thank you for all ur help

5 weeks

I must say they are rounding out nicely
Hey girl ur missing i wana ask u some questions ...how long before ur implants starting popping through your muscle and on day day 1 after surgery were u satisfied with the results.im ok with mine now but would want it a little bigger she said my muscles are really tight so once the muscle relaxes it will get bigger.i got 300 cc round she said thats the biggest size the round comes in. Please reply i need your help
send me your number in a private message
I dont think 300cc is much

3 months update

I am feeling great and my implants have dropped. I am happy with my results and the feel quite natural. I plan on getting lipo on my lower back to give me an even rounder looking butt. As for those of you that rant and rave regarding Gina's recovery, I am very happy your experience did not turn out like mine.

3 minths post op

I feel great my implants are settling nice. I do feel them whenever I reline back , however it is a foreign object in my body.

Three months

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Fem56 if you do not like my OPINION regarding my experiences in Ginna's recovery house, then I suggest you move on. Funny how you have a lot to say on my page, however I haven't seen any excellent reviews from you about Gina or any of your 3past experiences on realself. What's I find even more funnier is the fact that you just became a member and SPECIFICALLY TARGETED my page. You sound to me like you are GINA or a friend of hers. nice try lol
I should first start with saying two things about havanagirl’s review: 1. she has very good pre & post-op insights for those considering surgery and those already healing from it. There’s nothing like getting knowledge directly from those who just experienced it. 2. I was a guest at Gina’s recovery house at the very same time havanagirl stayed. I had an excellent stay & was very well fed, entertained and care for. Every person that stayed at the same time in question - yes, all those that stayed remain in contact & friends – has a unanimous review: Gina’s house is a great place to recover in if you want a safe, immaculately clean space, excellent food and above-par care away from home with AC & personal daily laundry. They do airport pickups & drop offs, stay overnight at the hospital with you and even have repeat customers! If you are super-high maintenance, insist on not following medical advice (to not smoke in the house!) from someone very experienced in post-op recovery, send out for food (no one staying at same time she did ordered out nor experienced food poisoning btw) and decide not to heed proper post-op protocol and gamble a hop on a plane when you should be properly recovering (she even admits to tearing stitches for “doing too much” herself), she’s right: Gina’s house is not for you! I have pictures of our stay at Gina’s should any of you want to see how “horrible” her stay was. Inbox message me & I’ll send them to you.

Unsolicited comments from fem56

If you do not like my review than please move on without the disrespectful comments. I am here to express my experience and help those that ask me questions. If you feel so strongly about your positive experience then maybe you should express it on your own page. It's childish and disrespectful to come on my page and trash talk me. We are grown women trying to help each other out here and not criticize our rights to have an opinion.
so was the price $4000 or $4500 ? your results are great btw
how long did you stay in Dominican Republic and was you flight back home easy as you probably had hard time to sit on your you new butt?

Regarding Euro Silicone gluteus implants

I would like to rectify the implant manufacturer I originally posted was incorrect. The implant I have is Euro Silicone Anatomical Gluteus implant 375 cc smooth surface very cohesive gel.
length 14.7cm, width 11.7cm, projction 4.1cm. These impants are made in France. I hope this information helps

4 months

feeling great so far no issues. I am happy with my results, however wish my muscle could have accommodate a little bit bigger implant.
Hey babe you're Looking great :)) glad u have healed well this procedure is quite a process .. :)
hi sweetie thanks and you're booty is looking mighty gooooood lol how are you doing?
Lol Thank u I am starting to like it more now that time goes on. Seems like yesterday I was researching and was admiring yours (still am) :) I am great just healing and working how are u?

Mommy of 3 Kids Wanting to Have Her Body Back

I had a fat transfer last year and no fat survived. Very disappointing after spending so much money and time to end up with 0 results. I decided to go with butt implants and I must say I am very happy with my results. I chose Dr. Miranda after viewing my friends results whom had implants done by this Dr. 2 years prior. I can't elaborate enough how professional, and kind Dr. Miranda and her husband are to all their patients. It's been 4 months since I had my surgery done and I still communicate with my Dr.

You were right!!! I should of went with the implants. Good lipo, but my fat isn't surviving. I have to go back in Jan/ Feb.
Congrats!!!! Your looking Awesome!! Wow!! As time goes by your butt is getting nicer and nicer almost 6 months already ;) Loving the natural look!!! Any new pics? Have you had any new changes with your butt implants to date ?
it seems to have a mind of its own and some days it's very round and others it tends to hide a bit lol
Dr. Jacqueline Miranda

Dr. Mirada is very sweet and caring she answered all my questions and concerns. She works as a team with her husband who is a plastic surgeon as well. they are extremely professional and caring. I have been communicating with her via whatsapp before and after my surgery. I recommend her 100% Dr. Jacqueline Miranda Santiago Dominican Republic office 809-241-2300 Cell phone 829-520-2224 download whatsapp on your cell to contact for free

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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